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6 years ago


Hello to everyone! I hope you are all doing well. The weather
here has been warm but rainy the last few days. Today I put
up a few decorations but I have to be careful where I put things
since Marlie is getting into everything! She is starting to stand
 without support and trying to climb on everything! Next week we
are going to a Christmas party. An agency here in town has a
party every year for children who have special needs or medical
problems and someone entered Marlie's name. I'm sure she will
enjoy being with the other kids. It is getting late and I am tired
so off to bed I go! Hugs to all!

6 years ago

conni xmas kids.gif

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all doing well..I am still having
computer problems. Marlie is recovering from her ear infections.
Last night we went to a fund raiser for my step daughter..she is
doing really well after her surgery..breast cancer..she will be
undergoing reconstructive surgery later. I got to see lots of
family members from my first marriage that I haven't seen for
a while which was nice. Have a good week!

Love the new graphics Kat!!
6 years ago

conni pilgrim girl.gif

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all doing well..good to see you!
As usual it has been a busy week..I have one more day of
working for my brother! Today is Marlie's year
old already!! She is up to 18 1/2 pounds and as active as
can would never know that she ever had any medical
problems! She certainly keeps me laughing and chasing after
her. I am sure many of you are busy getting ready for the big
Thanksgiving day and shopping the day after! I avoid all stores
on Black Friday if at all possible! I am off to take a long hot
bubble bath..hope to be back tomorrow!!

6 years ago

Hey there Conni. Looks like the group is pretty dead these days, uh? Thank you for stopping by when you do.  I'll be getting some sets downloaded to Photobucket later today and I pray I'll have the time to get some posted here.  We need some new ones to work with. I'm always on the look out for new graphix.  I still have that addiction. LOL!!! Well, I pray you & Marlie have an awesome Friday. Love ya'll dearly.

6 years ago

blue rose heart butterflyStopping by to say Hi!

Looks like my last post disappeared. Hope everyone
is doing it was actually nice outside which
made it nice for
getting out to vote. Marlie got a flu shot
Thursday and for the past 2 days she has had a
slight fever and runny nose.
Another tooth is coming in
so she has not been a very happy little girl.
Hopefully I
be able to get back tomorrow. Hugs to all!!

6 years ago


6 years ago

Hey there Conni. I know all too well about Care2 having problems still. There are days where I'll type out a long post and the poof, it's gone.  Very frustrating.  That's why I spend a lot more time on Facebook.  I'm still faithful to Care2, but I don't have that drive like I used to.  Time will only tell.  Well have a great Halloween. Love ya'll dearly.

6 years ago


Hello Everyone..I miss being on Care2 everyday but I am so
busy right now
with Marlie and working at my brother's that by
the time she is in bed and I get
a shower I am worn out and ready
to go to bed! Hugs to all!

6 years ago


Wishing all a great day!!

6 years ago


Hello! I am still having problems posting for some reason!
I have been busy as usual..been busy with Marlie and when
possible helping my son at his will soon be ready
to live in. Hope you are all doing well!

6 years ago

Hey there Conni!!! Marlie is really growing, isn't she? She's gorgeous!!!! Love her in the baseball hat. I have no tool bar, so I am unable to post any new graphix again or resize my font. Will Care2 ever get their mess straightened out. I don't know what to do. Anyway.... just wanted to say hey to everyone. Have a great evening.

6 years ago

Popping by to say Good Night! Hope you had a great day!

Love all the new graphics!
6 years ago

marlie tag with cap.gif

Hello Everyone! I am hoping that this post is coming through!
Marlie loves baseball caps and this one she pulled off my son's
head! She is so funny! She is crawling all over the place and
pulling herself up in the playpen etc. Of course that means she
is getting into everything! Everytime I think I have baby proofed
everything I find something else to move, put up etc! I hope you
are all doing well. I am finally starting to feel better. The weather
is crazy here..very warm one day and tonight the temp dropped
to the low 30's! Going to visit more groups! Hugs to all!

6 years ago

Hey there Conni. I'm so sorry to hear that now you're not feeling well.  I'll keep you & Marlie in my prayers.

As ya'll can see, we are using the new format. I tried to post in the old format and just couldn't get anything to go through.  So, I tried using the new format and still couldn't get anything to post. I'm planning on keeping it at the new format. I'm going to work on posting new graphix here today. Fingers crossed. LOL!!!! I pray everyone has a great Thursday. Love ya'll dearly.

