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See you there
6 years ago

Hi make me laugh about my snow 1"..and what you think for?

sorry your computer ruined...

thanks for share you and your friend picture...

do you getting round ?? stomatch turning round and more

and thanks for the link..I'll keep it..when I need more room for my images

carefull too much coffee...


Hi Jon..I have my coffee with shortbread this morning..

shortbread from life brand..very nice..

6 years ago

Thanks Jon, yes it is like that a little of the Paris look, it has different coffee cups and pots the word Coffee lol I have two more tops one with the paris eiffel tower. I wear this top on Wednesday when i go to Tim Hortons for breakfast lol i think i will try StarBucks too lol




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6 years ago

Here some great links for text and for your photos.

6 years ago

Coffee Arlie..................LOL. The top looks great on you as also reminds me a little of the Paris look the way it's printed. That must be your StarBucks Coffee Top, lol.

6 years ago

My friend, Taken at my place My friend Kashala

6 years ago

Photobucket I am wearing one of the new tops i got for Christmas

6 years ago

Glitter text Just got my laundry done. There`s snow on the ground again this time its staying there lol and the sun is out. I talk to my best friend last night for about two hours or more she tired to help get my file back that i lost on the computer, no luck. Its my own fault i ask Seyed when he was here if he could show me how to clear somethings off of my browser's cache well i don`t know what ever he did it took one of files off the computer now i have lost everything on that file so upsetting!! my friend said you should not let anyone touch your computer, no kidding i know that now lol i thought Seyed he could help me i guess i was wrong about that.. she said he only doing setting up programs he has different browers. Oh well lesson learn the hard away. Atleast she got my browser's cache back.

Agnes you got that much snow on the ground about 1" here its not really that much snow the sun out lol

Yes they are Kathy the office is all out of moth traps isn`t that something. I solved the problem too with the moths this is very old building we have old cupboards in our stes. People in here that lived here longer them me are getting kitchen revontains, all new cupboards and drawers and the kitchen counter. Why cause of the moth problem OMG there`s no cockroaches or mice,or bedbugs here. Its moths becaues of the old cupboards. I am on the list to get kitchen revontains sometime this year can hardly wait. Last night in my kitchen i saw 10 ten nasty moths not in my cupboards. What a waste for me to throw out all my food grrr! i am heading down to office tomrrow get some more traps not for everyone lol they can get there own lol thanks for the best of luck! I have some pics to post on here one with me and my guy friend

Hugs to you all,


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6 years ago

Have a relaxing Sunday..!! Everyone..!!


Hi Arlie... here snow on the ground today about 1" I think so..


Hi lovely warm there..?? I love warm weather..


Hi Kathy..sorry you sick..I might busy while your birthday time

hope you feeling better now..?? warm hugs..

maybe next week..I'll not around for a week or 2 weeks...will go somewhere

just maybe... something change.. ...


Hi Brother ...good if that better up from the past..

isn't fun live with pain all the time...

it happened to me almost 10 years...

I used to it with pain daily can't live without pain...

Doctor in thailand wrong with my sick and always gave wrong medicine all the time..make it went worse...I thought I'll be stoke that time..

because my left leg hard to walk and pain all the whole left side have problem

but now I'm better up almost 90%..

after I throwed all medicine that doctor gave me and started my own herb and vitamin myself..

wishes the best and the best

Everyone..!! take care well..HUGS..Agnes

6 years ago

Hi Rose....! It's 8:45 a.m. here this Sunday morning as were a day difference I think, lol. Hope everyone here is have a wonderful Sunday morning or what ever morning it is, lol. Huge Hugs to all over coffee.

6 years ago





 Take care



6 years ago

I everyone still sick but doing alot beter since I got to finally see the doctor. Was on a three month waiting list they were so booked. Bear Hugs to all

6 years ago

Dear All,

  I was on my sick bed, when I heard Pam say "Kathy, where are you?"  I jumped up, stood to attention, turned the computer on and here I am. That's not true, but it sounds good.

