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Share, please :)
5 years ago

How do shop cruelty-free? Please share some ideas & practices.

i'll do more reserch later
5 years ago

there's abunch of web sites online that tell u which prodects that don't get test on animals burt bees is a great product they really try to make everything a 100% natraul avon doesn't test on animals i foreget what soaps and shampoos don't tysons a horuble company for animal cruality to late for me to think wright now

cruelty-free shopping
5 years ago

just so everyone knows, there are 2 of us lol. (gail here) as far as cruelty free shopping goes, you can always trust burt's bees, but its typically not accepted by vegans bc of the use of bees wax, which is considered an exploitation of animals but the company is 99%-100% natural, and only uses man-made chemicals when there's nothing else. but they typically use the lesser of the possible evils. also, try organic care shampoo, which doesnt test on animals. you can usually look on the bottom of the back label of any product to see the NO ANIMAL TESTING tag beside the barcode of the bottle. however, be on the lookout for scams. many companies claim they dont test on animals bc the "finished product" isnt animal tested. however, each individual chemical IS! it's lame. you can always look to and for listings for "safe" products, but just remember not to let yourself get too caught up in the guilt of animal exploitation, or you may find yourself running around naked. lol

5 years ago

Good reminder--thanks, Gail!

Bath & Body Works is on Peta's list (yes, I do use their lists sometimes, but I don't condone all of their behavior); but I've seen certain products in that shop listed 'finished product not tested.'  Does anyone know what's behind that?


LOL-Gail, nobody running around naked here!  ...I hope...  Um, guys...?

5 years ago

Andrea, Thanks for the group request. I always use Petas Cruelty Free Shopping Guide. It has the list of companies that do & dont test on animals. You can download the PDF file. I have turned to Petas cruelty free website for years now. They do awesome work to provide us with information we need to be kind to our animal friends.
As far as a shop listing a product as "finished product not tested on animals"...i wouldn't purchase it. As Gail said...the chemicals are tested. So in my book the product is NOT cruelty free.
And I just might be one of those crazy animal lovers...i just might run around naked before I would wear fur....
Have a wonderful weekend Andrea.

hey group
5 years ago

final test not done on animals means alot of times that they test each of the other chemicals on to make that product not the final outcome. but u won't beleave what i saw the other day at the mall while i was out shopping on friday!!! someone left a beautifull black lab in there car and only had 2 windows down about an inch each here in pheonix while it was hot!!!!! i got very mad so i went to the petstop on the side of the mall bc it was the next closes store to ross and asked them to call mall secrety and some guy told me well we can't get involed bc there's nothing that could be done. so i asked for his maneger and the maneger called mall secrety. just like testing on animals is cruel so is letting them bake in a hot car and the laws should be tougher.

sorry but i had to tell somebody bc. thinking about not still upsets me

5 years ago

what nobody talks on here

5 years ago

That is terrible!  I'm glad YOU chose to get involved.  How awful to be left like that.  They should have let the dog stay at home if they couldn't take it where they were going.

Thanks for sharing this; tho very sad.  It upsets me too.

thanx andrea
5 years ago

sorry everybody spent the lasy couple day off line just wanted to tell everybody hi and see how everybody's doing welcome to the new group members no more bog abuse nere me thnx god for that tired 3 a.m. here right now chasing the kids cat away. shopping cruality free is hard i prefer to by non animal tested free but can't always easey. even harder when u have a kid they want everything so i do my best ray off need sleep

5 years ago

I hope you got some good sleep! I know the feeling--I was at work till 5am last Thur...Fri morn...well, both.
My toughest challenge is trying to get my Mom to go cruelty-free! She's used the same brands for so long, has certain favorites--most of them totally under the umbrella of a parent company that tests products on animals. It is a challenge. But every item change makes a difference.
I so love Seventh Generation! Their motto: every time you make a purchase, think about the impact it will have on the next 7 generations. Sobering!
Get good rest.
God bless you!

Cruelty Free Shopping
5 years ago

Hi All, I strongly support products which are cruelty free. I actually don't believe humans should kill animals to eat them or experiement with them either. We can live without killing to eat.