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Smudging Ceremony
11 years ago
| Blue Label

(I have my own, but in researching something for my classroom this morning, I found this and thought I would share.)

Following, is a suggested ritual for initiating your dream catcher. You can follow this ceremony, or create your own.

Remember, ritual is important, for it triggers your subconscious mind into action.  In this way the dream catcher becomes an extension of yourself and does what you want it to do.

Before hanging your dream catcher, go through your house and carefully and thoughtfully decide within what room you wish to hang your dream catcher. After you decide what room, carefully choose where you want it to hang.

Do you want it by a window where it will catch the rays of light? 

Do you want it over a television set where it may act as a filtering system, catching any negative vibrations that can steal in and rob your family of peace and calm, allowing only what is worthy of being remembered to pass through the hole in the center?

Or do you want it over your baby's crib so that while the innocent one sleeps its mind will be blessed with joy and peace?

When you have decided where you want the dream catcher to hang, the next step is very important.



Lift the smoke upward, saying:

Stand in the center of the room and light the sage. When it has ignited and burned for a few moments, gently shake it over a shell or fireproof container like an ashtray to extinguish the flame so it will only smoke. Begin by purifying yourself with the smoke. Move the smoking sage around the perimeter of your body, paying particular attention to any area of your body which is not in balance, or which is manifesting any sign of ill health or pain. Then offer the smoke to the six directions.

    1. To the Creator, the Never-ending Force that is all, I thank you.

2. Extend the smoke downward, saying: "To Mother Earth, the place of nurturing and hope, I thank you.

3. Facing the north, lift the smoke upward, saying:  To the Spirit of the North, the place of winter and intuitive understanding, of healing, and the place of beginnings and endings, I thank you.

4. Facing the East, lift the smoke in that direction, saying:  To the Spirit of the East, where the sun rises, the place of new beginnings and the promise of Spring, I thank you. 

Then walk slowly around the edge of the room in a clockwise direction, allowing the smoke to be drawn thoroughly around the edge of the room. 

As you do this ritual, allow yourself to experience the cleansing, healing power of the smoke.

Become aware of the higher power of the Universe called by many names:

Great Spirit,

Heavenly Father,



the Ascendant,

All That Is,

and allow yourself to feel the presence of the Power within you.


When you smudge the dream catcher, slowly move the sage around the perimeter of the object, beginning at the front and covering the dream catcher thoroughly with smoke. 

To the Spirit of the South, the place of summer and rapid growth, the place of our heart and emotions, and the place where we learn survival and endurance and develop a trust in life, I thank you.

When you get ready to hang your dream catcher, follow this procedure:

11 years ago

At this point, face the dream catcher, and speak out loud to it and tell the dream catcher what you want it to do. Speak to the object as a friend, for it is your friend, an aspect of yourself.

Close by thanking it for the goodness it will perform.

Joy and light to you, and good dreams.

You can use this ceremony for cleansing your house, your car, your Self, or any thing or place you feel has collected negative energy. Simply remove the phrases pertaining to the dream catcher.

Beads -vs- Healing Stones
11 years ago
For "dreamcatchers," you can take these to the next level and add healing stones (either those which attract certain things or those which repel negative things).  In addition to any healing stones added, I would remember to add a clear quartz crystal because these intensify the effects.
Thanks, Charlotte...
11 years ago
This is really great...I didn't really know what smudging was all about, and never took the time to research.
Water & Earth
11 years ago

You are welcome, Melissa.   Just remember that people do this differently, and when using a vessel in which to smudge, some people won't use an abalone shell because it represents the "water" element.  (Water & Fire don't mix.) Some insist on using a clay (earthen) vessel for smudging.  Some will even say you should never smudge with sage (male element) alone but burn sweet grass (female element) with it.

I've used sage alone and with sweet grass.  I've smudged while holding the sage, and I've placed it in an abalone shell or an earthen vessel.  How I smudge and what I use depends upon where I am, who is with me, and what I am doing it for.

11 years ago

I'm going to try that cleansing ceremony for my home...where do you get the sweet grass?

You know a lot about crystals too, do you have a thread about that? I'm going to have to search these threads...I know I saw something about gems and rocks.

I have a round, rose quartz...initially I bought it for divining purposes but, that's just not one of my talents. Maybe it's not even meant for that.

