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Roger Waters speaks @ the UN' Justice For The Palestinian People
5 years ago

If you haven't seen Roger Water's speech to the UN on Palestine you really missed something big, as the whole world is turning against Israel's occupation of Palestine.

The USA are on the wrong side of this.

Israel needs to withdraw for there to be peace.

He sure shamed Israel about Palestine.... very good speech indeed which makes America shamed too.
No wonder that vote passed.

The U.N. has not served it's function for a long time.

Now Palestine can go to the international criminal court.

Israel should answer for this.

Blockades & sanctions
Ethnic Cleansing
Collective punishment of the population (forbidden by the Geneva Convention)
Indiscriminate killing of civilians ongoing
Constantly restarting the clock to distort history of ongoing conflict since the 1967 occupation
Using white phosphorous is a war crime
They ran over Rachel Corrie like a dog with a bulldozer intentionally (That was a slap to our face)
Bulldozing their houses, cutting down their orchards, destroying their wells, taking their land without them willing to sell it (what is wrong with America to support this?)

And yet Netanbombyou wants 1000's more of houses in Gaza in spite of this U.N. slap down - so they are putting the U.S. into a corner by supporting them.

It's time to cut them loose.

He is CRAZY.

Instead of backing down he's doubling down.

read more and view video:

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