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7 years ago

I am heart sorry everytime I receive an appeal to help an animal in a rescue that will be euthanised if someone doesn't step in. Could the credits help for an adoption or perhaps keep them for a couple of extra days to help?


I know that there are thousands of rescues that are full of animals that are in a similar situation but if I can help one or two then that is better than none. Perhaps encouraging fostering, which I do. That might help make some dogs more adoptable and certainly give them a chance which they didn't have before. I'm always angry when I see on the TV an American rescue putting a dog down for food aggression which is one of the easiest aggressions to deal with.


Or perhaps one of the smaller rescues with financial problems eg Puffy Paws Kitty Haven that staggers from one day to the next with special needs kitties.



7 years ago
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