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Halfway Houses/New Way Houses April 03, 2005 11:35 PM

New Lease On Life

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NewWay House April 04, 2005 9:39 PM

I have to say that turning former assisted living facilities into NewWay Houses is an excellent idea. I see these abandoned facilities in Florida and it wouldn`t be surprising to see them in other states I`m sure.

Usually they go out of business due to owners either being sued or because they were unable to get licensed due to a reputation of neglect of proper care for their residents.

In any case, this would be a much needed use for them.

I notice that this particular NewWay House was privately funded. One wonders why the state or city can`t find the funds for this to give these ex-offendors a new lease on life in addition to reducing crime. Oh right! Silly me, that money is much better spent on city beautification grants.

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Hi Donna April 05, 2005 10:50 AM

I read the article and it's a fantastic idea that shows a lot potential for former female offenders. Female offenders has been on the rise in the past several years, and this NewWay House program sounds like a good plan. They will offer all the necessary programs to keep women out of prison.

You asked the reason the state would not fund this program? It's a Social Service program and the Republicans don't like anything with the word social in it. Plus it is better not to have the state involved in the program. By being independent from the state, the state government cannot flex their muscles and tell them how they should run the program. I'm sure they will be able to get a 503C from the IRS so they don't have to pay taxes. It will allow them to opreate as it should, and that's a Human Sevices Provider and a non profit organization.

When we founded our program we went for non profit and got a 503C from the IRS. That gave us much more flexibility to better run the program. The state or federal government usually screw things up, because they still look at a program like that as a correctional program rather than a life skills program.

I wish them the best of luck. These programs can work. I used to work in a female Pre-release center and it worked very well, and we were also privately funded, and we were a certified Human Services Provider. This NewWay House could set a precedent and a new standard for recently released women from prison that other states might want to look into. It would serve as a good model...

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Stephen April 05, 2005 11:14 AM

I was kidding about the Government. Of course I know why they don`t want to actually help citizens, neither Ex-Offendors nor Community safety.

You`re definitely right about absence of Government from these programs being a good thing.

As far as the woman aspect of a NewWay House, I should think it would be just as beneficial for male Ex-Offendors.

This article does appear to be for those released from jail (county which is a year or less time) as opposed to prison (state time which is a year and a day or more). It would be good to have both.

The problem with Halfway Houses is they are usually in a rooming house where neighbors object to it. Assisted Living facilities are usually zoned in a non residential area.

These facilities would also be good for privately funded Drug Rehabs. The ones run by Goodwill, etc who are funded by the state are really prisons. They even have Correctional Facility on there sign.

Speaking of these existing Rehabs, even the privately owned and funded have to get permission for someone on probation to be admitted. So if a Probation Officer wants the Drug Addict to work (yeah right!) to be able to pay the monthly fee to the P.O. instead of go into Rehab, they can`t admit them for treatment.

Every state is different of course but I do know that many of those in Florida need treatment before they can be expected to work yet some P.O.s won`t allow that.

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This just in.... April 07, 2005 12:06 PM

I just got a call from a Mother in Florida who finally convinced her son to go into a local drug rehab after many years of trying. The man in charge told her over the phone the day prior that they would take him in without charge. He was "admitted" that evening after a 4 hour wait. The son called her at 6:00 am the next morning from the Rehab asking her to pick him up because they were throwing him out.

She drove down there to the seedy, drug infested part of town to pick him up and see what happened. A man there told her that they couldn`t find his admittance papers so were evicting him as a person who was just trying to use their facilities for free room and board.

The mother said, "Nonsense, he lives with me, he doesn`t need your room and board. He needs treatment."

Whereupon the man said, "We don`t have treatment here. We just give them a blanket to sleep on the floor."

So why are they allowed to call themselves a Rehab?

What a joke....

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Re: Last Post April 07, 2005 12:52 PM

That is outrageous Donna. Masquerading as a drug rehab faclility, and having it located in a drug infested area of the city really makes sound sense: NOT!

I know what you mean about Halfway Houses. They're not what they used to be or used for what they were intended to be used for. It is mandatory that all inmates in the Massachusetts Halfway House System have jobs, attend AA or ALANON, and pshychological counseling. If they are unable to find jobs they must work in the halfway house, cleaning, cooking, etc. Furloughs are allowed providing the inmate does not have a history of violence. Random drug testing is also done. If an inmate tests positive for any substances they are immediately terminated and sent back to prison. Poppy Seeds show up in a Urine scan as positive for alcohol and heroin. Any breads or Rolls containing Poppy seeds are not allowed.

Prison sentences in Massachustts are more than a 2 1/2 yr. sentence. No sentences can be a yr. and a day. That has been outlawed, and is now illegal. Makes sense to make it illegal. That way a judge who might be vindictive because of the nature of the crime can't sentence an inmate to 5 yrs. and 1 day. By sentencing a person to that type of sentence makes sure he or she does the full 5 yrs. plus 1 day before he or she can be released. Prisoner rights groups got together in MA and had the laws changed to exclude any sentencing structure to any sentence plus 1 day.

I agree with you about the NewWay Houses should be for all newly relaeased inmates or inmates who have 6 months remaining on their sentence to be transferred to one of those types of programs. It gives the inmate a chance to intergrate back into society. It can be scary getting out cold with a few bucks and a PO to report to if one is released on Parole. Each state is different, and I believe Florida is one of the harsher states when it comes to sentencing.

Have you heard anything regarding the execution of the retarded man Glen Ocha? I know he is scheduled to be executed some time this month in Florida. I wonder where the so called right to life people are? I guess they're selective about who lives and who dies.

The religious fanatics had a meeting today to Restore the Constitution. If the bill is passed it will make the right to die illegal. This is a result of the courts ruling in Michael Schiavo's case allowing Terri the right to die. They are very upset about this and claim Congress, the president and Jeb Bush should have done more to ensure that the feeding tube should have been reinserted. However, I have not heard any discussions from them regarding death row inmates. If they are going to restore the right to life clause in the Constitution then they will have include death row inmates. They cannot be selective, and say who has the right to live, and who should die. They should be demanding that all human life be allowed to live and abolish the death sentence in all 50 states. These religious fanatics called the judges murderers, but I didn't hear them call Jeb Bush and Dumbya murderers, and other governors who allow a death warrant to be served and an individual executed. I guess those people are not considered human?

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Stephen April 07, 2005 4:18 PM

Every month in Citizens Against the Death Penalty I make a thread with the monthly Case Resolutions. Usually by the day after the execution date listed on the monthly Action Alerts discussion I have posted what's going on with that inmate (stay, executed, etc.).

If you looked at the April Case Resolutions in Citizens Against The Death Penalty , you would've seen Glen Ocha was, unfortunately, executed.

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