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Hillary on Benghazzi
3 years ago

I don't know to me it still matters to get a clear story.  She does have a point though, it doesn't matter nearly as much now as it did prior to the election.  However, it still matters.

3 years ago

Even at the time, I am more concerneed about the reports that they had asked for more help for protection and weren't getting it. 

3 years ago

Nancy, there is so much to be answered for and in hindsight it does seem as though that is a petty issue.  It was an issue though that the White House staff and President ran with for quite some time.  I can only think as to prevent a black eye during the election.

The whole thing still really stinks to me. 

One other thing I love that Hillary says what does it matter now.  Well, it would have been sooner if you got your ass over there to testify before congress sooner,  I realize there were legitimate reasons () for this.  But still...convenient!

3 years ago

If they had been more on top of things "in real time".

3 years ago

A Marine response team was loaded up and ready to take off when their flight was halted by  the State Dept. The Marines were ordered to exit the plane and return to barracks to change out of their military uniforms into civilian clothing, this delayed the response team by 90 minutes, Americans died pleading for help while concern for their safety was secondary in concern for political correctness, the only thing achieved by the hearings is that we now know that no one bears responsibility. Its just wrong in every way...

3 years ago

I was listening to the radio while driving yesterday.  They were discussing this and I never gave this much thought and don't know if there is truth to it.  Seems like there could be.

They were saying that by putting the blame on a demonstration/protest taking place because of that video.  That it incited other parts of that region to do same.  People died or were injured  in those protests as well apparently.  All due to a lie.

Would there have been outrage or even knowledge of this video without the White House declaring such?  I don't know

It was an epic failure all around.

3 years ago

Thanks for that info Allen.  I thought also that they had requested more help months earlier and weeks earlier and days eariler.  If that is the case, there really was a major problem.

I do see the point now about the lie over that video.  Thanks Suzanne.

I am off to class but will try to get back and check into my comment at the top of this post. 

3 years ago

Nancy, they requested to at the very least maintain the level of security they had and it was denied.

This is one embassy that required it and was denied adequate security.


That could be applied to before and during this attack.  What is the status of security there now?  Are they still they?  I really am not sure.

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3 years ago

It was admitted to during the hearing that although there was no live video feed (if thats true?) that the embassy was in phone contact with the State Dept.

3 years ago

Suzanne- thanks again for the info and for not telling me to "do your own research".

3 years ago

Allen, it was all happening with them real time by some form of communication.  That has been shown and proven.

They held back assistance when it was requested.  I believe they sited safety reasons of assistance going in? (Not 100% sure though)

Nancy, you are welcome. 

I have been following this from the beginning.  I have been upset with this since the beginning.  It might be because my brother was in charge of the marines at two different embassies during his career,.  He also served as an embassy guard in Pakistan back in the 80's in the beginning of his career.   It's serious shyte especially in certain high risk areas.

Seems pretty common sense actually.  I can't imagine what the hell they were thinking before, during or after.  It smells so bad....

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3 years ago

I knew you were really upset at the time and din't totally understand why.  SO I didn't say much.  It is now becoming clearer. 

3 years ago

These guys were really left in a bad spot.  We let them down.

3 years ago

Allen, I never heard that about the marines having to change into civilian garb.  How trulu bizarre.  However, All of these high level folks depend on staff to help them keep up with the myriad of information for them to consider.  That's why they have staff.  As they say you are only as strong as a team as your weakest link.  Not saying anything for or against.  I do recall many other incidences that were not relayed to the people who needed to know prior to the incidences.  The whole darn security system seems incommunicado with one another and appears pretty f*cked up everywhere  JMO

3 years ago

They were let down. However, I am not sure why no one realizes that these things rarely happen by accident. Our government makes calculated decisions on al things diplomatic. We won't ever (or at least for many years) know why the state department did what it did. But I assure you, there were reasons why they did it and we are not privy to that information.

3 years ago

I am by no means taking one position or another as I have not been fooing it too closely, but it seems that any western embassy in the middle east should take precautions more than usual considering this was an anniversary of 9/11.  Just a thought.

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