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Check this out, i really like the idea:)
6 years ago
| earth/life/environment a copy, see this>>>>> By Chris Lee If you haven’t already seen the movie “Cloud Atlas”, watch it with an open mind! It is about the actions of individual lives and how they have an impact on each other in the past, present and future. Although initially the movie is a little confusing, hang in there, as all is explained in an amazing sequence of connecting people and events to each other across the passages of time. For those who already understand and accept Past Lives, and how everything is interconnected, don’t be too quick to judge that the Hollywood writers may at first, have you wondering where this movie is going. Over the years we have seen quite a few movies about reincarnation. (Highlander-1986, Dead Again-1991, What Dreams May Come-1998, The Red Violin-1999, P.S.-2004, Deja Vu-2007). If you look at the fundamental roots of the storyline, is shows us that for every action, be it kind or otherwise, there is an ultimate reaction or consequence. We are shown that a random act of kindness of a stranger towards a slave being whipped centuries ago, ultimately sets into action a group collective change of consciousness and that both men are somehow connected, without knowing each other in that life. It is a sense of “awareness”, the slave recognizes through the eyes. At one point in the movie we saw a man trying to kill a man by poisoning him, in the nineteenth century, and later, the same man (as a different character) was interconnected in another lifetime where his role was to save someone. The movie also shows us that when we don’t learn a lesson in a lifetime, we have to come back and continue learning that lesson again and again, until we get it right. What they showed us is that we can be a different “character” in order to learn the same lesson, but because of the complexity of the story it may be missed by the viewer. When they show the credits at the end, we were surprised to see the actors’ different roles in the movie [more than one actor

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