6 years ago

conni lady drinkg coffee_001.gif
Hello..I just posted a long note which went away when I
hit preview! To sum it up Marlie is feeling better but I am now
sick. For the past few days I have been really sick..takes all
my energy to take care of Marlie. Hopefully I will be better
in a few more days. Hope you are all doing well!

6 years ago

1 love.jpg

Here is a picture of Marlie modeling her Rasta look..
actually she pulled her shorts on her head and I just
had to take a picture! She is cutting another tooth
and has a cold so she is not a very happy baby! I am
a very tired Granny..lots of rocking and pacing the
floor..whatever it takes to make her feel better! I hope
everyone is doing well..hugs to all!

6 years ago
gm kitty i made
Hey there friends. It's now officially Fall/Autumn. I have great graphics that I am going to start posting today. Since we have some major holidays coming up, I figure I better start adding some new tags. So, I'll be busy for a lot of the day here. Hope ya'll enjoy the new tags. Have a great Sunday. Love ya'll.
6 years ago


Hello Everyone! I hope you are enjoying the weekend! This
morning we went to my grandaughter's soccer game then
stopped by my son's house. Marlie is sleeping so I am trying
to get some time to visit my groups! The weather is crazy
today..first windy and sunny but cool. My grass
needs cut but I don't think I am going to get to it today.
I am still having problems with Care2 and Farmville..all my
other sites seem to be okay..Hopefully I will figure out what
the problem is. I better keep moving..Have a great day!

6 years ago

Can't post my graphic..sorry! It is good to finally get computer
and/or the internet have been driving me crazy! Between taking care
of Marlie and my brother's trucking company my time is limited and
it is so irritating to get online and unable to post etc. I
hope everyone is doing well. Marlie was 10 months old yesterday

and she is healthy, active and keeping me busy! She is so much fun
to be with but she also wears me out! Rachel is still looking for a job.
The weather is starting to change..the days are warm but in the
evening  it is getting cooler..the leaves with be changing colors

6 years ago

gmorning cat


Hello Friends. I see that Care2 is acting a bit normal today.    Well, things are a bit stir crazy here at our house. But nothing that we can't overcome. I know this is extremely short. Just wanted to let folks know that I'm still around and kicking. Have a great Wednesday everyone. Love ya'll.

6 years ago


Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well!
It has been raining all day and is supposed to
for the next 3 days. My yard will look like a
jungle if I don't get to mow soon!  I hope you
all had a great back as soon as I can!

6 years ago

friday fairy

Hello Everyone! I hope you are doing well and have had
a good week. I have been busy as usual! It is going to be
a busy weekend for me. This evening I have to go to the
funeral home as my favorite Aunt passed away. Now on
my Dad's side I only have one Aunt & one Uncle left. Rachel
is keeping Marlie tomorrow night while I go to the RibFest
to celebrate my birthday..then on Sunday I am going to a
benefit for a friend that passed. There is going to be lots
of food, several bands and the chance to see many friends
that I haven't seen in years. This is the first time in 4 years
that I haven't been working for my brother on my birthday
so I am going to take advantage of it! LOL. In case I don't
get back online have a great Labor Day weekend!

6 years ago

Hey there dear friends. Sorry I haven't been by on a more regular basis.  I have gotten irritated with Care2's technical difficulties. I'll come in and read post and then decide which day I can post and spend time here.  I do have loads of new graphix. I have been lazy in getting them online and then posted here.  Again, I apologize for that. I am working on them. Well, I gotta run. I pray everyone has a truly great Friday. Love ya'll.
6 years ago

conni been one of those days

Hello Everyone..been missing you and thinking about you..hope
you are all doing well or feeling better!! There just haven't been
enough hours in the day or energy left in me to get in as often
as I would like..every day I tell myself "tonight I am going to
relax at the computer on Care2 etc" and when I do get online I
find myself nodding out or the computer being slow or stubborn!
The days fly starts Wednesday here in my town!!
Last week was the county fair which I did not make it to but my
son did bring me a delicious fattening funnel cake which I truly
enjoyed!! Marlie is doing well..went to the doctor last week and
she has gained another at 17#..she was 9 months
old Saturday. She is now cutting an upper tooth! I have learned
how to let things slide if need be without getting upset..I'll get
to things when I can! Rachel picked her up a while ago to go to
the park so I am catching up while I can! Hugs to all!

