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5 years ago

This is a must listen to video:

LEVIN DESTROYS OBAMA ON BENGHAZI: 'HE DIDN'T DO A DAMN THING, NOTHING'{D561C5AE-DCE5-4A5C-8BDB-EFCA665B8345}&title=Levin-Destroys-Obama-On-Benghazi-He-didnt-do-a-damn-thingNOTHING

5 years ago

Yes..I have been reading about impeachment proceedings that are supposedly in the works!! This should be getting more steam as the days progress!

Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chair: Obama Talked to Them Only Once on Night of Benghazi Attack

Clinton and Panetta Never Talked During Benghazi Terror Attacks

5 years ago

I would like to recommend the above article; it is lengthy, that discusses each and every point where there could be consideration for impeachment of Obama.  There is a panel of constitutional experts (one was involved with Watergate and Nixon as well as Clinton and then George W. Bush and Dick Cheney).  Each area is presented, i.e., Benghazi, Libya, gun control, Fast and Furious, etc, and then they give the information as to why it is and why it is not impeachable.  You will all find it interesting if you take the time to read all of it.

Just for information, Obama would not be able to be impeached on Benghazi, however, even though she has resigned, Hillary Clinton should be and still can be.  The penalty if found guilty and impeachment is accepted is that she could never serve in public office again.  Same with Obama.  There are 3 of the many that Obama can and should have impeachment proceedings brought against him, but will leave it up to those interested to read the lengthy article; lengthy but so worth reading as you will, as I did, learn a great deal.

5 years ago

Linda..I saw this article last night and was going to add it onto a news story but was too would sned the liberals....all 3 or 4 of them that continousyl attack our stories..into a hissy fit! I hope to heck the find them guilty of impeachment on each count! I mean let's go for it..then just maybe there will be 3 or 4 counts they can find for impeachment on each one of them!

5 years ago

Don't forget to Sign the Petition on here asking Congress to proceed with impeachment either!!!

5 years ago

You can bet money on I just signed that petition to impeach Obama!  He and his whole damned occupying regime ought to be kicked to the gutter!  Without a blanket, without a tent, without a heater, throw them to the elements for all I care.  The kind of prison place they would get would be way too comfortable for their sorry azzes!!!!!!!

5 years ago

Like we know, they got Steven's and company, the Seals that went to their defense also,  murdered, as they wished.

5 years ago

I agree...Impeach Hillary and that will put a damper on her political carrear!! I do not agree fully with what the experts said on a lot of things but i do agree with them that it's the Congress who has let this traitor get by with the things he has!! I hope they come up with more crap on him that is impeachable yet before it's all said and done!!!

5 years ago

Carol, when I saw that Hillary was the one to impeach on Benghazi I was so pleased as it is time to shut the Clintons down.  As for signing the petition, I did and please, as many as can we need to do this.  It is time to teach this Administration and their leader, Obama, that the Constitution is not to be trifled with, it is the basic tenent of our Country; the Bill of Rights contained therein are there for each and every person in this Country and they have no right to violate this with "executive orders" etc, or legislation. The Democrats need to know that they are just as accountable for anything they do that is illegal just as they expected Bush Jr. and all other Republcans to be.  Carol, if you want to put that out as a news story please do.  I don't care if the liberals like it or not, the law is the law.

5 years ago

Impeachment would be a dream for at least half the country if not a little more.  But It won't do a damn thing unless both Obama and Biden are impeached at the same time.  It must be the same time, or else we will simply have a president that was appointed by either Obama or Biden.  Many of us will remember it happening before. 


Gerald Ford was appointed president and from 1973 to 1974 served as both Vice President and President of the United States without being voted for by the people.  I can only imagaine the chaos that will lead to a complete and utter disdain for our way of life, causing the total breakdown of the US Constitution.


It is my opinion that Obama and other communist and marxist sympathisers have long ago planned for this event.  It's the only way to get someone worse than Obama in office.  Obama won't care.  He's been taken care of his entire life and has someone to give him everything he wants no matter what happens.  Biden doesn't have a clue.  The rich fat cats pulling Obama's strings only care about the power they will maintain with their appointee.


It all boils down to are we better off forcing Obama into finishing his second term or gamble that throwing him out will pay off for the American taxpayer?   I don't think that's a gamble Congress is willing to take.

5 years ago

Linda..I already did!!