11 years ago


Good topic

Hi, Barbara!
11 years ago
Haven't seen you in a while! How have you been? That papoose is adorable! Great picture!
Sweet Grass
11 years ago

Well Melissa, I grow my own (and White Sage).  I've seen it at powwows (braided ropes and even sticks of mixed sage-sweetgrass).  Do you have any NA shops your way?  I have a few of these, I'm told.   They would sell it.  Friends might have it.   Ask someone near your area.   

Yes, I periodically cleanse my home when I feel the need. 

11 years ago

Sorry....I forgot to respond to your question about crystals.  Your rose quartz is not known for being a "seeing" stone.  It is a stone of the heart and that sort of thing/area.  Do not charge it outside as that will drain it of its color.  To charge that (and others of similar nature) you can bury it or charge it in running water.  Moonlight will provide a different sort of "charging."

There are many good sites on the net which explain some basic characteristics and qualities of healing stones. 


11 years ago

 Thanks, for the info Charlotte. I'll have to go to Salamanca, NY...for a NA store. But I want to take my Granddaughter to Rim Rock, which is along the route, before the snow flies, anyway.

11 years ago

~ Thanks, Charlotte! 

I enjoyed reading the information you posted, and printed a copy of them. 

11 years ago

Charlotte, many thanks for your post about smudging and also about the dreamcatcher. I have many around my house and one that I have had for 11 years I 'speak' to alot.

A site that is UK based Melissa, but I am sure they deliver to the USA is this site, they sell herbs and many other things. I had a medicine bag made by this lady (Liz) for my friend Matina in Sweden. She made it up to exactly how I wanted it to be, choosing the material, the colours, beads and feathers. I hope this site helps with your herbs...

11 years ago
Thanks, Ann! I see that the website that you provided a link for, is sold out of quite a few must be a very popular place. So, if I can't find what I need from the Seneca Indians...who I owe MUCH to, then I will certainly make use of that web store.
Just want to add this Om,
11 years ago

that I found in the archives since it pertains to smudging and tells about some more herbs and their use...

Clearing A Spiritual Space

Everything that happens within your home leaves a trace. The morning after a party, the tired-but-happy revelry from the end of the evening is still in the air; a morning argument is usually hanging around when you come home from work. Focusing your true intention to purify your space with a time-honored method can return a dwelling to its rightful place as your sanctuary. One such cleansing method is known as smudging. Smudging originated as a Native American custom, and the modern practice can reinvigorate your living space. The vital action of smudging is lighting an aromatic bundle of herbs and allowing it to burn away the negative energy that has been collected. You can celebrate a new phase in life by conducting a smudging ceremony, or improve someone's day by smudging the space around a friend. Offices and work spaces can benefit from smudging as well, allowing clarity of thought and improved productivity.

The essential object for smudging is the herb bundle. It can be purchased or made by hand. Using a match or candle, put the flame to the smudge stick. Then blow or wave it out, allowing the stick to smolder and the aromatic smoke to fill the room. If you don't have a smudge stick, you can also place loose herbs directly onto burning wood in an indoor fireplace or into a fireproof container with some charcoal. As the herbs begin to burn, the honored method is to use a feather to move the smoke around the person or place you are smudging. You may also use your hands. As you feel the space fill with the herbal scent, take time to consider the parts of your life that need cleansing. Imagine the smoke lifting away all the negative thoughts and emotions around you.

Tradition teaches that each smudging herb is used for a different purpose. So an important aspect of the ritual is finding the right herb for the moment.

* Sage is the most prominent herb and is used to purify and protect one's living area by removing negative energy.

* Sweetgrass is often burnt after smudging sage to welcome in the positive influences.

* Lavender restores balance and creates a peaceful atmosphere. It also attracts love.

* Rosemary is effective for gaining clarity about perplexing problems.

* Mugwort is celebrated for stimulating psychic awareness and powerful dreams.

* Bay leaf is used to protect against colds and flu.

* Cedar is burnt upon moving into a new home. It works as a purifier and as a way to attract positive energy.

The act of cleansing your space can help you to truly put the past behind you. As the herbal aromas gently enter a room, clearing out accumulated spiritual clutter, you'll be free you to enjoy your abode as the place of respite it was meant to be.

11 years ago
This is excellant information, Thank you.