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8 years ago
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Come with me please - you will find here beautiful Polish landscapes, wonderful people, nice Polish music, interesting informations and ... much Love.

A POLISH BLESSING - May your heart be as patient as the earth your love as warm as harvest gold. May your days be full, as the city is full Your nights as joyful as dancers. May your arms be as welcoming as home. May your faith be as enduring as God's love. Your spirit as valiant as your heritage. May your hand be as sure as a friend. Your dreams as hopeful as a child. May your soul be as brave as your people. AND MAY YOU BE BLESSED.

8 years ago
The origins of the white eagle of Poland :

I asked my family priest about how the White Eagle became the emblem for Poland today to see if he knew anything about it. He told me: "There were 3 guys, one of whom was named Lech. Lech ran upon a wild forest, which was in the shape of a White-Eagle. He thought to himself, this would be a good sign for my nation. From that, he created what was called Lechechi, which later became Poland." He also told me that it was a very long story dealing with the birth of Poland as a Nation, but that was all he told me. And then he said he's never seen a white-eagle. "Perhaps in a special kind of zoo..."
Timothy Boronczyk, 17 May 1998

The legend is that Lech, Czech and Rus were three brothers, each of whom set off in a different direction. Czech founded the Czech nation, Rus the Rus' (i.e. East Slavs) and Lech the Poles. He camped in a spot where he saw a white eagle nesting at dusk in a nest in a tree against the red sunset. Thus, the Polish white eagle on a red field, and thus also the name of the first Polish capital, Gniezno (perhaps an old form of gniazdo, the current word for nest).

Of course, this is but a legend. I have a Polish book on the Polish symbols at home, and it says that in the 13th century, Polish knights were going into battle with a black eagle on a white or yellow field. In fact, prior to the 1 or 2 Czech kings Poland had, there is no evidence of the white eagle. So, in some likelihood, it may well be an adopted symbol.
Robert Czernkowski, 19 May 1998 .
8 years ago

Dream about Warsaw
Warsaw is the capital and largest city of Poland. It is located on the Vistula River roughly 370 kilometers (230 mi) from both the Baltic Sea coast and the Carpathian Mountains. Its population as of 2007 was estimated at 1,706,624, with a metropolitan area of approximately 3,350,000. The city area is 516.9 square kilometers (199.6 sq mi), with an agglomeration of 6,100.43 square kilometers (2,355.4 sq mi) (Warsaw Metro Area Obszar Metropolitalny Warszawy). Warsaw is the 8th largest city in the European Union. Warsaw's mixture of architectural styles reflects the turbulent history of the city and country. During WWII, Warsaw was razed to the ground by bombing raids and planned destruction. Most of the historical buildings were thoroughly reconstructed. However, some of the buildings from the 19th century that had been preserved in reasonably reconstructible form were nonetheless eradicated in the 1950s and 1960s (e.g. Leopold Kronenberg Palace). Mass residential blocks were erected, with basic design typical of Eastern bloc countries.
Public spaces attract heavy investment, so that the city has gained entirely new squares, parks and monuments. Warsaw's current urban landscape is one of modern and contemporary architecture.
Modern architecture in Warsaw is represented by the Metropolitan Office Building at Pilsudski Square by Lord Foster, Warsaw University Library (BUW) by Marek Budzyński and Zbigniew Badowski, featuring a garden on its roof and view of the Vistula River, Rondo 1 office building by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill and Golden Terraces, consisting of seven overlapping domes retail and business centre.