Michael..There is something in that article where i read if they Impeach Obam it would be Obama and Biden!! Can't remember where it was at though!! I think Congress is finding out it is because of their lack of courage to stand up to Obama and listen to what the citizens wanted that a lot of this BS went as far as it did where Obama did what he wanted! They were more engorssed in keeping thier seats than making waves against what Obama wanted done!

5 years ago

I used to think the same thing Carol, until I looked at it logically.  There had to be a reason this wasn't going forward like people wanted.  I believe it's what I said above.  I believe there are enough votes in the House to impeach.  I don't think they have enough to impeach both Biden and Obama.  Even if they did, it still has to be done in such a way that they are impeached at exactly the same time.  Even if they were able to do so .... think of it this way, what would you do?  I know what I would do if impeachment were coming.  I would have Biden step down, (health reasons?) and appoint a new VP.  There's no valid reason to impeach the new VP, therefore if you were successful in getting rid of Obama, his legacy of destruction would continue.


All of that is legal!  100% legal!  Obama doesn't need congresional approval to replace his VP.  This is one reason I believe the people should vote for VP. 


So you see, it might make things worse if Obama were to be inmpeached.  He's a lying, conniving, freedom hating dictator who hasn't done an honest day's worth of labor his entire life.  He's still nothing more than a fundraiser for hype.

5 years ago

Did you read the article Michael?I hear what you're saying...I read a message under a picture that Ann Romeny added on facebook and under it she said something about Impeachment proceedings to start I believe it was on March I was wondering WHY would they start it then and not before!? Maybe there is something else they have to have in place or are still going over the files and etc; from the White House to amke sure they have all their T's crossed and their I's dotted type thing!?

5 years ago

Michael, that makes sense and I would agree; the real issue right now for impeachment is getting it through the Senate and that would be a real hurdle.  But you have a great point about getting Biden to resign due to health and appointing a new VP first.  I don't see how they would ever impeach both Biden and Obama at the same time.  Since Hillary has stepped down that is no issue; they can get her and should asap!  

Interesting concept about VP.  Of course it would have to be someone of the same party, I suppose, although think of what it would be if there was a VP of the opposing party; might get more bi-partisan effort.

5 years ago

These are such great comments....and oh how I wish we could impeach many of obama's fir Holder....but I truly think we are all dreaming if this could ever happen. I don't think there are enough Republicans in office that have the gonads to do it. Being impeached doesn't mean you have to leave office Look.....Slick Willy was impeached, but found not guilty.....and so will his loving, dedicated wife if that would ever get that far....along with obama and whoever else was found guilty of Benghazigate. I am so in agreement with Rand Paul that there was gun running in Lybia, and the death of Stevens was a way to silence him. They had over seven hours to go in and rescue....that alone raises way too many red flags.... I wonder where the survivors are that got out.....not a word from them....are they in hiding.....have they been sworn to secrecy? Surely their families know their where-abouts or they would be in an uproar. How many will go down lying to cover this all up.....will there be any whistle blowers???   Or are they fearing their lives???   Every dem and repub knows the administration failed......but I fear we will never know what truly happened.  So they will all get by with throwing Rice under the bus and no one takes responsibility....and the film maker will remain in prison never to be heard of again.  Our govt. is corrupted.....I have no faith or trust in any of them.  The power they hold is scary.....and banning weapons is the first on their list......what will happen to America in the next four years......what will happen to the citizens???    We should all be scared!!!

5 years ago

If this was on Bush's watch....OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



5 years ago

OMG!!!!!!!!! Is absolutely without a doubt clearer than a bell ringing out across a still meadow TRUE Maui!  If you were to exchange positions of Bush and Obama right now,  you'd be seeing  the double standards flying like rocks in a tornado. Not that we don't already do see that!  But... SHHHHHHH!!!  Can't hold Obowwow accountable for a damned  thing. Does he as (fake) leader of our country even exist in their eyes then? The guy is above any error in their eyes, making him not even human, but exalted above all, their golden idol.   Do you ever notice how the dem politicians keep on making sure that Bush is brought up in their tawdry little speeches when asked questions, make sure it's publicized?  It's not even a viable excuse for all the horrible things Obama has done, but they keep scattering the grain for their followers to keep on lapping up right into the trap, and keep them where they want them, hating Republicans with their lies, and if it had been someone else other than Bush before Obama, not even having done what they say they don't like about him, they would still be getting some made up BS about them, because they're the closest to try and blame for something they had nothing to do with what this thing in office has done.  We know their are RINO's, but we can point them out, and we want them OUT!  But let a card carrying socialist come under fire, or even communist or nazi ones, like Swillary w/her very own statements, and Obama and his ilk hire and nominate ones, have grown up with them all their life, and admired them to the hilt, and OMG!- then what that person even says or has said, well!- with the libs, there must be some mistake with what they have said or done or continue to do! They can't even take ones they stand up for at their own face value! Well, that's the one's who haven't got a clue really, even though they try and sound like they do, and are their sheeple.  Like I say, there are those all for this regime and what they know they are, though some will not admit it to you or the other libs that follow their posts.  The others are perfect examples of not being able to see beyond their nose, the 'I'll take what's fed me so I don't have to get it myself.' 