  Thanks for asking about me, Pam. I've been coughing and spluttering, but getting better. I hope your sister is too. I love your snow graphic.

  Jon, hope you're doing okay.

  Arlie, so your office is all out of moth traps, and you've realised it's a problem for more than you? I was watching a program on TV a couple of years ago about homes that were getting infested with cockroaches from their neighbours. The homes they showed were getting cleaned up, but they kept getting reinfested because the neighbours still had cockroaches. I wonder now if that could be why you got moths.  I can see you now when you go to the office. You'll be getting moth traps for you, then for Mr. Bloggs in the apartment next door to you, then for Mrs. White in the apartment on the other side of you. In fact, it might not stop there. If you get an armful of moth traps, you could be running up and down hallways, knocking on doors and giving moth traps to everyone in the apartment block. It'll never end... Best of luck with that.

  Night All...

6 years ago



well i woke up this morning with some snow on the ground not very much, its all melted now lol I can`t recall if i posted this lol i went to the office the another day to get some more traps guess what they didn`t have any left so that tells me it just not me the cat is out the box sort of speak that i know now there`s more people having the same moths problem the office didn`t want to lead on about, i know now!! unreal. so now i will have to wait to monday to get some more traps. I have still see few moths around. I put everything back into my cupboard had no space on the counter.

Agnes love your jewelry so pretty!

i am off to catch up on things

Hugs Arlie

6 years ago

Hello Dear Friends !!! Here is raining since yesterday and that's good because it was really dry here.

Love your jewelry Agnes  . Keep doing !

I hope you all are having a nice weekend !      Have Fun !!!

6 years ago

Hi Pam....! Not much action on care2 this weekend for some reason. Hope your weekend is going good for you.

Have a great weekend group
6 years ago

Have a great weekend everyone.

Had a few problems with my computer yesterday or I would have been in.

Everything seems to be in working order 2now after some fine tuning .   It's good to see you all in.

Gorgeous jewelry Agnes!

Nenon, Jon, Arlie, Erin good to see you in. Kathy where are you?

6 years ago

Hello, Dear group; didn't have time to stay longer, just read u and came for my lessons -- beautiful work   , hun?  I'm learning!!

6 years ago

Good Night..!! Jon, Arlie, Erin, Fullmoon,

Sis, Pam and friends...sweet dreams...

tomorrow hubby's birthday...we didn't celebreat..

but I always make special dish for him

today I prepared it.... for tomorrow he'll take food to enjoy with his family

I completed necklace set again..I try them on ..very lovely..

and I went to shopping mall with that earings

take a look more at thread..I make some construction there

How to Make Beaded Necklaces

6 years ago

Arlie, I love your Purrrrrrrrrrrrrfect kitty, Meow

6 years ago

Hi everyone. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday and will have a great weekend. Bear Hugs to All and everyone.

6 years ago

happy friday the 13th Pictures, Images and Photos Hello friends,

my g/friend came over yesterday brought me my birthday and Xmas gifts. I got $15 to shop at walmart. some very nice earrings the color of my birthstone. Talking about being the friday the 13th some reason i have lost a file on my computer it just disappeared? so i went into backdoor as they call it to find it sure enough it was there when i click on it to try to get it back no luck! seeing when i get some more time i am going work on it. My east indian friend Khaslsa is coming out to see me this morning. I am taking pictures lol The weather here is sunny and cold there`s frost on the ground.

Agnes you alien is cute!

Got to go know get ready,

Big hugs, Arlie

6 years ago

Good Evening!! Erin, Arlie, Pam, Jon, Kathy and friends

have a peaceful evening and night

today we enjoy a few old films..I just turn on computer a minute ago

I'll go out with hubby after post good evening in some groups


here last night I drawed and paint a Alien on sumo

here we go...cute..??..LOL

6 years ago

 I had a long day, just came home laid down for the afternoon just got up a while ago lol my g/friend is feeling better she coming to my place tommrow afternoon for some cake ice cream.

