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7 years ago

There are two stories about this situation: One is a story about what happened to Kiwi causeing her to lose her leg and the other is a Petition against the NCSU Vets. for the Neglience. Please read both and sign Petition if you feel comfortable about doing so. Thanks! "Dusty"

Minor Surgery Ends In Amputation Of Leg:

Minor Surgery Ends Up In Amputation Of Kiwi's Leg:




Tuesday March 8, 2011, 2:29 pm
Hello Everyone, this is Dusty (Kiwi's Mom)

Received a call today March 8th around noon that Kiwi was progressing well and acting as if she never lost her leg. They said that she was up and walking around, taking care of her business with little to no problem. They want me to come and pick her up on Friday March 11th (six days after having her leg amputated). I really thought and was maybe hoping that they would keep her a couple of weeks - but once again, it doesn't matter what I want. Hopefully she will be okay and all will be well.

At this time, I am NOT having any more donations sent directly to NCSU Vets as when Kiwi does have surgery on her other will not be done at NCSU. I do not know at this point in time if I will have the other leg operated on or not. Not sure I want to put her thru that again unless there is absolutely NO choice, but will deal with that when it comes. Maybe having the one leg (that was the most painful) gone, it will ease up the pain on the other leg. That would be nice, but I also know that the stress, strain and pressure on the other not-so-good back leg will be overcompensating for the leg she does not have anymore. So it could go either way.

***I am needing to purchase a Handicap Cart for little Kiwi that the vet. hospital has nothing to do with. I have to purchase this myself from a Disability site for dogs or Handicap Accessories for Animals Site. I do not have the finances for that either as all of my money was depleated for all of the mistakes that NCSU made and for all of the unexpected surgeries that I wasn't counting on. The carts, from what I have seen so far range in price from $275 to $450 dollars depending on what you get.

I am sorry that at this time I cannot provide a "Facility" so to speek for donations, but I think that by now, most people know me and know that the donations are going for what they are suppossed to be going for.

There are only two ways at this time to make a donation to me, for Kiwi.

*A person can donate by way of PayPal using my e-mail address of:*

They can also send donations directly to me to my home address of:

Deborah 'Dusty" Debandi
3932-A WinterGarden Lane
GardenGate Apartments
Greensboro, N.C. 27407-6274


My Phone Number Is: 336-294-3630
My E-mail Address Is:

That's all I know to tell you all at this time. I know that people are more comfortable donating directly to a facility, but right now all I can tell people is to donate thru PayPal or directly to my home address and if people aren't comfortable with that......there's not much I can do. I am doing the best that I can.

Thanks for all of your help, support and prayers.

Love and Hugs,

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7 years ago

Action taken on this petition and I sincerely thank you for posting.

7 years ago

Already signed..

7 years ago

already signed thank-you

7 years ago

Noted and petition already signed. Thank you Dusty.

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