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8 years ago

Alice and Monika, that is so sad to hear. Over acheivers have their own issues of pressure to succeed and be the best. So on top of that they get put down for being good at something. They have to feel so confused as to what their life is about. Peer presure is so controlling for some.

8 years ago

I also heard about it, Alice. If you're talented and clever these days, it seems that often you are targeted by bullies who are jealous or envious of your success. It is a sad but not a surprise in today’s world.

8 years ago

Sadly I'm not surprised, Kitty.  Here in the UK, the lad who made the Olympic diving team at the age of 14/15 (Tom Daley, I think, but could be wrong), suffered a lot of abuse at school because of his success.  Instead of being proud that someone from their school had made the Olympics, the other kids threatened to break his legs.  I wouldn't be famous if I was paid...

teen magazine article. great tip for victims of online bullies
8 years ago


I was reading my daughter's magazine the other day. It's a teen magazine.
There was an article on young celebs getting bullied online.
These days this happens often.
I was amazed at the insults some of these very pretty young celebs were getting from online bullies. Some of them were even avoiding the internet completely after a while.
Hear's a great tip I read from one of the young celebs that gets insulted by online bullies.
Never reply or respond to any of the rude comments, or any other nasty remarks made by online bullies. Completely ignore everything they do to you online. The more you ignore them the better and the less effective they will be in bothering a victim.
They are trying to get a negative reply out of the victim. They will also know they successfully upset you if you pay attention to their mean comments.
have a great day kitty

8 years ago

Debra, I'm sorry about your kid. I hope they will catch the aggressor.

8 years ago

Debra, Thank goodness Nate is okay. Not to take sides for the 16 yearold. I am not. BUT...having a Mother with a drug problem is hard for a child. I cannot imagine having parents on drugs. What kind of life for a child. He has been lost but that is no excuse of his behavior. I pray the 16 year old will straighten up and get his life together..don't follow in his Mothers footsteps or it is going to be a hard road. Some of these children can change from what they have seen, others cannot. I don't think he will be giving you any trouble if he ran he knows people are watching for him now. Thank God he had no weapon.

Hi everyone!
8 years ago

Thank you for asking about my Nate! He is fine no marks thank heaven! The teenagers on our street did see him and he knew he was in trouble! They chased him! Our teenagers on my street love my kids and they will not let any thing happen to any of my kids! He hasn't be back since! But I did find out some things about this kid! His mother is a crack head the father who knows were he is! The kid now get this got throughn out of Grade School! He is on probation no wonder he ran! My husband wanted to hit him so bad! He was shaking! But I told him he is not woth it! Thank you for all that is concerned

8 years ago

Debra, I really feel for you after reading your sad and scary story.
Teenage violence is one of the unfortunate realities of life. It is becoming worse and more violent as the years pass. The times when teen violence was nothing more than a schoolyard fight have passed. In our modern era involves carrying deadly weapons and the fact is that these teenagers are not afraid to use them. This is a serious and growing problem which we must take seriously.

8 years ago

This is to Debra
I'm so sorry to hear that about your son.
I do hope they catch him too. The boy has some serious issues and needs to know that his response to the ball hitting him is totally abnormal.
I understand your husband being angry too.

DEBRA ITS POSTEDLove and hugs EchoRose
8 years ago

Debra, I cannot believe how violent young people are! It sounds like this 16 year old kid is going to be getting into some serious serious trouble. How is your little boy Nate? For that 16 year old to do that just because of the ball is really over stretching the incident. I do hope you press charges and be careful. You don't know what this guy may do. He is a time bomb going to go off. Do you have a security system or watch dogs? Be very aware of what is going on around now. Especially with little Nate. By the way..he is a real cutie. Please Debra, let us know what happens. Love EchoRose

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Debra's Post~ Please Read!
8 years ago
My Nate who is 10 was playing in our yeard with his friends, a boy came up to them and was watching them. I called for my oldest and asked who the kid was, he had told me he was one of the neighbors friend! So I let it go at that. And in about ten mim. Nate comes running up the steps screaming and crying! Saying he punched me! I said who punched you? That big kid did he said! Well I got up and ran out the door! I asked the kid why did you just hit mt 10 year old! You know what he said? He said he hit me in the back of the head with the ball! I was like wow they are playing ball. And you have no right to hit my kid! And he started yelling at me saying I was a crackhead and he was going to beat me up. (putting it nicely) My husband came running out and that was it! I had to call 911! This kid was right in my husbands face yelling and swearing at him! I thought for sure my husband was going to punch the living day lights out of him! While I was on the phone the dispatcher heard everything that was going on! And he kept me on the phone! We had 3 police cars here in a matter on mins. The punck ran! The cops are still looking for him! I hope they do find him because I will press charges!
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Posted: Monday June 7, 2010, 5:08 am
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I posted a share about a kid punching my 10 yearold son
8 years ago

I was trying to post it to this site but for some reason it posted to my shre book! And I don't know how to copy it for here! Please read it! Thank you very much!

8 years ago

Well it is showing up now.

8 years ago


8 years ago

If any of you are wondering why the change keeps happening on the groups face it is because Care2 is a bit slow in responding. My "STOP BULLYING" is suppose to be the group picture. Hopefully it will show up someday.   

8 years ago



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