You are welcome for posting the video Kathy, yes i did bought those plastic containters i am so glad i did. Really the Queen uses them to eat out of how strange is that. LOL yeah those poor moths that`s right they don`t have a chance.

Thanks Jon, glad you like the Drummmer boy video.

See ya all later,

Hugs Arlie

6 years ago

2It's been a long day for me. I was out most of the day.

I will catch up with you all later.


6 years ago


 Thanks Agnes, I watched the video, although I don't have sound on my computer.

 Arlie, thanks for posting the video. So you bought those plastic containers? Those poor moths haven't got a chance, have they? By the way, if you have any plastic containers left over, send some to our Queen.  Apparently she eats out of them!

 Pam, Nenon, Jon, Lynn, everyone enjoy your day.

6 years ago

Good Morning..!! Wednesday

Arlie, Sis, Jon, Kathy, Pam, Erin and Dear friends

Everyone..!! have a good time..with peace of mind..


Hi Sis..glad you want to reuse from Mom's jewelry..

can remind us to her too..

as I reused my love siter in law crystal to make it new one for me

while I did something always make me calm in peace..

hope that will happen to you ..Jewelry can make many women happy.LOL

I'll make construction for you patient

6 years ago

The Drummer Boy video was AWESOME............!

Sis, Pam W.
6 years ago

Ah yes, Agnes, I'd love to make them. Show me what u can. i'll look for these stores. I have many1 of a pair of earrings. My mother used to make necklaces, but i was too young, and now she's old for that. Patience, that's life. I'm still looking for my peace -- it comes and goes.

I need to do some handwork, but i don't know any!  Today, I spent reading and writing at PC, but I need something different too...   Ah!, guess what--at least on my birthday-- care2 is working from thread to thread, and to groups!! Finally, i hope. I'm still around. Need to answer the sweet cards, comments and stars --a great birthday. hugs to u and to Pam

6 years ago


 Friends and everyone,

I had some kind of morning was out doing some errands, went to the dollar store and bought myself plastic containers to put my dry food in everything is going to be incontainers now. So cheap to buy at the dollor store. I couldn`t believe my eyes that they already have stuff out for valentines lol its a beautiful day the sun is shiny its cold so nice!

Thanks Agnes, it surprise me to can`t post VDO on care2 the strange thing is i can post a VOD on my page lol thanks for the thread how to post VOD good idea to let friends know if they don`t no how to post VOD.

Well i am off to check on my emails.

Hugs Arlie

6 years ago

2Nenon Happy Birthday!

Jon, good share.  Sure hope everyone clicks on the link Agnes pasted.

Agnes, hope your having a good day along with all the members of the group.






6 years ago

Hi is from our Jon to share...

Hope you enjoy and share on care2 for me. This is AWESOME

here is link

Elder Banking....from our Jon

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6 years ago

Good Morning..!! Tuesday...Sis, Pam, Arlie, Erin,

Jon, Fullmoon, Kathy and friends


Hi Pam..Thanks..just love it

Hi Sis...if have time please enjoy them to make peace of mind..

they can make us refresh and excite..proud of when wear

as we're some part of environment..I want to advise you go to charity shop

we can find many part of jewelry there and can reuse it from them

I hope it'll cheapper than buy part new one..???

my crystal here muti...all it came from my old jewelry part many year..

that sometime I took order for sale when I was in thailand

blue leaves came from hubby bought for me almost 10 years before we merried

I connect with muti crystal to make it all new

if you don't know how..?I can make construction to show you

for tools and part that we need it for

everyone..!! have a happy mind, cheer and take care...Agnes

Hugs to all...
6 years ago

Wow, Agnes i loved your work. It's a pity we live so far away from each other , they are so exotic! i'll try, lol, if i find material. If i don't know how to make graphics, maybe I can manage this.

