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Many More Topics On "More Discussion" List & in Archives
8 years ago
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Please check the group Discussion List link where important topics relevant to The New World Order are bluepinned.

Hi Jesse
8 years ago

You don't usually have to ask permission to start a new thread so long as you don't see it on the discussion list, which you didn't so feel free. In fact there is the very real possibility that all religions will be replaced by a New World Order Religion so we should have a thread dealing with Religion in all its aspects.

Go ahead and start the thread or I can, its your choice.

for thinking of this new topic!

Hey Everybody
8 years ago

There is just a wealth of information on More Discussions>>> already even though we're only bout a month old. This NWO stuff altogether on one group makes all the chaos they make a lot clearer, that is if anyone can make sense out of chaos.

If anybody can do it we can.


This post was modified from its original form on 07 Jun, 17:07
8 years ago

OK, you Gals and Guy, I'm moving your posts to the Religion & NWO thread where you can continue your discussion there. Then I'll be deleting your original posts on this thread  so look for them in your message inbox.

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