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Your philosophies of the wide world
5 years ago
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A thread to highlight your Utopian philosophies as they impact on the wide world. The subjects are unlimited. A place to express your inner most beliefs

Human Rights
5 years ago

Human Right "the right to life"
Human Right "the right to equality"
Human Right "the right to freedom of choice"

The world wide recognition of the following three human rights. Would achieve the following.

The right to life would make war and war funding illegal.

The right to equality would abolish the minimum wage award and replace them with an average wage award. Were every worker would be paid the average wage of $75,000 per year.

The right to freedom of choice would abolish compulsory control and participation laws.

Petition to the United Nations
5 years ago

Hi everyone

I set up a petition to the United Nations for the above human rights to be add to United Nations Human Rights Law

the link is below

The correct value of human life
5 years ago

In my world I have a personal value for human life at the infinite level. The life of a hungry child in the third world is infinite in value. The life of a soldier is infinite in value. Under my global government I do not have the wealth to fund war. Because the life of a soldier is infinite in value. Therefore a soldiers income in war would be above one billion per year. to pay for the lose of life which is infinite in value. Only via introducing the correct value for human life. do we stand a change of achieving world peace & total disarmament(utopian peace)