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how to crop image animation at editor
6 years ago

how to crop image or cut some space that we don't want

why crop or cut some space that we don't need

to make image less memory and what we want to




6 years ago

here you'll see frame too big

and if you see under image it'll show size image

memory a bit big 653.6kb

and size 632X421

  • please click at crop on the top


6 years ago

it'll show you red square in the middle
please drag red line until you like it
or make your image look balance

after you drag red square finish

  • click apple



6 years ago

here after crop image

you'll see at bottom

size image less memory and less size

memory 387.8

size 378X405


6 years ago

here we go



6 years ago


crop image or cut image

you can do for every image or animation that you want to



at editor...and lunapic

you can crop or cut animation

while animation still show up

6 years ago

here I make slide add frame

frame too big..I crop image

here we go


6 years ago

same construction


6 years ago

to is your animation that have much empty space

and some spot look isn't balance well..

you can follow on the top page construction by cut some space out

here I cut for can see...some spot that you did a mistake by choosed images different size can disappear???

we can do that by crop image too

6 years ago

please do practise'll skill soon


6 years ago

Thanks Agnes, now i see the different`s thanks for showing me!

6 years ago

Hi Arlie..glad you can see it..

and this's a way to have fun with animation

and make you more talent and skill

it isn't just for crop image frame...but you can crop every animation, pictures

that you feel isn't balance well what you want to???

if you done some from this construction...

please take to show us here one or more..??


how to crop, cut logo away
6 years ago

Hi some construction to remove blingee name easy way

  • first search image should be 400x400
  • go to blingee and add aniamtion far from logo blingee

as like can see blingee name at bottom


  • go to editor click at crop
  • you'll see red square on the image??
  • drag red square untill you want to..

can you see..?? I drag red square until blingee out from my tag


  • after I cut blingee name I add text at editor... my name on

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