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7 years ago

Does anyone know annyone who can help Cynthia find a place to relocate 6 feral cats in South New Jersy. Fue to human predators they are now in danger of freezing, starving Posted in Care 2 group FRIENDS OF FERAL CATS


Urgent Need For Help to Relocate a Small Colony of Feral Cats in South Jersey
4 hrs ago
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Please help if you can or pass on to someone who might be able to help and repost! URGENT situation; the cats cannot be fed after 1/22/11.

South Jersey, URGENT!!! Small colony of 6 cats cannot be fed after Saturday 1-22-11 because owner has threatened legal action
By punky0617 in Focus on Felines

From: Svitak, Cynthia M. [mailto:Cynthia.Svitak@
Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2011 9:41 AM

We have a small colony of cats that we care for (6) at a shopping plaza. Caregiver has been told she has until this Saturday 1-22-11 then she cannot feed them anymore. The owner of the plaza has threatened to have her arrested.
We are very worried! There is nowhere to sneak food to these cats the way they are situated on a major street. 
We need to relocate them asap! 
Can anyone help or please post?!  

*Contact me Cindy at: cynthia.svitak@ 


weekend contact info
7 years ago

Cynthia does not have email access on weekend.

If you can help please call her at

do not hace PC after 5pm or on weekend i'm at 856.655.7054
or email me at
and I will call her or post here in this group
7 years ago

I send this to all my friends at Care 2. Also send it to Rick at Puffy Paws hoping he might know someone who might take them.There are only 6 kitties.I would trap them and keep them in a spare room or maybe a basement or garage.Feral cats use litter boxes right from the start.It's a cat's habit to cover their waste.I used to trap feral and stray cats,take them home,tame them down and find homes for them.The ones I couldn't tame down,I vetted and neutered and left them live in my basement.These 6 kitties you are being concerned about are used to being fed and it will be a great hardship for them to stop feeding abruptly.One thing you could consider would be if you knew a kind farmer who would care for them

7 years ago


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