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News and articles on one-child families and policy
6 years ago

This is a thread for news and other articles that refer to one-child families and related matters. Please post links to news here!  My thanks in advance to you for posting.

6 years ago

Sir Bob Geldof calls for women to have fewer children:


(Not specifically about one-child families, but I think related to smaller families benefitting the environment.)


5 years ago

Here is an article by Alexandra Paul on the "Daly News", in which she advocates for smaller families, particularly for people to have one-child families:


In the article, she writes that
"My message is clear: I recommend one child per couple to lower the population, avert future famines, and avoid wars over water. If that sounds radical, then maybe it is time for radicalism. In a culture that bemoans a falling fertility rate because it will damage the economy — instead of praising smaller families because it means less crowding, more nature and better quality of life for all — there is great need for more voices of sanity. Voices like Edward Abbey who said, “Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.” "

Alexandra Paul Article
5 years ago

Very interesting article. I can see people having a problem with what A. Paul wrote though. So many people see procreation as a biological right but not a biological responsibility. I believe the two go hand in hand. Smaller families make more sense now days....financially and even emotionally in the time spent with children.
Thanks for sharing

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