6 years ago

gm flowers 2

Hey there friends. Conni, thank you for the get well wishes. I'm feeling much better despite a lingering cough.  I am still saving graphix to my computer. It'll be an all day chore to get them online and then posted here.  I may have the time on Monday & Tuesday. Hubby has a small job that will keep him busy which allws me sometime to just stay online.   Well, I'm outta here. Love ya'll dearly.

Feel better Kat!!
6 years ago

conni daffy tub.gif

Good Evening everyone! Sorry to be gone so long! I am
exhausted! I finished painting for my friend today..Yeah!
I still have Marlie and although she is adorable she is
wearing me out! I am so used to coming & going whenever
I want and now just running to the store in an ordeal!
I have a 2 door car and getting the car seat in and out is
a pain! Then there is the diaper bag, favorite toy & blanket.
Then when I get home I have to make 2-3 trips getting
everything into the house. When she is napping I am trying
to cook, do laundry, get on the computer etc. She is such
a joy though. Each day she is doing something new..she now
weighs 16 pounds, has 3 teeth and talks a language of her
own that I would love to know what she is saying! I have a
king sized bed that is sharing with me..of course I have extra
pillows as a barrier etc. She rolls and changes places all night
long and I don't get much space for myself! I hope you are all
doing well..I miss everyone!

6 years ago

Hey there dear friends. Sorry I haven't been around this past week. I have been battling a very nasty cold. I tried getting into to see the doctor this week and they're telling me I have to re register and then they can schedule me an appointment for next week. I've been dealing with a nasty cough and it's been really bad. I haven't felt like getting online much. Anyway.... I'm around. Just not much until I can get over this cold. I miss ya'll and love ya'll dearly.

6 years ago
August12_kittengoldfish.jpgHello Everyone!
A new month already..where has the time gone? I hope
you are all doing well! Marlie is sleeping so I am trying to
get to groups while I can! It is going to be another sunny
hot day...hopefully I can do some yardwork! Hugs to all!
6 years ago

marlie sticking out her tongue.jpg


Hello Everyone..yes I am still here! My computer hasn't
been very nice to me lately! Ever since that big storm
los of people in my area are still having problems with
internet, cell phones and cable! We have had 2 more storms
with power outages so that hasn't helped! I have missed
everyone!!! It was a crazy week (as usual)..I have been
keeping Marlie a lot while Rachel is looking for a job, going
through lots of emotional & personal problems and so on.
In the midst of this I have been painting at my friend's rental,
mowing that yard and trying to keep up with my own yard..
getting too old for all this..LOL! It is amazing how much an
8 1/2 month old baby can wear me out!! My house looks like
a daycare center!! Hope you are all doing well!  The picture
is Marlie giving me her opinion!!

6 years ago

gm kathryn

Hey there Conni. Thank you for stopping by. I apologize, I thought I had at least stopped once before, but apparently I hadn't.  You are staying so busy my friend. I worry about you.   I'm make some headway on my graphix.  I am having to use Fotki. Photobucket is giving me such a hassle.  So, I'm now down to 1600 graphix to go through via email. It's quite mind boggling. Well, I gotta go. Have a great Thursday. Love ya'll.

6 years ago

coffee jumper cables by Judi.jpg

Hello Everyone.. hope you had a relaxing weekend!
Yesterday a friend hired me to wash all the windows
in a 2 story house that he is getting ready to rent..
then I came home and mowed the front & sides of my
yard & my next door neighbors..then did some housework.
Rachel & Marlie got back from Georgia last night..they were
due at the airport at 12:45 but due to a flight rescheduling
they didn't get in until 5:00. Marlie handled the flight well..
she slept through it!! Of course I kept her last night since
I hadn't seen her in 2 weeks! I am trying to get my posting
done while she is napping! Hugs to all!

