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Who's your favorite contest...
5 years ago

I think we should hold contests to see who or what is up for election wins the majority of votes.

The first one shall be.....(drum roll)


Any takers?

This post is sponsored by the sue for favorite host committee

5 years ago

You can of course vote in secret...we will never tell who voted for who

5 years ago

How about Chaleneie?  LOL

Really- you are doing a great job even if Allen and I are the only ones who know.  OH and Mary G and a few others. 

5 years ago

I figured I would leave her out of the fray.  She is too classy to get down in the dirt

So I take it you are casting your ballot my way.  Thank you, thank you very much.

I know we are not supposed to solicit or petition for anything here, but I need a campaign manager.  This looks like it might be a close race

5 years ago

Does this mean I have to wear a Suzanne O construction company logo on my clothing?

I promise you blah...blah...blah...
5 years ago

I promise you...  Really

Nancy, good idea on the shirts.  I'm on it!

To be fair...
5 years ago

You could vote for this guy....

BuckMcCool Buck

Hunter of fury creatures....

5 years ago

this guy...

Knatie Knate

A self described putz.

5 years ago

The above descriptions are said with only love in mind....

5 years ago

5 years ago

Of course.  We luvs our hosts- all of them.

5 years ago

Who you working for lady??????

paid for by the sue is the bestest committee

5 years ago

I am sure that there is a NJ joke in all of this.   

5 years ago


It's cool.....

Paid for by the you better vote for sue for anything committee

5 years ago

I feel a pair of cements shoes being formed around my feet!

5 years ago




5 years ago

8?  No, 9 1/2 or 10.  If you meant my shoe size.  Remember Big Foot?

5 years ago

Holy crap!  Susquatch, I mean Nancy

How tall are you?

5 years ago


(One of my grandmothers was 6'2"- she made those East German swimmers look petite).

(My other grandmother was 5 feet- tall and wide)

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5 years ago

One reason I don't wear those pointy toe shoes. 

5 years ago

Probably a good thing

About the other comment   That was gut...

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