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5 years ago


Remember when the mainstream media mocked a politician who had to attend five colleges to graduate, whose academic record was less than outstanding, and whose subsequent success was proof of nothing? Remember how that was supposed to be a threat to national security, the economy, and so much else?

That was so 2008, so Sarah Palin.

It turns out that former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE), who is now awaiting confirmation as Secretary of Defense, attended five colleges and was a "D" student. He volunteered to serve in Vietnam, and returned having been awarded two Purple Hearts. He pulled himself together, graduated, and went on to a successful career. Nevertheless, the media's double standard is glaring when compared to the way Palin was treated.

"Well, I had a--speaking of discipline--a difficult time staying in colleges. I was never kicked out of one, I never flunked out of one. I went to five different colleges. But I was in and out, a bit bored," Hagel said.

He had to take English composition three times, and struggled with other subjects as well. "Science, chemistry, some of the math courses I took were D's," Hagel admitted in a 2001 interview about his life and career with C-SPAN. He added, with a note of self-deprecating humor, that he decided the military would be a better alternative when he considered a draft board deferral. 

"I said to them, well, I don't think it's in the best interest for any legitimate educational institution for me to go back and try that again right now," Hagel recalled. "And it's probably not in my best interest. So why don't I just volunteer for the draft."

CNN lists only two colleges on Hagel's resumé--namely, the Brown Institute for Television and Radio in Minneapolis, and the University of Nebraska. It notes that he was originally supposed to play football at Wayne State College, but lost his scholarship after an injury. It does not list his other two colleges.

College performance is not necessarily an indicator of future success. After he overcame his academic difficulties, Hagel went on to a successful career in business and politics--though his qualifications for the position of Secretary of Defense are noticeably lacking, as Politico belatedly pointed out

During the 2008 presidential campaign, when she joined John McCain on the Republican ticket, Gov. Sarah Palin was scorned by the mainstream media and the political elite for her academic pedigree, which also included five different colleges. She emerged with a degree in journalism and enjoyed a career in television before becoming major of Wasilla, head of Alaska's Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, and Governor.

The media have shown some skepticism over Hagel's qualifications after his poor showing in his Jan. 31 confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee. But they have shown little interest in his checkered academic background, and certainly none of the derision they once poured upon Sarah Palin.

5 years ago

And is politics such a hot ticket for most of them!? All we find and see is corruption all the way up and down the ladder so his college degress or whatever he got out of that does not impress me in the least!!! It appears the liberals are such double standard hypocrites it is a sin!!!

5 years ago

Right after the hearings where they drilled Hagel, many, even dems were shaking their heads calling Hagel an embarrassment......and then in the next breath.....they say....he will be confirmed......wth????  Does it even matter how dumb a person is to run our Country's defense.....evidently not, because obama was re-elected.... 

5 years ago

Left-Wing Lickspittles: How the Huffington Post is Aiding Obama's Benghazi Cover-Up



Normally, we at Breitbart News ignore the Huffington Post. It is self-consciously leftist, so there is little point in highlighting its rather comical bias, except when that bias filters into the mainstream media. Sunday night was just such an occasion, when HuffoPo ran two stories in succession that neatly captured the lickspittle mentality of the mainstream media towards President Barack Obama, and the danger it holds for our democracy.




The first story was headlined, “Obsessed.” It described the promised by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to block the confirmations of former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) and Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan to the posts of Secretary of Defense and CIA Director, respectively, unless the Obama administration fully explained the president’s actions during the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on Sep. 11.

Graham is no wide-eyed ideologue. Many conservatives consider him a squish on core issues. (I was once present to hear Graham address a gathering of high-dollar donors. He admonished them about the need to address climate change, even using the odd term “carbon pollution” to describe fossil fuel use. One irritated donor turned to me and whispered: “That sound you hear is checkbooks slamming shut across the nation.&rdquo




Yet Graham takes foreign policy very seriously, as well as the fate of Americans serving abroad. He has, after all, been one of them. In pursuing answers on Benghazi, he is doing what the mainstream media ought to have done, and what the nation wants to be done. He is also answering Obama’s challenge in November: “If Sen. McCain and Sen. Graham and others want to go after somebody [on Libya], they should go after me.”

It is the Huffington Post’s own dishonor that it would impute mental imbalance to a Senator who seeks the truth about how four Americans died--a truth hidden behind lies about YouTube videos, among other alibis. It is only through Graham’s firm persistence, for example, that we learned last week that Obama did not communicate with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta after an initial briefing about the attack that evening.

The second story on Sunday evening was headlined, “Commander,” and linked to a Washington Post story about how President Obama intends to use executive orders to pursue his policy goals in his second term, rather than working with Congress. Leaving aside for the moment that Obama now seeks the very executive supremacy he once denounced, there is something even more disturbing in HuffPo’s framing of the story.

The headline and image (see above) were clearly meant to be laudatory. The Huffington Post was praising Obama for exerting “command,” and gave the impression that both its editors and readers are eager to be so commanded. The idea of a president who not only ignores the opposition, but the very legislative process, matches Obama’s vision in last year’s State of the Union address of grafting a military model onto our political life.




That spirit, which has possessed much of the country’s press corps, fits fascism rather than democracy. The irony is that Obama was not the “commander” on that terrible night. We already know that neither he nor his Cabinet showed more than a passing interest in the fate of the Benghazi consulate and its personnel. To mock those seeking answers, and to praise Obama’s leadership, is to aid and abet a disgraceful cover-up.

5 years ago

They are in such denial they cannot even face up to their very own double standards. Obama didn't and doesn't know jack about jack, and I doubt he was even a community organizer without great help, someone to tell him what to do and what to say.   His wife didn't do squat as a supposed lawyer, and employees wondered why she was allowed to sit around reading magazines and books while they worked, and they're told to leave her alone. What more can one expect for a gal who hates America, and was destined to be the for convenience marriage partner to another American hating slob who was set up to hold the position of POTUS? Good grades and doing anything productive, having America's best interest, is not in the contents of the Saul Alinsky book for Radicals, or the Communist Manifesto, and not good enough form this slime regime we have in place, hopefully short term now.

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