Good to see you Kat!!
6 years ago

Conni goddess


Hello Everyone! We have had 2 more storms with more power
outages. My computer is messed up..sometimes it is fine then
it is super slow. I am done working for my brother and busy at
my son's house. I really miss all of you. Rachel took Marlie and

went to Georgia to visit her Mom..they are due back Sunday. I
have missed them so much! There are some personal family
problems at the moment that have me very upset and depressed
but I am hoping they get settled soon. Wishing all of you well!
I will be back as soon as possible!

6 years ago

Hello friends. We've got sunshine this morning.  Whew... finally.  I was starting to wonder if I needed to keep my wading boots on permanently. LOL!!!! Well, it's Monday and I have a few phone calls to make. I pray everyone has a great Monday. Love ya'll.

6 years ago

6 years ago

Happy weekend mouse.gif

Hello everyone..I sure have missed you! This
week I have been swamped working for my brother
while he is on a cruise to Alaska..doing some work
in my yard and helping my son at the house he
just bought. My brother will be gone until the 18th.
My son just bought his first house and is really
excited. It needs work before he can move in and
he is busy with his job as a contractor during the day
so we have been working at the house in the evening.
We mowed, cleared out tree stumps, pulled weeds etc.
Today I pulled the carpet and padding out of the living
room and dining room. Tomorrow we are hoping to do the
same in the kitchen and bedrooms. Hope you are doing well.
I will try to get back here tomorrow..hugs to all!

6 years ago

Hey everybody. Just checking in really quick.  It's still raining here today.  Got housework to do and I'm going to see what I can do about some graphix.  I pray everyone has a great Wednesday. Love ya'll.

6 years ago

Hello friends. Sorry I haven't done anything yet with adding new graphix.  It's been pretty crazy on this end. I will add some as soon as I can. I still have a thousand to go through from my email. Uggg, that'll be several days of sitting. LOL!!!

Have an awesome Tuesday everyone. Love ya'll.

6 years ago

hello bugs flowers

Good morning friends. Just a quick note to say hello. I apologize for not getting new graphix posted recently. I'll have a whole day tomorrow to dedicate to getting some new graphix for us.

It's raining here this morning. I must admit we haven't been getting as hot as a lot of you here in the U.S.

Well, I want to post in my other groups before I have to get ready for church. Have an awesome Sunday. Love ya'll.

6 years ago

conni enjoy the day beach

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend! We are having
such hot weather..heat index was 115 today. I have a
small air conditioner in my living room which helps a little.
I can't open my bedroom window because I discovered
a huge wasps nest in the upper part of the window! As
long as the window is shut they can't get in my bedroom.
There is a very small gap in the upper corner of the storm
window so that must be how they got in to build the nest.
I sprayed in the gap but all that did was stir them up. There
are still about 30 eggs that haven't hatched. I have no idea
how I am going to solve this problem!! Many people still have
no power so I am thankful that I do..the cable and phone
services are sporatic so my computer is acting up a lot.
Hugs to all!

6 years ago

gm farm animals

Hello dear friends. Wow it feels so good to be able to get back here to Care2. I love Facebook, but I still love Care2 most.  

Wow Conni, just imagine if you hadn't moved your car. Uggg!! What a thought. I'm so sorry to hear about your plants and your gazing ball. We haven't had any rain here in awhile.  It's been sunshine and heat for days now.

Well, I have finally gotten all the graphix onto my Fotki account and will be getting as many graphix posted here shortly.  It takes time as most of you know and I still  have over 1800 to weed through on my Yahoo account. Whew.... that's a lot of sit down time. LOL!!!!! Anyway.... have a funtastic Saturday everyone. Love ya'll

6 years ago

conni mouse waving flag 4th.gif

Hello everyone! Wow..what a wild weekend! Friday was very
hot and we got a huge storm with winds at 70 miles an hour,
thunder, lightening and rain. There are still over 1400 without
power. I had tree limbs ripped off and scattered everywhere.
My hanging baskets and big planters were flipped over and
thrown about 10 feet. My gazing ball was sucked out of the
stand and shattered..this broke my heart because it was a
gift from my son which was in my memory garden for my
sister and fiancee. I moved my car when the storm started
and a little while later a huge tree limb fell from across the
street and landed right where my car had been sitting!! It
is still very hot & there is still a lot of clean up to do. On the
bright side I had Marlie Sat & Sun nights. It is getting late &
I am off to more groups and hopefully messages before I go
to bed. Hugs to all!!
6 years ago


Hello dear friends. Conni, it has been so hot here in Galveston that I hardly step outside my apartment. Yesterday my daughter & I went out to the pool. We could only stand it for about an hour. I'd like to do it again today.  The ocean has been pretty peaceful.  The tourist are definitely here. The traffic is outrageous during the summer months.

