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Speak Out for Miserable Squirrel Confined in Russian Hotel
7 years ago


A squirrel paces and circles relentlessly inside a tiny cage at Hotel Riviera in Kazan, Russia. This animal is clearly distressed and unhappy. It's no wonder—in the wild, squirrels roam freely and jump from tree to tree, covering great distances with each leap. They chase and play with each other, forage for food, rear their young, climb, frolic, and explore.

The squirrel at Hotel Riviera is domesticated, so releasing him into the wild would be fatal. Ideally, he should be given to a sanctuary where his needs can be better met. At the very least, he deserves much larger housing; trees and rocks for climbing and jumping; soil or sand for storing food; dense vegetation where he can seek cover; and routine changes in scenery.

Please politely urge Hotel Riviera to do the right thing.

Send polite comments to:


Aidar Garipov, Executive Director
Hotel Riviera
+7 843-511-21-21


Gulnara Gilfanova, Personal Assistant
Hotel Riviera
+7 843-511-21-21


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