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5 years ago

I'm just curious because I just don't see the fit at all.

Do you, those of you who know me here for a while now anyway?  If anyone is actually here any more?  Helloooooo......

Well, do you think I am sales person material.  Something in my resume tells people yes...yes...yes...  I on the other hand don't see it as a fit for me.  I'd rather give you something than sell it.  I just don't know.

I think it might come from being an independent contractor over the last 8 years. They see the willingness to work independently.   But I didn't contract services out like that.  Keep it clean people

So, I guess my question is, should I try it.  There are some ups to it and downs to it.  I need a job though and wonder if I'd like that type of thing.

This is just a rambling ramble of a thought.  All input, (well only if in a nice way) is welcome.

Thanks for playing........

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5 years ago

Just for informational purposes, both my husband and daughter said. "Oh hell to the no" on that one...  

5 years ago

Even if you don't know me through here or don't post here often or even ever.  Please feel free to chime in  

Meant as a compliment
5 years ago

No too honest and forthright in your opinion hmmmm if the product you were selling really sucked you would say so; commendable but bad for sales


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5 years ago

Would this be tangible , like clothes or cars or candles or make-up, or intangible like insurance, investment, ideas, etc.  It is easier for some to sell tangibles.  See this car, it is Arest me Red and you can go 90 in 2 seconds or these sweaters are on sale rather than "you look like a beached whale in them.  Take it off immediately."  Or these candles are made with all natural ingredients, or this makeup is designed to hide any flaws YOU FEEL YOU HAVE while being light as a feather, etc.

Intangibles like insurance is finding out what is important to the cllient, what they are wanting.  Then spoon feeding it back to them. I of course am blathering here.  I know with my job, I need to talk up animals and how the owner feels about their own, swap stories, then ease on into a soft sell.

I don't think you can always be absolutely honest all the time because you are trying to sell something.  Can't be brutal,  But it is possible to dance around until the client thinks the idea for the purchase is really something they cannot live without.  I have found that people pretty much know what they are wanting and just need some validation.  That is how I look at selling.  I do not consider myself a salesperson material, but if I truly know my product, I can sell the idea or product to another person.

Ask yourself, would you buy what you are selling?  Why or why not.  If you can answer yes and why, you can sell it to someone else.  If the answer is no, best not even try.  Move on.  However, that being said, if an HR interview and one on up the chain see sales in you, in this market, they can hire anyone they darn well please.  So if they see something in you that you don't see, maybe you are better at it than you might think.  They are professional gatekeepers.  Go with their opinion.  And your gut, of course.  But you will never know if you never give it a go.

So then.  I will now step off my lecture box and back on out of the room.  'Kay?

5 years ago

Thanks for playing guys.  I do appreciate it.

Mary, it is more along the lines of life insurance and health insurance in most instances and also some were marketing and promoting services. Some pretty big name businesses and others you never heard of.

I actually went on an interview for one of the marketing positions.  It seemed along the ilnes of something I did in a past life with regard to creating an image, an event and selling it.  They were in the sports and entertainment area, some beauty company products etc.  When I went on the interview it was explained that I would get clients to which they seemed to have in place and would service their accounts.  

The way the job was explained during the interview was great.  Good pay with long hours but worth it.  Desk job with some meetings within the NY/NJ area from time to time.  Blah blah.    I got the job, went in the next day and boy was it a scam.  Long story, short version, some strange guy wanted me to get in a car with him, head off to a local mall and cold call people.  It's a long story but hell no....  I quit

I think that experience made me very untrusting of these others.  This was all done in a big office building, nice office, seemed legit, but was bullshyte.  No straight salary as was said, strictly commission, every day out cold calling people, never in the office, no existing clients ... trust me a scam from what was advertised and what was said in the interview.  It was a job, but it was a bullshyte job.

Mary, you do offer good offer good advice though.  I don't know about it.  I am sure I can sell, I can talk to anyone, I am good at getting people to open up and talk to me.  I just need to be able to live with myself.  I don't know if I could do that selling people anything. 

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5 years ago

Gosh,  I have had students looking for jobs get called by financial compnaies looking to have them sell.  WHY?  They say that science majors can handle numbers and are trainable. Forgetting that many science students are introverted.


I think it is just hard to find people to do that job.  Espeically if most of the pay comes from commission.  I have had "headhunters" try to get me to sell.  I have had online quizzes tell me t go into sales.  I suspect they told everyone to go into sales. 


no, I don't see you doing that job.  Well, Mary has a point about whether you would buy the product.

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5 years ago

Nancy, I am just now seeing your response.  Thanks.

I don't see it either.  In most cases this is related to insurance in one way or another.  First, you guys know I have a strong dislike for the insurance industry.  How could I sell the very thing that costs us so much in my own home.  The thing I bitch about constantly. 

I just don't see the fit.

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