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5 years ago


C2 news/petitions for the bp oil spill

5 years ago

ACTION ALERT: Don't Let BP Off Easy:Gulf's Dolphins Still Dying! PLEASE SIGN !
Animals  (tags: dolphins, destruction, enviroment, deaths, laws protection, dolphins )
Simone - 1 hour ago -

Dolphins across the northern Gulf of Mexico are still dying in high numbers--two and a half years after BP's Deepwater Horizon rig exploded and sent more than 200 million gallons of oil into the Gulf

5 years ago

Nova Scotia Sells Sea Areas to BP for Oil Exploration
Environment  (tags: tragedy, destruction, environment, habitatdestruction, humans )
Simone - 3 hours ago -

Once more, Canadians are feeling the effects of a staunchly pro-fuel administration as BP is awarded Atlantic sea areas in order to locate and excavate offshore oil. In a recent statement, the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOP revealed

5 years ago


Dolphins Found Shot and Mutilated in Gulf - Hartford Pets | Examiner.Com
Animals  (tags: Gulf, dolphins, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, wildlife, wildanimals, sadness, killed, death, animalcruelty, AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalrights, suffering, slaughter, investigation )
Dianne Ly - 14 hours ago -

Authorities are investigating several cases of shootings and mutilations of dolphins in the waters off Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

5 years ago

Black Elk Energy Ordered To Improve Safety After Deadly Gulf Oil Rig Explosion
Environment  (tags: Gulf Oil Platform explosion, safety, usa, humans, environment )
Dianne Ly - 8 hours ago -

A U.S. regulator on Wednesday ordered Black Elk Energy to take immediate steps to improve safety at its offshore platforms, after last week's deadly rig explosion off the Louisiana coast killed one worker and left another missing.

5 years ago

Search For Jerome Malagapo, Missing Gulf Oil Platform Worker, Halted
Society & Culture  (tags: GulfOil Platform, search halted, man missing, humans, sadness, news )
Dianne Ly - 8 hours ago -

Black Elk Energy has halted the search for a worker missing since Friday's explosion and fire aboard an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

5 years ago

BP and the Deepwater Horizon Disaster Cleaning Up the Legal Spill
Environment  (tags: climate, climate-change, destruction, conservation, ecosystems, endangered, environment, energy, habitat, habitatdestruction, government, healthconditions, humans, nature, oceans, politics, pollution, protection, research, science, wildlife, world, water )
J.L. - 13 hours ago -

CLEANING up the waters and the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon disaster of 2010 cost BP $14 billion. The British oil giant's final bill for tidying up the legal entanglements after 4.9m barrels of its oil spewed into the Gulf

5 years ago

RESTORE the Gulf | Gulf Restoration Network-PLZ SIGN!

Environment  (tags: BP Oil spill, americans, government, media, news, usa, finance, money, oil, environment, healthconditions, pollution, politics, wildlife, water, humans, animals )
Dianne Ly - 28 seconds ago -

Please send a letter to President Obama and the Department of Commerce, and remind them that the oil is still out in the Gulf and the future of our ecosystem is uncertain. Ask the President and the Department of Commerce to listen.

5 years ago

Gulf Oil Spill Case: Buddy Caldwell, Louisiana Attorney General, Has Already Spent Nearly $24 Million

Business  (tags: bp gulf oil spill, business, dishonesty, humans, usa, money, oil, environment, nature, water, wildlife, pollution, habitat )
Dianne Ly - 1 hour ago -

Louisiana's attorney general has spent nearly $24 million building the state's legal case against BP over the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, with much of the money paid to outside law firms that have contributed to his campaigns.

5 years ago


BP Tries To Cover Up Its Oil Spill And Accidentally Poisons The Gulf Of Mexico AGAIN
Business  (tags: destruction, ecosystems, energy, environment, habitatdestruction, habitat, oceans, pollution, wildlife, protection, abuse, business, corporate, corruption, cover-up, dishonesty, lies )
Sylvia - 1 day ago -

BP uses a toxic chemical called (ironically) Corexit to make the oil less visible to planes and boats which has increased the toxicity of the oil by up to 52 times. Who owns a huge percentage of the company that makes Corexit? Yep, you guessed it. BP.

5 years ago


Take Action: Tell BP To Stop Stalling, Take Responsibility, and Pay Up
Environment  (tags: pollution )
Frans - 1 day ago -

Almost three years after the disastrous Gulf oil spill, BP still has not paid a single penny in civil Clean Water Act Fines.

