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2 years ago


 The federal government should not be allowed to deny the states their rights to regulate animal hunting. The Constitution of the United States, gives states the rights to make their own laws. The EPA should not be allowed to put wolves on the endangered species list for every state. If a state wants to put them on or take them off, they should have the right to do so. This country was founded on the basis of freedom.

     The elk, deer and moose herds in Yellowstone and across the nation need our help, so we can preserve our hunting heritage for our children. If you want to help the animals, protect them by signing this petition. The wolves need to be managed so we can enjoy the native game we hunt. The Yellowstone elk and moose populations have been hit hard, and next, if the wolves are allowed to spread uncontrollably, the Rocky Mountain National Park Herd will be next. The wolves are an invasive species, and should not be an endangered species. Some people want them totally gone. Some don't want them hunted at all, which would devastate all other animals. The EPA is using the wolf to gain control over the ranchers, by forcing them out of business, and then the government agencies, the USFS, DOW, and the BLM will take over the land, and make more breeding habitat for the invasive wolf.

     A compromise would be best. Return the right to regulate wolves to the individual states. Please help the ranchers and the wildlife in wolf infested areas by signing this petition. Call your senators and ask them to pass a law that will allow the states to regulate wildlife. Thank You

Only American Registered Voters Please

2 years ago

DO NOT SIGN   XXXX  Save The Wolves !!!!!!!!!

People That Sign This Petition Are Trying To Stop Wolves From Joining The Endangered Species List.

wolf petitions to be aware of NOT to sign!READ THEM CAREFULLY!
2 years ago

Please list here any wolf petitions that you feel should Not be signed and why.