8 years ago

WILD POLAND Poland is an unbroken plain reaching from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Carpathian Mountains in the south. Within that plain, terrain variations generally run in bands from east to west. The country extends 876 kilometers from north to south and 689 kilometers from east to west. Poland's total area is 312,843 square kilometers, including inland waters. Forests cover 28% of Polands land area.
Poland is the most important breeding ground for European migratory birds. Out of all of the migratory birds who come to Europe for the summer, one quarter breed in Poland, particularly in the lake districts and the wetlands along the Biebrza, the Narew, and the Warta, which are part of nature reserves or national parks. In Masuria, there are villages in which storks outnumber people.
The climate is mostly temperate throughout the country. The climate is oceanic in the north and west and becomes gradually warmer and continental as one moves south and east. Summers are generally warm, with average temperatures between 20 °C (68 °F) and 27 °C (81 °F). Winters are cold, with average temperatures around 3 °C (37 °F) in the northwest and −8 °C (17.6 °F) in the northeast.

Phytogeographically, Poland belongs to the Central European province of the Circumboreal Region within the Boreal Kingdom. According to the WWF, the territory of Poland can be subdivided into three ecoregions: the Baltic mixed forests, Central European mixed forests and Carpathian montane conifer forests.

8 years ago

Tatry - Dangerous Beauty
One-day trip to Czarny Staw Gąsienicowy . The Hala Gąsienicowa - 1520m (appears in 3:55 min in movie), lying in the valley know as the Dolina Gąsienicowa at the foot of granite peaks, is on of the most beautiful spots in the Polish Tatras. A few buildings stand on this boulderstewn meadow e.g: a lodge and research station belonging to the Tatra National Park, another research station belonging to polish Academy of science (PAN) and the Association of Polish Alpine Clubs (PZA) principal training school called "Betlejemka" and "Murowaniec" PTTK's great stone-built mountain refuge, stands slighty lower down, at the edge of the woods (3:21 min). Hala Gąsienicowa is worth to visiting for itself,and is not too far away. Popular mountain trail to Morskie Oko, and also path down from Kasprowy Wierch, pass through it. There are numerous path from this Hala to the peaks round about. In winter, the Hala Gasienicowa is one of the busiest skiing grounds. Czarny Staw Gąsienicowy -1620m is one of the largest from the tatran lakes. It has 51 m depht. Many Peaks surround lake e.g. Skrajny Granat - 2225m (5:48), Zółta Turnia - 2087m (3:28), Kościelec - 2155m (6:30).
Mieczysław Karłowicz, polish composer died in snow avalanche in the Tatras in 8th of February 1909. In place of the fatal accident stay the stone-monument (Kamień Karłowicza) with inscription " Non omnis moriar" (4:39 min in movie).

8 years ago

Poland Landscapes. WELCOME All Polish Friends living not only in Poland, living elsewhere on this Planet Earth !
Welcome All Dear Friends loving Peace !
Welcome All Dear Friends who want know something more about Poland !

8 years ago


8 years ago

Thank you Dear BARKO, I'm glad you like it ... I'll try in the nearest days post something more regarding Poland ...

7 years ago

Hi Sunrise, I was born in Chicago and there are a lot of Polish there. I even Married one. And I had alot of Polish friends my best friend is Polish, then she moved to Macadonia with her new husband and now they're back but in Florida.More later, at work.

7 years ago

Just beautiful.  Thank you for inviting me to this group.  Jean

7 years ago

WOW, BEAUTIFUL.... Thanks for letting me share..

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7 years ago

I have taken the time to read over your billboard so much beauty thankyou!

Beautiful Poland
7 years ago

Poland will have to be Beautiful


when this

Angel lives there

7 years ago

Thank you Dear Friends ! Especially - Dearest Raja thank you so much for your kind words





7 years ago

Thank tyou Krystina.  I remember all the beauty of Poland you showed to another group  : )

Love Polish people
7 years ago

Oh so much to catch up on my dear friend Krystyna. I just got my old computer fixed and some old speakers so I'll save this and check it out later. Severe storms coming in tonight. Gotta Unplug everything which is why I'm so behind. Tomorrow Tornados so I know I'll probably be in that dark, dank spidery Basement hugging my poor old dog Dottie. God, I'm scared. I hope we don't lose power all day like a few Sundays ago. Hugs, Vinnie. Hello everyone else. Please pray for us. Thank you.

6 years ago

Best Greetings from Poland to you All my Dear Friends


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