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Alabama Teacher Suspended For Reference To ‘fat Butt Michelle Obama’
5 years ago

Michelle Obama SC Alabama teacher suspended for reference to ‘fat butt Michelle Obama’

Teachers beware: Don’t make any cracks about Michelle Obama’s rear end.

An Alabama high school teacher learned that the hard way when he got suspended for referring to the First Lady as “fatt butt Michelle Obama.”

Bob Grisham, a psychology teacher at Lauderdale County High School, isn’t allowed back in the classroom for the rest of the year, according to The TimesDaily newspaper. But Grisham, who’s also the school’s head football coach, is only being docked 10 days from that job.

He’s also been ordered to undergo sensitivity training.

Read More at NY Daily News . By Dan Hirschhorn.

5 years ago

Oh my gosh, well I guess we have to remember that Obama said that his wife and daughters were off limits and he means it, apparently.  Too bad the liberals did not remember than when they were so caustic toward Laura Bush who was never anything but a true lady.  Again, hypocrites, the liberals are true hypocrites.

Carol D, please check your email.  Thanks

5 years ago

Thanks Linda..I did earlier!

5 years ago

Undergo sensitivity training???  They are completely brainwashed and little slaves to the Obama regime, to make the teacher do that!  That is pure BS!  If they think it will change his thoughts on the worst lady, they'd better have another think coming.  She dresses just like the rest of us in the morning, so she's as fair game as anyone else. We may not like it if someone else referred to a wife of a person who really was a president of the US, as fat or ugly, but it's their right of freedom of speech, - I didn't see where he called her a filthy name - and there should be no indoctrination training or suspension. This PC crap is way beyond sense.

5 years ago

It's showing that some teachers are getting fed up with their beliefs and morals being shoved out of our education system, and their hands tied, for him to say what he did.


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