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NWO Videos
New World Order Documentary Part 2
6 years ago

 I went and did some more research Friday, 8:24 PM

and this was one of the things that scared me...especially about NOW...

Fall Of The Republic
6 years ago

What A Real Financial Collapse Looks Like & How It Parallels The U.S.
6 years ago
The Complete Idiot's Guide to the New World Order
6 years ago

Google: The Council on Foreign Relations - The Bilderberg Group - Trilateral Commission - New World Order - World Government - North American Union - Military Industrial Complex - Federal Reserve fraud - Security and Prosperity Partnership - Martial Law - Freedom to Fascism - Big Brother Society - Police State -

Good vids Dave
6 years ago

Star Trek reveals NWO agenda

The Obama Deception
6 years ago

Great NWO video's
6 years ago

The NWO is as real as a heart attack. This criminal organization has overtaken all governments. As bad and corrupt as they are- they have an inner code of conduct where they give hidden messages/symbols of partial truths to clear their own conscience but if we don't notice these hidden messages( because we are dumb stupid little lambs ) they will steam roll over us like they have for hundreds of years. Many are blindsided by religion thinking they are doing the right thing but there are about 300 different religions and EVERY last one of them think they have the right one and all others are wrong. Something is wrong with this overview. Do you have the guts to challenge your beliefs as you think you know them? All this NWO stuff is not new to me- I've been tuned in for many years now but if you are new to it you had better pick up the pace, fast. Anyone who really knows me- knows I always peel back the onion to get at the real core issues and never believe the talking heads on the dumbed down news stations on TV. I have compiled a few video's so you will save this note and get to these video's in your own time- but get to them. The Grandfather of exposure is Jordan Maxwell. He has been trying to wake people up for 48 years now. Watch Jordan Maxwell's " Basic Slideshow Presentation " from 16 years ago to get a grip on this religious snow job perpetrated on the human race. Next is " Iron Mountain " blueprint for Tyranny. The global warming scandal started in 1962 and is now at the point where you believe it is your fault. This will blow your mind if you watch it to the end. pt #1/14 another fact filled documentary is " Beyond Treason - 1" Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined One of my favorites.... THE EMPIRE OF "THE CITY" (it is the second video on this page) LEARN AS YOU GO... the world we live in is NOT what you think it is. It is great to be in this group- thank you- everybody.

6 years ago

Thankyou Cary, We're glad you're here too.

Dollar Bubble
6 years ago

The Dollar Bubble, the next gotcha coming our way. More like a full choke out. Watch this excellent 30-minute documentary on the collapse of the dollar and the economy. The film was made 6 months ago, and it is interesting to see how much has already come true. If you want a clear picture of where we are headed, this is it. YouTube 2009 Posted 2010 May 21 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- from Fulford typepad France, Germany and Holland are planning new currency to follow the demise of the Euro The collapse of the Euro is now inevitable and as a result the French Rothschilds, who control France, Holland and Belgium (via the Freemason Grand Lodge de L’orient) and the German Freemasons are planning a new currency. Meanwhile the owners of the Federal Reserve Board have been caught trying to cash bogus financial instruments on three different continents in a desperate last minute push to save themselves. The new financial system should dawn soon and humanity will be free.

Rise of the Republic - FULL MOVIE
6 years ago

Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic - FULL MOVIE From the Tea Party Movement to State Legislators, the American people are drawing a line in the sand. Free Viewing, just out today. Or to purchase a DVD, copy and hand out to friends....

6 years ago

Hats off to all of you here for posting outstanding information! Are we allowed to repost it in other groups?

6 years ago

Northern, I have no objections as long as no one else does. The more people who get the word the better.

6 years ago

Thank you Carole. I appreciate that very much.

6 years ago

Yes, I want the word to get around too. We can't be sure about members personal posts though so if you keep the reposts to articles, videos, that type of post, there shouldn't be a problem. It would be nice if you would give our group link as a source  too.

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Benjamin Fulford on Rense
6 years ago
David Icke and Jordan Maxwell
6 years ago
David Icke and Jordan Maxwell in conversation about the agenda to control Planet Earth, meeting again for the first time in 15 years. Wonderful stuff.
6 years ago


6 years ago

I totally agree that we should be sharing this information with as many people as we can.  Time is NOT on our side

6 years ago

It's like......we've become a nation of procrastinators you know?

Wish I had a nickel for everytime I've heard someone say "I'll just wait and see what happens" in regards to Americas peril.

Like they're just a spectator. Hey, this affects them too.

