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Dragonfly contest 2011(CLOSED)
7 years ago
| fun

here is a thread can enter 3 image of Dragonfly to race with your friends

everyone can enter images

everyone can vote...




images..can be every image you search or find on line

or you create it by yourself...



enter images..must have number 1-2-3




Vote will open after 1-2 week when ready....

everyone can vote only 2 image..

by says the number of image and name owner's image


I like number 2 of Fullmoon

and number 1 of Erin

can't vote for yourself



reward for winner....who have skill or talent to make tag

please share to create beautiful tag with winner name on

when you have free time...


Contest open right now!!!

7 years ago

I love Dragon Flies. When I was little I used to call them

7 years ago

Hi too..when I was a little girl..I love to play with them

by never carefull ...they're easy to die when I caught them...

I remember....they died many while I trying to catch them alive...

with a net in my handthis's real my action that time

when I turn to think like that again..?? it's terrible

because when I was a little girl...I just want to catch them to be mine

now I'm a adult..I can't do like that....never....




to all dear friends....

don't forget to find your dragonfly to play with you all

here my dragonfly I found to enter here
7 years ago







7 years ago

It would be neat to have all kinds of Dragonflies for pets but their so pretty when flying around. You just want to follow them around.

7 years ago


7 years ago


7 years ago


lib__233_lula .jpg
7 years ago

Hi Jon..if you can play with us it'll be more mind I can wait

don't too hurry......a few months???



thanks Fullmoon..beautiful dragonfly....

7 years ago


don't forget to find your dragonfly to play with friends....

7 years ago

1.  1

2.  2

3.  3


7 years ago

Thanks Pam..all beautiful.....but friends don't interesting in this one

how do you think??? close it now...

open new one...

Christmas & Happy new year contest 2011 ..better..???

around this time..we'll collect tags of themtoo

see you new contest...


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