5 years ago

Carol, yes I read the article and hold to my statements. One of the people mentioned as being a proponent for impeachment is my Rep in the House, Walter Jones (R) NC. I really like Walter.  He's a man who says what he means and does what he says.  He's a man who will vote as he claimed he would vote regardless of peer pressure.  I believe it was Feb 2012 when Walter submitted a bill for impeachment if Obama sent any troops to Libya.  I only mention that so folks will know it was public knowledge that Walter believes Obama should be impeached for crimes, not because he is from a different party.


"The U.S. House of Representatives has the power to commence impeachment proceedings. If the House adopts an impeachment resolution, the U.S. Senate conducts a trial and determines whether to convict or acquit. If an official is convicted, he or she is removed from the position and may be barred from holding office again. The official may also face criminal prosecution."


This isn't entirely correct.  Any and all impeachment proceedings must begin in the House.  But, if the official being impeached is found guilty, they are not necessarily removed from position.  Impeachment is anything from being fired and never allowed to serve again to something as light as a slap on the wrist.  The House recommends the punishment but the senate makes the final determination. Like what happened with Clinton, I believe the same would happen with Obama.  The House would pass impeachment but it will stall in the Senate.


I agree with Bruce Fein, who states that he is an American first, before right or left politics.  I am a liberal conservative, but an American first.  Obama has grossly committed fraud and lied to the public.  That makes him a poor excuse for a man.  Obama has broken our laws and knowingly and willfully disobeyed and disregarded our Constitution, which makes him a bad American.  He is not a leader, he isn't even a good follower.  He's simply a bad human being because of his lack of morals and blatant disregard of our laws.


But none of that changes my mind about impeaching Obama.  I've said all along that Obama deserved to be impeached for the Libya issue and the drone attacks killing non combatants without due process.  If Clinton can be impeached for lying, then Obama should have been impeached in Feb 2008.  In other words, I agree with the pros ... or I should say they agreed with my understanding for reasons to impeach.


I still maintain that Obama will use every single loophole and process to continue his destruction of America even if he were impeached.  I still maintain that Obama doesn't care if he's impeached because he's on a mission to destroy.  Since he can appoint his successor, his mission will continue whether he's sitting in the oval office or not.  Too many people already gave him the position to destroy and now with our laws being what they are, it won't matter whether he's in office or not.  So it all boils down to, and what congress needs to decide, are we better off having dipshit in the office or deal with who he appoints?  I believe this is why nothing concrete has done.  We can't just impeach him, even if we have the votes to make it successful.  We must cover all bases so we aren't any better off by impeaching the POTUS and VP.

5 years ago

Michael..I agree with what you have said and was not contesting at all what you said earlier...I was just making a point that they did mention in that article about impeaching both Obama and Biden.

Obama now knowing there are intentions out there to impeach him is only getting more angry thus more intentional BAD things he will put to this country!

One thing for sure is people in every state have to start focusing on the representatives who are representing their states in the Congress... some of them are the REASON WHY Obama has gotten as far as he has with destructive measures.

Thus the citizens of each state who has a rep that is NOT following what the people want is responsible for this travesty of injustice that has been put on this nation as a whole!! It's time to CLEAN house in 2014...we have to get the message out to people as to what it was that either supported Obama's actions or were against them.

Those who supported anything Obama did which is part of our problem today with the actions Obama has taken are at fault for Obama being able to do what he's done! OUR Congress has screwed up BIG TIME!!! They are NOT doing their jobs to protect America. I am not saying ALL of them but a good share of them. I have 2 in my state here that I would LOVE to see on the street!!!

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