6 years ago
I still can't select what I put in the subject bar- but at least I finally figured a way to post. The vids are pretty scary, why aren't more people raising hell? Could it be they are too full of fast food to care what is going on?  We need the sleeping giant awake again.
26,000 Pastors working for FEMA to indoctrinate & herd to slaughter
6 years ago

BP Oil Spill disaster
6 years ago

Pass this video link to everyone you know, the BP oil spill is more dangerous than anyone can conceive of right now, much more dangerous than killing off the eco system...which is bad enough, and there are those in high places not wanting to do anything about it for reasons I will not share at this time. Yet we have the ability to end this problem in less than 6 weeks, naturally, and those in power have no interest... Watch this video and pass it along. A microbe has been created that can eat the oil and release a by-product that can then be eaten safely by oceanic wildlife, and leave the surrounding area safe for all life. It is absolutely stunning and amazing to see. But the problem is still larger than life in that we need to cap this thing or else the earth natural lubricant will become non-existent... and once this happens... well I am sure you can guess at what that could mean!!

6 years ago

Michael Ruppert on the oil crisis that was already on its way but now that the BP oil disaster is upon us we are screwed.

Financially the US is going to be in ruins because the oil spill affects many sectors like dominoes falling. Well watch it for yourself. This video starts out slow but 3/4 of the way through you'll see why we are screwed. In fact Ruppert predicts a complete collapse where states will start to secede from the union. Rupperts predictions run 80% accuracy.
6 years ago

Thanks WildOne for this video. I watched it last night and was glued to it. I am going to watch it again today after letting it sink in for 12 hours. This is a must see video.

Guaranteed to BLOW your mind (2nd post)
6 years ago

I have been talking about the 6000+ free energy US Patents HIDDEN / WITHHELD from us for a long time now. I was delighted to come across this interview clip. Have you heard of Gordon Novel.???? With the BP Oil spill, the stage is now set for full disclosure on free energy. People are so fed up with oil right now that when the big free energy guys step up to the plate, the days of oil and the Federal Reserve will come to an end. Japan is also pushing hard for free energy.

Gulf Oil Disaster:
6 years ago

Planned Event To Cause Mass FEMA Evacuation?!

6 years ago

Oh man, Cary.

That longass streamline white Emergency Evacuation Bus is enough to scare the daylights outta ya! Where's the freakin windows on that bus? Its more like a cattle car. Then the big orange road signs pointing to the Containment Area. That's some scary shite there.

History Channel:
6 years ago
History Channel: The Truth About Chemtrails And HAARP Technology
Did HAARP weapon cause Haiti Earthquake killing thousands ?
Emergency ALERT (Must See) Relocation ? NWO
6 years ago
6 years ago

I'm also going to put this video on our FEMA thread too. for putting it here where every and any video can be.

6 years ago

 HEY! everybody The Gulf Coast is about to explode into a major toxic, poisonous waste land.


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NWO Video
6 years ago

hopefully i'm putting this in the right place. I'm a bit lost as to the changes LOL..... anyway here a link to a video I posted

the video is how we will be microchiped..

Happy Wed. Everyone..

It is the Federal Government creating anarchy- NOT the people.
6 years ago

This is possibly the best video on the NWO topic.

It is the Federal Government creating anarchy- NOT the people.

Dr. John Coleman, being a historian in the intelligence community (ex MI6, which is the most powerful Inteligence Agency on Earth), researched in full scope the sinister forces behind the New World Order movement. This video lecture represents a culmination of his findings about secret societies which form this global movement and how it came into existence. - 1 Hour 44 Minutes
includes: the "GLOBAL 2000" mass genocide program in effect today, and the commitee of 300 who control Earth. Also includes how the Democratic party got it's start,
watch this explosive lecture from the Clinton era.

( Lecture Overview )
6 years ago

Dr. John Coleman, being a historian in the intelligence community (ex MI6, which is the most powerful Intelligence Agency on Earth), researched in full scope the sinister forces behind the New World Order movement. This video lecture represents a culmination of his findings about secret societies which form this global movement and how it came into existence. - 1 Hour 44 Minutes ( Lecture Overview ) Who are the committee of 300 They are the 300 richest people on Earth, their wealth makes David Rockerfeller's wealth seem non existent. The Committee of 300 is the R.I.I.A. - (The Royal Institute For International Affairs), who formed the " Club of Rome " and carry out their actions through the C.F.R. (Council on Foreign Relations) who have complete control of world affairs. Their main goal is to bring down Industries and Agriculture in the USA. The middle class must be destroyed in order to bring in their New World Order, half the people on Earth must be eliminated and it doesn't matter how this is achieved. This plan from the R.I.I.F. was started through puppet Jimmy Carter and their first goal was to destroy the steel industry putting many thousands of people out of work. How was that accomplished ?, by opening the doors to Free Trade and the GATT Treaty. The name used was " GLOBAL 2000 " blueprint for mass genocide in the USA and other nations. AIDS was laboratory invented to start the killing, while the propaganda machine said it was from monkeys in the jungle. R.I.I.A. CONTROL EVERYTHING including presidents. JFK was made an example of in open public by British MI6 to show what happens to those who step out of line and don't follow orders. The Secretary of State is charged with carrying out the policies and every S.O.S. since 1919 has acted in a treasonable manner. We think we elect our presidents, they are selected for us. All this information is in the first hour alone of this video, you can watch the rest to find out the rest.

