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5 years ago

The Glenn Beck Program paid Hugo Chavez his due today, going over all the accomplishments the dictator achieved. From the rise in murder to the rise in his weight and wealth, Glenn covers all the wonderful ‘achievements’ that left Venezuela with runaway inflation and food shortages.

The segment was full of red berets and fake tears, as each host took their time to mock the deceased Communist dictator. First to the stage was Pat Gray, who focused on the wonder that was the healthcare system under Hugo Chavez.

“It is fitting that after making the Venezuelan healthcare system the envy of the entire planet Hugo Chavez refused to utilize it leaving more space available for the people he loved and he left a lot of space. The specialist kidney unit in Caracas has been completely empty for nearly a year. No one is there. Not a single patient. Doctors have been turning patients away ever since the hospital’s water treatment plant broke down months ago,” Pat said. “Fortunately Hugo, whom we just lost, made no one with kidney failure had to put up with a hospital with less than stellar water treatment.”

“Hugo after being diagnosed with pelvic cancer left his country repeatedly for the slightly less topnotch yet still amazing stellar medicine of Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Yet because of his commitment to global warming he refused to fly to Cuba one more time for treatment. If he just gotten one more treatment from Cuba he’d still be alive today and so would the hopes of millions in Venezuela.”

Stu then turned the floor over to Glenn, who delivered a wamrm, heartfelt…and mocking eulogy of the deceased communist leader.

“Venezuela, no the world, has lost a great leader, has lost a great dictator and fabulous strongman. Hugo Chavez’s fourteen year of reign of wonderful socialism and heavy-handed oppression came to an end earlier this week.

When Hugo came to power only 77% of the Venezuela’s economy was based on oil. Today it’s up to a robust 96% of the economy.In just 14 short years Hugo Chavez was able to rid Venezuela of nearly every industry other than state run oil. This as we all know allowed people more free time to relax.

Hugo seized control over the military, the judiciary, the Congress, the banking system, the aluminum industry, cement, gold, iron, farming, transportation, electricity and food production. Also the electoral council and the media. That way those who used to work in those industries would no longer have to worry at night about those responsibilities. He was able to free Venezuela from the plague of private investment which dropped 43%.”

“To reflect the changes he was making in the economy he renamed the currency, and changed it from the bolívar to the bolívar fuerte meaning the strong bolívar with the strength that the Venezuelan economy their currency only dropped 66% in value. And inflation is a mere 23% right now. But friends gathered here today think about this: had Hugo not renamed the currency can you imagine how far its value could have dropped if he wouldn’t have told everybody that it was a strong bolívar?”

“Imagine like our beloved President inherited a whopping $34 billion in debt, and he faced some head winds, but he turned that $34 billion in debt into $150 billion in debt. Which again sounds like our President can do a little better.”

“Chavez’s policies have allowed the poor more touch with their families by getting away from their electrical devices and he’s accomplished this by bringing power outages and rolling blackouts to all the cities in all of the hinterlands of Venezuela. Through uncontrolled spending, ex-appropriations, price controls, monetary expansion and other beautiful tenets of socialism, Hugo helped his people do more with less.”

“Sure there have been shortages of basic goods and water rationing and blackouts. And despite nearly $1 trillion in oil revenue the nation is on the verge of collapse which will bring the opportunity for the Venezuelan people to be even closer. More togetherness for the people that he loved so dearly.”

“Through his corruption an ineptitude, Hugo was was able to oversee a massive in caress in the murder rate from 25 per 1,000 to 45.1 per 100,000 in 2011. He nearly doubled the murder rate, thus helping Venezuelans get in touch with how life is precious is. Now they don’t take a singl

5 years ago

e minute, a single stroll in the park, sending their kids off to school for granted. It might be the last stroll they ever take.”

“While the rate of serious poverty in the country didn’t go down as much as it did in some of surrounding Latin American countries that practice capitalism, Chavez lowered his rate through redistribution of wealth – taking from the evil rich, confiscating their land and possessions and giving it to others. He stopped all the irritating debates about his policy by seizing control or simply shutting down the media. That’s allowed his people just to relax, slow down and enjoy some of that salsa.”

“Finally Hugo Chavez was able to warn his people about the threat. The threat that not only they face but every citizen of every country in all of mankind. He was able to warn his people from the threat from Jews. Letting Venezuelans know about the Jewish influence over the banks and allowed him to take possession of those banks during his election campaign.

Against an opposition candidate, he warned his people ‘Don’t let yourself be poisoned by the wandering Jews.’ Good advice, Hugo.”

“Speaking of election Hugo took the suspense out of them by rigging them in his favor. That way his people never had to worry about losing him until today. Sadly now all of us who loved Hugo Chavez now we’ve lost him. Death was just one thing Hugo couldn’t rig, couldn’t repossess, couldn’t redistribute.”

“They’ve lost their beloved Hugo, and now so have we.”

5 years ago

Wait a minute is this Chavez's Eulogy? It sounds strangely like a recitation of the Obama accomplishments. Goodbye and good riddance, save a space for Soros!

5 years ago

And let's hope that Soros leaves soon as well!!! He almost sounds plan for plan like Obama..or maybe I should say Obama is doing the very same things he is!! It just feel good to relish the thought that one of these criminlas is finally gone! You know they say deaths happen in 3's....Mmmm..wonder who is next and next!?

5 years ago

AHA! Good point Carol! I think we all know who wouldn't be amiss. Actually Georgie Boy is Gerpetto, the pupet master of OWE-Bama and all are funded by the Wills foundation alongside the Annenbergs...well their estate holders as most of them are dead.

