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12-Year-Old Suspended from School for Playing with Airsoft Guns in Private Yard
4 years ago

12 year old is suspended from school for shooting airsoft toy gun on private property

In yet another example of the lack of common sense of the “zero tolerance policy” that some schools have, another incident has left two boys suspended from school who were never a threat to anyone except those that hate guns, even toy guns.  (Watch news video at the bottom of this post.)


According to NBCnews two school children have been suspended from school for playing with airsoft guns on private property.  The two seventh graders attended a Virginia Beach middle school and were doing what they often did in their own yards, playing with airsoft guns.


The two boys never brought the toy guns to school, they never brought them on the bus, and they never even brought the toy guns near the school property.


In fact the boys were playing with their airsoft guns while waiting for the school bus to arrive.  Not only are the boys now waiting to see if they will be expelled from the school after their suspension, but they are also suspended for “possession, handling and use of a firearm.”


The fact that this incident happened on private property should be enough to keep the school out of it, but the zero tolerance policy has been abused by so many other schools to demonize gun owners and even toy guns, that this school just could not help itself.


If kids cannot even play with toy guns in their own yard for fear of getting kicked out of school, then it is obvious that this zero tolerance policy has gone too far.   The mother of one of the boys said that "possession and distribution of a firearm for a 12 year old is pretty harsh for a toy I bought for $25 dollars.”



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4 years ago

So it must have been the bus driver who reported it.  The driver and the principle of the school should be fired!  I'm so sick and tired of liberals FORCING all their BS on everyone else!


If you don't get it the pink BS is pink-o commie crap!


If Republicans don't want their kids to have a Happy Meal, they say no.

If Liberals don't want their kids to have a Happy Meal, they pass a LAW!


If Republicans don't want a 32 oz soda, the don't buy one.

If Liberals don't want a 32 oz soda, they pass a LAW so no one can have one!


If Republicans don't want to eat meat, the become a vegetarian.

If Liberals don't want to eat meat, they pass a LAW to make hunting limited or illegal!


If Republicans don't believe in God, they don't go to church.

If Liberals don't believe in God, they pass LAWS to limit believers to their place of worship on the day of worship!


If Republicans don't like guns, they don't buy one.

If Liberals don't like guns, they pass a LAW so no one can own one!


The reason, according to liberals, "it isn't fair having to say no all the time to my kids, I can't control myself with the 32 oz drinks, guns kill people and animals are cute, believing in God goes against Darwin, if we got rid of guns there would be no more murder."

So according to liberals, they are weak, don't know what tolerance is or how to exercise it, and they are ignorant.  Their own words say so!  Progressives are living in the wrong country!

4 years ago

Look at this one Michael. 

Two Livingston schools placed on lockdown; 15-year-old booked on weapons counts

15-year-old booked on weapons counts

4 years ago

The kid was probably squirrel hunting

4 years ago

I know there are knife laws, they don't mention how big a knife it was.  If it was just a pocket knife, people better start speaking up.  Next thing you know you will be arrested for standing too close to a rock!

4 years ago

New information has been released about the two boys who were suspended from school for playing with an Airsoft gun on their on private property while waiting for the school bus.

It appears a neighborhood mother called 911 to report the incident, but get this, she knew it was a toy gun and still called 911 anyway!

According to an updated NBC report,


A neighbor saw Khalid shooting the airsoft gun in his front yard. She told the dispatcher, “He is pointing the gun, and it looks like there’s a target in a tree in his front yard”. located the 911 caller and spoke to her. She confirmed Khalid was taking target practice using a zombie hunter airsoft gun to kill the zombies. There was also a net behind the target to catch the plastic pellets.



The caller also knew the gun wasn’t real and said so, “This is not a real one, but it makes people uncomfortable. I know that it makes me (uncomfortable), as a mom, to see a boy pointing a gun,” she told the 911 dispatcher.



Here is the original story from yesterday:


According to a report by NBC News, two seventh grade Virgina boys were suspended from school and might be expelled for the year for possession of Airsoft guns.


Not too surprising, many schools have zero tolerance policies on toy firearms, and many Airsoft guns can look pretty realistic.


However, there is a twist in this story.


According to the report, the boys never brought the guns to school, on the school bus, or even to their neighborhood bus stop

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4 years ago

It's past time for parents to have A ZERO TOLERANCE to stupid people and looney tune school officials that suspend these kids from school for minding their own business. Which is exactly what MRS. NOSY BUSY BODY--(Errrrrgh!  These squirmy whiny saps make me PUKE!)  who KNEW it wasn't real guns,  should have been doing when she realized it!  These need to get a life sorry excuses whiny little tattle tale whimpy azzed cry baby can't wait to go and tattle to teacher little no brain twits, are in serious need of GROW A BRAIN meds! Lord have mercy!--what the hell are they doing being parents?!  OH, OH, I know!  They want to bring up more sappy need to get a life sorry excuses whiny little tattle tale whimpy azzed cry baby can't wait to go and tell teacher little no brain twits!   That's all this world needs more of!!! --- SARCASM!  

4 years ago

I didn't mean the world needs more sarcasm, unless it's directed at the twits of society, such as these type loons.

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