6 years ago

Hello Agnes, your jewelry is very tropical and pretty!

Hello Arlie, glad you are getting that moth problem fixed.

You've been working hard enough at it.

Hi Kathy, Jon, Nenon and all who stop in.



6 years ago

Hi Arlie..glad you like it..I love jewelry and collected it

surpise can't post VDO on care2..??

please go to the thread how to post..??

I'll make clear construction for you there

maybe good for our friends who don't know how to post VDO

Sweet dreams...sweetie..!

6 years ago


 Hello friends and everyone,

I finally did it this morning got my cupboards scrub, found a old toothbrush and when into all the edges, i still have some moths hanging around not as many as before what a pain in the neck. These traps are getting full, i will need to get some more traps i am not taking anymore chances. I want to make sure i have got them all. They are such a pest fly right into you lol my friend was to come over this afternoon she text me to say she not feeling that well. I made a cake top with icicing and sprinkles for the top. There`s noway i am going to eat in all lol i going to gave some to my friend Kathy my another friend and the rest i will freeze the rest.

Agnes your Jewelry is so pretty and colorful! I love Jewelry made out of shell i have some earrings that are shell. Thanks for posting the video i don`t get it why i can`t? i can only post the link not the full video. I am useing firefox and internet explorer 9 for my browers. Still can`t post a full video. Agne i am glad you like the video.

Sorry Kathy it didn`t work for you now that Agnes got the full video you can watch it.

Thanks again Pam, you are welcome for the great video. I love the song also. I thought so to Sean did amazing job and fliming it in the snow.

Hugs to you all,


6 years ago

Good Morning..!!

Pam, Arlie, Kahty, Jon, Sis, Erin and all

Happy Monday....with peace of mind..

a few days ago..I made this set..

a bit hard when I make shell to be shape..hard to cut it and make it look tidy..that what I can did shape for now...LOL

I reuse my old jewelry that bored to make it new one for me

in the middle I use my old old ear rings that have oneside left

need share with you we go

Pam..thanks...all turn fine again..

6 years ago

Hi Kathy..maybe you can watch from here..I make for you from Arlie

Arlie thanks..I like it

Have a good week everyone.
6 years ago

Hello everone,

Arlie that was a great video! Loved the song and I though Sean did a amazing job and filming it in the snow..just awesome! Thank You

Kathy, sorry it doesn't work on your computer. Love your graphic.

Jon, no rain here or snow for that matter. It was almost 40 today with some sun. You sure need the rain there though.

Agnes, hello. Is Care2 behaving for you better now?

Nenon, big hugs to you.

I had a nice lazy day and took a nap and now I am not tired.



6 years ago

Hello All,

  Hope you're having a nice Sunday.

  Arlie, I can't watch the video on my computer because it doesn't work, but I'm glad you're seeing less of the moths.


6 years ago

Awesome Arlie.....! So happy to hear that. Woo hoo......! Hugs Arlie.

6 years ago

Jon me to always love the little Drummer Boy. It is my all time Fav.

6 years ago

Arlie, I have always love the Little Drummer Boy. All time Fav.

6 years ago

Hi Pam, Agnes, Arlie and everyone. Light misting rain here all day due to cold front that is coming in today with 70% rain tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing ok and having a beautiful day. Bear Hugs to everyone.

6 years ago

I am posting this video that my sister in-law sent me. This was taken in my home town Winnipeg, Man, Canada. His name is Sean Quigley he played the Little Drummer Boy. It was very well done. Sean did a good job. It must have been mild day seeing the away he was dressed lol look at all that snow lol

6 years ago

Good Morning..!! Pam, Sis and to all Dear friends...

Hi Pam thanks for new thread..take care..Agnes

Hi Pam and group to come. Light for you and my Hugs.
6 years ago

Drop by - Chat with friends - How is your day? 16
6 years ago
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