5 years ago


Gulf Coast Birds Still Need Your Help - PLEASE SIGN
Animals  (tags: conservation, oil spill, oceans, pelicans )
Frans - 30 minutes ago -
BP is responsible for the worst oil spill in American history. It's up to the Department of Justice to hold BP fully accountable for the Gulf oil spill. Send a letter to the Department of Justice. You can send the sample letter below

5 years ago


Trial Set To Start On BP's Responsibility For Gulf Oil Spill
Business  (tags: BP. federal trial begins, New Orleans, Gulf oil spill, BP oil spill )
Judy - 1 day ago -

In spite of speculation about a last minute settlement, a federal judge in New Orleans will today begin hearing arguments about BP's liability for the 2010 oil rig explosion and Gulf coast oil spill. At stake: Billions of dollars in potential penalties.

5 years ago

'Trial of the Century': Can BP Deflect Blame for Gulf Oil Spill?
Environment  (tags: BP, oil spill, court, trial, settlement, max. penalty, environment, destruction )
Angelika - 1 day ago -

What once seemed likely - a settlement - now appears off the table as the US prepares to take BP to court in New Orleans on Monday, alleging the company exhibited 'gross negligence' in the lead-up to the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010. At stake $17 bn

5 years ago

No Sweetheart Deal for BP ! - Please Sign
Environment  (tags: BP, oil spill, court, trial, settlement, max. penalty, environment, destruction )
Angelika - 1 day ago -

Urge the U.S. Government to Seek the Highest Penalties for Oil Spill Possible Under the Law. The government is reportedly considering a deal under which BP would pay $16 billion to settle the civil suit regarding the April 20, 2010, oil spill.

5 years ago

Gulf Residents Ask DOJ to Hold BP Fully Accountable
Environment  (tags: gulf oil spill, oil, bp, offshore drilling, trial )
Stefanie - 12 hours ago -

One of the main issues at hand is whether or not BP is guilty of "gross negligence." With everything the public knows about the failed tests, the intentional misrepresentations about the size of the spill ...

5 years ago


Animals and the Oil Spill: What Can You Do?
Environment  (tags: )
Cheyenne - 10 hours ago -

Lately we've been fielding questions from Smithsonian visitors wondering how they can help with the oil spill cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico. If there is any good news coming out of this situation, it's that thousands of people across the U.S. care deeply

5 years ago

High-Stakes Trial Begins Over 2010 Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill
Business  (tags: destruction, environment, water, pollution, BP, trial, U.S., Gulf of Mexico, oil spill, money, lies )
Naoko - 2 hours ago -

BP bears most of the blame for the disastrous 2010 spill in the Gulf of Mexico because it cut corners and put profits ahead of safety, a U.S. Jutice Department attorney charged Monday at the opening of a high-stakes trial that could result in >>

5 years ago


Take Action: Tell the Attorney General: No Tax Write-Offs for Spilling Oil!
Business  (tags: destruction, environment, energy, healthconditions, habitatdestruction, pollution, protection, nature, oil, americans, business, consumers, corporate, corruption, abuse, dishonesty, ethics, finance, government, money, investments, investors, law, society )
J.L. - 1 hour ago -

The Justice Department may offer a sweetheart deal to BP that is structured to help BP dodge taxes and force taxpayers to foot some of the burden of the 2010 gulf oil spill.

5 years ago


Tell Attorney General Holder: No Tax Write-Offs for BP for Spilling Oil
Environment  (tags: gulf oil spill, oil, bp, offshore drilling, taxes )
Stefanie - 13 hours ago -

We need to stand up now, before the deal is finalized, to tell President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder that we won't let this back-room deal be pushed through quietly. Stand with us now to say no, this is not okay.

5 years ago

Petition to Debar BP- Action
Environment  (tags: BP, suspension, oil spill, court, federal contractor, settlement, max. penalty, environment, destruction )
Angelika - 3 minutes ago -

BP has announced to its shareholders that it is in negotiations with the government to quickly resolve and lift the suspension. Don't Let BP Off the Hook: Demand BP's Suspension From Federal Contracts.

5 years ago


Waterkeeper Alliance Files Lawsuit Against U.S. Coast Guard Over Onging Oil Spill
Environment  (tags: water, coast guard, gulf of mexico, oil spill, foia )
Stefanie - 8 hours ago -

"We filed this suit to stop the spill and lift the veil of secrecy surrounding Taylor Oil's eight-year long response and recovery operation."

5 years ago


EPA Accused of Violating Clean Water Act Through Approval of Corexit in BP Gulf Oil Cleanup
Environment  (tags: epa, bp, gulf oil spill, corexit )
Stefanie - 6 hours ago -

So from the start, it was glaringly obvious that both the EPA and BP knew that Corexit was the wrong choice, but chose to go with it anyway because it could make BP a little extra cash on the side.

5 years ago

Ask British Petroleum to Support Solar Power ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Green Lifestyle  (tags: environment, energy, eco-friendly, greenliving, protection )
Cher - 20 minutes ago -

Reconsider maintaining a solar power division at BP

5 years ago


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