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Owl Wisdom, a Special Sighting
8 years ago

Last night I was sitting by my tent, where I am camping on a friends land here on Orcas. I saw a shadow in the fir tree 20 feet away. I got my binoculars out and it was A barred Owl. She was asleep and the squirrels were having a hay day... she was beautiful... Owl came to me to guide me in my wisdom, within and without. 1 The Wisdom Of Owl, a Special Sighting Offbeat (tags: AnimalWelfare, barred owls, Native American wisdom wildanimals, wildanimals, animals ) Raven - ago - Last night I had a special sighting. I live on some land on Orcas Island, and saw a shadow in the tree. Pulling out my binocs, I saw a Barred Owl 20 feet away, asleep. Owl Wisdom is ancient in many cultures. I wanted to share this. visit site add a comment | visit site | problem?

8 years ago

I have some native American Heritage I was wondering what does it mean when you see a white barn owl I have never seen one up close in the wild before and grew up in the country and see them fly by in the dark but never in the light until i was looking at a car and owl flew over our path very close in the street lights I thought  it might  mean something It would be appreciated

8 years ago

An owl is considered by most American Indians to be the night time equivelant to the day time eagle..Many tribes mine not included believe seeing an owl is a bad sign commonly called bad medicine..My tribe the Cherokee believe an owl is a special holy night time creature and we do not hold to the belief that seeing one is a bad omen..To us the owl is held in the same high regard as the day time eagle..A white owl is a spirit owl called so because of its white color..Once we had an article about owls here on the group but I can not find the information in the archives.. Either Walelu or I will try to dig up the info and repost it when we have an opportunity..

8 years ago

Thank you so very much for the information I thought it meant it was bad I'm glad to hear the Cherokee Believe it is not My great grandparents were Cherokee

8 years ago

I love all the wisdom that Native people have for our friends in the forest. A Native Friend of mine who is Cherokee/Miwok/Aztec told me that Barn Owl is also a sign of relationship. I just know that they carry much wisdom, and also a sign of transformation from day to night. One thing that interests me is the different owls who vary in Natural history. Such as Short Earred who are more active in the daytime.. early morning and early evening before dark. I really like that.

8 years ago


8 years ago

Hiya all, I am new to this group. I am Tonya Hountingwolf and also Cherokee. First I want to say thank you to Runningfox and walelu for inviting me here. And then I want to share some wisdom about owls as well. So here it is : Owl: Seek out deeper knowledge to see through deception - Omens-Pay attention to signs-Wisdom-Shadows-Secrecy-Magician The Owl has lots of meanings. Good and bad things are some of her properties. But the Owl is very skillful and clever and the Owl can see and hear everything. In the European cultures the night active Owl is a symbol for wisdom and knowledge. On the other side the Owl is known for misfortune and even for death. In the Greek Mythology the Owl is the sacred animal of Athena. Meaning of the Owl : For the Pawnee Native Indians the Owl is a sign of Protection. Other tribes believe in the very special healing Power of the Owl. Some other tribes fear the Owl as a death messenger. The Owl Shout or Owl Cry is called the Destiny Shout. The Native Indians from South America believe, that somebody of the family will die if they hear very clearly the shout of an Owl. For all tribes there is one thing in common : It’s the knowing , that the Owl is a very good hunter and with her very strong and good eyes and very sensible ears will see and hear everything. That is the reason, why the Owl has the name “ Eagle of the Night “. But the feathers of an Eagle, which are known for healing energy, is used very often in healing ceremonies for sick people. The feathers from the Owl are not used for healing ceremonies. Only witches use Owl Power, but not only for good things, but for Magic ( black and white magic ) Properties of the Owl : Like everything else : The owl has 2 sides too. The Owl stands for Magic in a negative way, but it also stands for Wisdom. The Owl can see, what other can’t see. She even recognizes things, when others will not assume anything. Message of the Owl : If the Owl appears to you, then keep your fingers away from magic, even if you are very attracted from it or if you think, that magic is very exotic for you. Native cultures know how to work with magic and they know much about magic, because they kept doing that since centuries. But for European people, Magic is still very strange to them and they are not used to live with it. Since a few years the Idea of making Magic became very popular to Esoteric people, and they came in touch with shamanic practices. They were involved in magic rituals, without even knowing about the powers who could get free, and without the conscious what those powers can do, when they get free. One thing must be very clear to us : When we try to use Magic, then this is not a game, and can be even dangerous. So you have to be very careful and aware of it. Even when you think, that those powers cannot do anything, then you must remember that Magic Power will still work, and can be very dangerous. Outlook of the Owl : If the Owl appears to you as a Power Animal, then it could mean, that you will get a very deep Insight very soon. If you still don’t know what it could mean, then try to over look everything and try to get the answer in your dreams. Maybe you have a perception or insight, for things, which other people don’t have. Listen more to your intuitions , then your life will get easier and it will get more like a natural flow with yourself. Hope this helped a little. Looking much forward of meeting you all. Love and hugs Tonya

8 years ago

Go to fullsize imageLet us 'camp' this summer and connect to nature's messages.

Heavy Walker

of the Wind People

Burrowing Owl living in back yard
8 years ago

Hello to all 

I have had what I beleive to be a burrowing owl calling to me at night for over a month now.  He has a very quiet voice with a trill rather than a loud throaty sound.  My senses tell me he is just a little guy although full grown.  I find the sound comforting for some reason and miss it when I do not hear him.  I suppose you could say that for me hearing the owl's voice at night tells me I am being watched over and protected as I sleep.  Usually I can fall asleep very easily and deeply after hearing that the owl is nearby. 

Learning as I go here so any information is definately welcome.  I have many experiences that I am still learning the meaning of. 

Love Walk With you,



Blue Jay/Owl/Hawk
7 years ago
I had a wonderful but strange thing happen to me the other day...check this out....this that happened to me the day after Christmas and mind you this was during the DAY!!! Mid afternoonish and no it was NOT a dream lol ......:
First off let me say I live in a small town with a huge field behind me and see and talk to critter friends all the time. My cats even share thier food with the skunks and possums I find them in the garage all the time eating with the cats LOL!  Ok onto the story....I stepped outside to change  the lightbulb on the back porch, looked up cuz this bluejay was so loud and carrying on and then I saw a HUGE owl  (remember this is during the day!) .... which turned his head and looked at me thats when I saw his ears tuffs and knew it was an owl... then I looked over at the next branch right next to the owl, as something caught my eye and I could tell it was a fairly big hawk,  but his back was to me WOW!!! I felt blessed to see such things as I am an animal lover of all creatures great and small but thought that was so strange to see them together like that so close and during the day I went inside to get my husband to see and got back out the door and they were gone.......any thoughts??? I just thought this was so strange! Especially during the day....
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