Slavery by Consent Pt.1 (Opener) -11
6 years ago
Slavery by consent trailerThis video shows how you are a slave to the system with your consent.

This powerful series will attempt to not only show the deception that has been taking place, in the past and currently, as many documentaries have covered this topic before. Rather, this series will attempt to uncover the key components that will hopefully empower each one of us, to regain control of our lives, freedoms, rights and dignity, just by using the same matrix that we're currently living in to our advantage, rather than leaving it in the hands of those who are currently calling the shots.

The NWO will not only be exposed, but hopefully dismantled. Those who keep complaining about the system, but are not willing to educate them selves, so they're able to stand up for them selves, and others, end up empowering the same system, they're trying to reject.

Slavery by Consent was produced and edited by Bushwack, Bushwack productions from the Wake Up Project.

I hope you enjoy, but more importantly spread the message around, so we can all benefit.
Part 1:

Only click @ the video part 1... to continue the 10 (11) parts.
Worth to see.
Here is the whole (84Minutes)
6 years ago

Thanx to everyone for putting up all these thought provoking Vids. If a picture is worth a thousand words then these Vids are worth a million!

6 years ago

Muse - uprising


Video problem
6 years ago

Well, actually, it's a computer or internet problem. ALL videos buffer for about 40 seconds, play for three and so on. Unwatchable. I have to download them, and my downloader apps seem to download YouTube best. Can't watch the Michael Ruppert  vid. What I've seen so far is all stuff I knew.As far as "surviving" collapse, I just don''t see a way for me. When they come to haul troublemakers away I can maybe take out one puppet soldier, maybe not, and die right there. It'd be an improvement on dying in a camp or on the way to one. Of course if anyone has a bright idea that might improve those odds, I'd love to hear it.

Wouldn't you know - right after I add "Constitutionalist" to my Gmail signature, I see a piece that says that's one of DHS's new "likely terrorist" classifications. Don't think I'll change it though.


Bull Manure
6 years ago

What they are saying is treason. Ian, have you looked into intentional communities? I have been and there are so many alternatives that you should check them out. A lot harder to come after an off of the grid community than a lone individual.

I have looked somewhat
6 years ago

First, Edward, what who is saying is bullshit?

Edward - I've seen some intentional communities, but a person needs to have something to offer, and practically speaking I have nothing. A piece of property I can't sell and Social Security that can't last. I'm disabled and need medication to function, but even with meds there are severe limits. If I'm pulled off of it suddenly I stand a good chance of dying. I could make it myself, but it's illegal - of course - and something like that could make a community a target. I'm smart, learn almost anything quickly, I can hunt, garden, have medical training and a lot more - but those are intangibles, and the lack of tangible resources is not a stumbling block, it's deal breaker I'm afraid. Communities like that can't afford charity.


About half
6 years ago

Of the time my browser will not let me type in a new topic- so I must pick from my latest topics. Bull manure was the only one it offered last time. What Is your illness? I have an extensive knowledge of natural cures and most medications are useless compared to what nature can give. And knowledge is a very useful commodity. I think you would be welcome at more places than you suspect, Ed

Aaron Russo : Mad As Hell! Full Film in 9 parts.
5 years ago = Aaron Russo : Mad As Hell! (Part 1/ 9) = Aaron Russo : Mad As Hell! (Part 2/9) = Aaron Russo : Mad As Hell! (Part 3/9) = Aaron Russo : Mad As Hell! (Part 4/9) Aaron Russo : Mad As Hell! (Part 5/9) = Aaron Russo : Mad As Hell! (Part 6/9) = Aaron Russo : Mad As Hell! (Part 7/9) = Aaron Russo : Mad As Hell! (Part 8/9) = Aaron Russo : Mad As Hell! (Part 9/9)

There are many more films and video clips from Aaron Russo.  Do a search.  And also do a search on YouTube for Aaron Russo.

The Mother of all the NWO videos. Full exposure - Rated X. LOL
5 years ago

video:   =  EndGame HQ full length version
5 years ago

“May 1st” is a significant date for Satanic Worshipers. Germen, Adam Weishaupt founds evil secret society of the "Illuminati" on May 1, 1776. Hitler was said to have committed suicide on May 1, 1945. "Mission Accomplished" speech, May 1st 2003, by U.S. President George W. Bush declares that "major combat operations in Iraq have ended." Osama Bin Laden was believed to be dead (again?) on May 1, 2011.



5 years ago

Thanks for the Vids Joseph. Good stuff.


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