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How to Make Beaded Necklaces
6 years ago
| fun

Hi Sis and I found

hope it'll help...if you can't understand please ask

How to Make Beaded Necklaces
here my toold I use for my necklace
6 years ago


1 tools that you should have it..I think have at dollar store


2 round nose pliers (head should be thin in the end)


3 wire (should be thin)


4 Jump rings


5 connect to knot silver with jump ring and lobster clasp


6 lobster clasp


7 knot silver (I don't know what called in's use for lock wire in the end)


8 chain make your necklace more long or short

how to use to secure the ends of your necklace
6 years ago














6 years ago

Agnes, are you sure your not a master jewler ? Cause you work is so perfect, lol

6 years ago

Great Agnes ! Thanks for the tip about how to do the end of a necklace. I make sometimes artcrafts like necklaces and bracelets.

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6 years ago

Thanks Jon for lovely words I can do some.not so quallity or much skill


Hi to see them oneday

6 years ago

Ah! that I can learn-- I think. Thank you Sis for   teaching this ! I liked so much the ones u posted  !

6 years ago


6 years ago

Hi Sis..I feel glad if that construction can help you some

Hi Rose..happy you like my posted


today I have a idea to make earing or set from pastic leaves..

I already cut some leaves from decorate in my toilet...LOL


if I really do it..

I'll show step of them until I complete if to share with friends

I think..we can reuse our some busy decorate to make a lovely set jewelry for ourself..

some people are waste...junk

but jewelry can make some people cheer and refresh their mind

6 years ago

Oh no, they are not a waste. For me, to do pieces for myself is great. I'll love to learn about the the ear rings. There is always people who would like to have a handmade jewelry. I was tired of old pieces I had, and gave all away, so now I need something. U said u use an  earring,for instance, to make a necklace.       Thanks, hugs,Sis.

6 years ago

What if y'all crated a necklace that matched your spirit/energy your radiant color?

6 years ago

Hi Jon, Sis, Rose thanks...


Hi Sis..I change my mind to make flowers earings set

leaf maybe next time

I took flowers from my bed room....LOL

completed it today

here we go

6 years ago


1 fabric flowers (if you can find somewhere or in house)


2 take out the stem


3 prepare your beads


4 some extra parts you must have and some fishing line too


5 cut enough and fold it in half to make 2 lines

6 years ago


6 2 lines


7 thread the line through the bead that you choose


8 thread the line through the flower


9. Thread the line through the middle of the flower and then loop back through the bead behind the flower


10. do the same both sides or whatever you decide

6 years ago


11. loop the line with a bead to join the line


12.  as in pic


13 add beads as much or as little as you want


14 connect the hook with the silver bead to lock it in


15 squeeze with pliers like a weight on a fishing line

6 years ago


16 as in pics


17 tie 2 to 3 knots to make secure


18  now lock the hook with the pliers as in pic


19  trim the line


20  as in pic

6 years ago


21 connect ear lobe wire


22 squeeze ear lobe wire to lock it


23  now do it all again for the second earing


24  You can do the necklace with pendant to look similar as the earings


25 loop the line with a bead to join the line and then seperate the line to make it long enough to go around your neck.

6 years ago


26 complete sets



6 years ago

Wow, that's awesome! I never saw anyone making them.These are beautiful. I just have to find where to get what I don't have yet. Thanks, Sis for sharing this. Great lessons. Hugs.

6 years ago

Beautiful , Teacher !!!  So tropical !

For who likes Macrame:



6 years ago

FullMoon, I do.....! I used to do that when I was in my teens to middle 20's and never forgot how to. It's so much fun and easy to do. I always liked doing the sprial froward and backwards to make different patterns addind wooden beads or ceramic beads. I have one now that is a Macrame' end table that hange from the ceiling with a round glass top. Had it for many many years. Everyone likes it.

6 years ago

Hi Sis....I went to my charity here..I found a lot of bead in a box..

they sale 50c only...I hope you'll find a good deal around your area

at dollar store it's cheap too...

normaly my crystal bead came from thailand..I bought from there

and some my daughter sent to me...some from my sister in law


I still want to share what I can do for bead...hand & armlace& rings in one

very beautiful when you wear them's charming and attack the eyes

it's indian style...but I make from my bead...I hope I'll do it again....


Hi Fullmoon..thanks for the link...I forgot it how to do..this vdo to remind again

and wirework I can do...but I just don't like when wire turn be black color

make crystal look not nice....

must find wire that will not change color after you use them


Hi Jon..I saw your artwork in album..I know you did well for that


6 years ago

Lovely tutorial to Agnes! You did such a wonderful job and very simple to understand and follow. Gorgeous jewelry.

Macrame use to be so much fun. I did some myself Jon. I will have to go view your album sometime. I helped a friend do a table but never made one for myself. The kids were small at the time and all I could picture was one of them swinging on it like a little monkey.

I have done a bit of bead-work mine I put on leather for bracelets, headbands, belts that sort of thing. I have not done leather work in a long time either. I've done needlepoint, cross stitch, fabric painting, quilting, sewing, and tons of other crafts like ceramics and wood working.


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