And thank you for your sweet compliment. I've been wanting to get new graphix here for quite some time now. I have more that I need to download to Photobucket so I can post them here. It's a task I tell ya. :S

Anyway... I gotta bolt for now. I'll be back later today I hope to work on some new stuff. Fingers crossed. giggles    Love ya'll.

6 years ago

conni heart mandally by agnes.gif

Wishing all a Good Night. I hope you all had a great
weekend. Saturday I went to a friend's wedding and was very nice and we all had a good time.

Yesterday my son and grandaughter, Cassie came over
for a few hours. Today was windy and cooler so I did
get out and do some yardwork. My computer has been
a total pain for the past 2 seems to be better
tonight but time will tell! Hugs to all!!

Wow Kat what a busy little bee you were with the
organizing!! Great job!

6 years ago


Good Morning everyone. Just checking in really quick. I'm slowly getting some new graphix posted. I have finally gotten some organization with the blank graphix and other links. I hope it's a little easier for folks. Anyway... got to get to work on posting some new graphix. Have a blessed day. Love ya'll.

6 years ago

rose with angel

Wishing everyone a Good Night! I hope you had a great was another scorcher here today. I mowed 2 yards
early this morning. Marlie spent the night with me again
last night and it was a peaceful cats startling
me!! Saturday I am going to a wedding so tomorrow I
better get out and buy a present while I still have time!
I have no idea what I am going to get for them..hopefully
something will jump out and say buy me!! Hugs to all!

Kat..I will keep positive thoughts for your surgery. I can't
wait to check out the new graphics!!

6 years ago

Hello dear friends.  Conni, you are truly a blessed woman. Marlie is absolutely adorable and so precious. I can't believe she's already 7 months already.

The cat on the screen at 3 30 in the morning would have scared the mess out of me too.

Well, it looks like I'm going to need surgery. The doctor says he wants to remove a disc that is pinching my nerve that affects me left leg. The tentative date is July 9. It all depends upon money right now. How much the insurance will pay and how much I'll owe. Uggg!!!!

Okay, I have new graphix to post today. I pray that everyone will find some they like and will grab. Happy hunting!!! Love ya'll.

6 years ago

lil miss marlie hat.jpg

Hello everyone..I hope you are doing well! I have loaded some
new pictures of Marlie so of course I will be sharing them! She
spent the night with me last night and I had so much fun! She
has 3 teeth on the bottom and thankfully the pain has stopped.
She is so good natured and I love making her laugh. Whenever
she wakes up she looks at me and smiles and it fills my heart
with joy..makes me forget any negative stuff in my life! She
turned 7 months old yesterday..she is doing really well. We
finally got some rain yesterday..we really need it. Oh yeah..I
had another animal adventure..about 3:30 am I gave Marlie a
bottle, laid her down and right after I got back in bed there was
a loud noise..I thought my cat knocked something over and as I
got up to see what was going on there was another noise like
someone was trying to break in my bedroom window. I quietly
walked over and slowly opened the curtain and there was one
of the stray cats hanging on my screen by it's claws!! I almost
screamed it startled me so much! I yelled at it and it let go and
ran off. It had to have jumped straight up from the big flower pot
below the window! What a night! Take care and have a great day!

Kat..keeping good thoughts for your MRI!

6 years ago


Hey there dear folks.  Conni, I beat ya to the punch. LOL!!! I saw that you were going to start a new thread, so I decided to help you out.   Dear friend, snakes and hornets. Oh my!!!! I pray you are okay. I am deathly scared of bees and the like. I got stung over 100 times when my mom was mowing the grass when I was kid. So, I fear for you there. Snakes on the other hand, as long as he went his way, away he goes. Hehe!!!!

Well, I go to the dr. today to find out the results of the MRI I had done last Monday. I'm a bit nervous. So.... I'll let ya'll know how it goes.

I plan tomorrow to start downloading new graphix. Hope we can see some new stuff getting around. Well, I'm outta here for now. Love ya'll.

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