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Mark Levin BLASTS both Democrats and gutless Republicans for the destruction of this country
5 years ago

Mark Levin was furious tonight over the destruction of this country by Democrats like Obama, Pelosi, and Reid and gutless Republicans who are not only complicit, but even now are still afraid to speak out about it:



You should view these politicians with the deepest contempt you can possibly imagine. What they are doing to this country, what they are doing to our finances – there is not a criminal in any federal prison, state prison, city or county jail, with respect to financial crimes of any sort who collectively could have done the kind of damage that Barack Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and YES, willing, timid, gutless Republicans have done to this country! To your future, to your children and your grandchildren! What they are doing is with malice and with forethought….



What the hell does the Democrat party stand for today? The destruction of America? And what the hell does the Republican party stand for today? To sit there with their thumbs in their mouths while it’s going on?

Any politician with an ounce of common sense should be getting on any soap box imaginable and screaming from the top of their lungs that these policies are destroying America!



There’s more:




What led The Great One into the above rant came from the segment right before where he masterfully exposed the incredible fraud of this idea that we don’t have a spending problem, as stated by Nancy Pelosi this weekend. It’s a MUST LISTEN and you can do so below:






5 years ago

Nancy Pelosi is the most ignorant women...actuially she is tied I think with Waters and can't remember the other black woman in the Democratic least I think there are two of them...they are all like peas in a pod! Just totally ignorant and traitors!!!

5 years ago

Sheila Jackson Lee...and I think she is the all time most ignorant human on earth

5 years ago

YES!!!!!! It's amazing though how they all associate with the Democrats...thank God!! If we EVER get to that point of stupidity take me out behind the barn and shoot me!!

5 years ago

Pelosi is ignorant. I think a lot of them just remind me of  good little commies that go around drunk for the most part.  A ignoramus who says we don't have a spending problem, but a paying back problem, and says we have to pass it before you know what's in it, just floors the hell out of me of as to where did they dig this thing that is supposed to I guess be a part of the female species, up from????!

5 years ago

Come to think of it, that's the way most of them look.- like they were dug up from a grave, and they have pre recorded cassettes in their head, because they never figured out how to bring back their brain.

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