5 years ago

Also as a side note...Maui, I bet you are jumping for "Joy" (pun intended) that the Behar Beast is finally off the view!!! Now maybe the show can go on without that wicked witch of the west coast. So glad to know that it was done by audience poll. She didn't make the cut due to the high audience's non appeal towards her and so glad that the sweet blonde out lived a loss for her name as I don't watch the show due to it's high MSN-BS content, LOL!

5 years ago

Elaine...your is leaving....good riddance.....I haven't watched the show in years......but I remember the site we use to post about the only Conservative on the show Hasselbeck is getting the boot for being "too right winged"......their audience is made up of Whoopie and Sherry's of the world.....both are so un-educated....tells you about their viewers.

Nice chatting with ya  Elaine.

5 years ago

That's it...Joy Bayhog, LOL! I couldn't remember what it was you called her, TOOO funny! And dang, that was the cute little Blonde I was trying to remember 's name...Hasselbeck. Crapola, they are booting her too? Totally not fair! What are they going to ber left with...Coat hanger comedian Whoopi cushion, prostitue turned talk show host (I think her name is Sheri the big ole sista and Baba Wawa. Sheesh...How and better yet, why does this show even need to go on???  

5 years ago

You mean she was ACTUALLY voted off!? Wooo Hooooooo! I liked that little blonde gal on there and I suppose they figured if they had to get rid of JOYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyy..then they would also have to get rid of the only one who had the Conservatism common sense..

5 years ago

I had heard Bayhog quit on her own.....I think she has something going at CNN in the works.....she had her show on the Al Gore network, not sure if she still does after it has been sold....but I think she should stay fits her to a "T" one watches.....LOL!!!

I look for Elizabeth to join FOX news as a contributor......I'm not sure is she would be good at it though.....they silenced her on The View so much, that I felt she never had a backbone in the game.....but then stupid BaWa didn't help matters......

The show is a joke...I will never forget when they had the obamas on in 2008 and slobbered all over them and then when they had the McCains on they picked the meat off of their bones like crazy old hens.   They walked off the stage when O'Reilly was on as a guest because they didn't like someone proving them wrong......that was a really showed how stupid Woopie and Bayhog are.

I can't believe I use to DVR this show everyday back in 2008......I was on a blog site called "The View" and it got pretty rough at times......of course......there were only a handful of conservatives on the site, so it got pretty nasty......Right Mary Ann??????  I think it still out there on the net....I can't imagine what they are saying now because they hated Elizabeth so much......

I think this show is slowy coming to an end....BaWa's health isn't the best, and I think when you listen to Whoopie and Sherry, you'd think they were slaves themselves at one time.....maybe they can get Rosie back......she could use a come-back since she is a has-been also......

The only time this show was interesting, was when Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham would be on as a guest....they took no BS off of these old biddies!!!  Bayhog couldn't roll her eyes fast enough for being put in her place!!!

5 years ago

That's my Ann...puts those Liberal loons in their place "EVERY TIME" without fail! Ha, Al Gore's show...I guess lost it "warming affect" Now that's a hoot to me. Maybe folks are tired of getting GORE-ED, it can't feel to good! Especially when you find his racket, was emptying your wallet. Actually Maui, I think Hasselbeck would do well on the Fox channel, and if Dana Perino can come on in her mousy way and come to life as one of the strongest voices on the Five..Hasselbeck can carry her own. She is spunky and has let it rip a few times on the view when backed into a corner. At fox I feel confident that she would know she was in the appropriate arena (good company) and could relax being her self. I think she definitely has a backbone, it just gets bent a little hard when you are up against a bucket full of stupidity on a daily basis, sitting at the party all by your lonesome. If anything, she may have to watch the fact that she is not on the view and contain her joy over the freedom that comes with being surrounded by like minded thinkers that can carry a conversation, rather than blatant hostility with no valid points ever being made but rather continual arguing. I also get the feeling that Baba Wawa really did like her and felt a little sympathy for her, yet at the same time allowed for her to hold her own when the contentious issues surfaced...In other words she wanted Hasselbeck TO hold her own, get her toughen up. As at the time, the show was in full steam, no one knew how long running it would be.

5 years ago

Naw, Bathog was assed out and put to pasture! She does have offers from what els...more Liberal loon LSM outlets...who they really are, I don't know. But do know that I never have to channel surf. I hope she does not got to CNN, I wouldn't want her corrupting Ms. Vanderbuilts son, Anderson!

5 years ago

Another point I failed to make regarding body language and seating positions on that half moon desk like table, which was designed to look as if it were one that would be utilized in a news room environment, was statigicly designed to place Whoopi at the far end with no one to her left or right. So when the gang mentality surfaced, the only one that would possibly be in the line of fire with her blantantly aggresive behavior and hand gestures including the volitile flaying of arms, would be the tool for the Black race, Bayhog. While Hasselbeck was always kept near BaWa...Mother/daughter protection. The only possible and safest choice to place next to Hasselbeck was a self professed %#&!*% that would only get an eyeroll from Hasselbeck, as she had no problem doing a daily eyeroll at a stupid, no self respecting whore whose signature appearance was the self serving bravdo on her sexual exploits! basically harmles to Hasselbeck as any self respecting woman would do regarding one who was not...warranted a simple eyeroll to let the audience consume the self depreciation actions of Shari...Hasselbeck let her have the quintensential rope and gleeful watched as Shari hung herself morally.

5 years ago

I agree with you Elaine on Hasselbeck..the very few times I ever saw her on the View where she was protecting her stance she went after them quite well I thought!! I think her on Fox News would be a good addition!!

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