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If you run into a petition regarding Human Trafficking / Modern Slavery, you can share and post it here. You can promote the petition in this thread. We'll gladly add our name to it.

1 week ago

 signed and shared a Fb

1 week ago

Signed.... (I hope, because I´ve been always asked about sharing it on facebook, but it didn´t say, that I´ve signed)

click on vivien to note

Society & Culture  (tags: india, asia, freedoms, children, 'HUMANRIGHTS!', ethics, sadness, safety, society, culture, family, law )
Kevin - 16 hours ago -

Every day, millions of children in India wake up with nothing to look forward to except hours of back-breaking labor working everywhere from stone quarries to carpet factories to rice mills.

Pass Laws to Protect Sexually Trafficked Children
World  (tags: world, usa, children, humanrights, ACTION, SEXUALLY TRAFFICKED CHILDREN )
Rose - 22 seconds ago -

Target: Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee Goal: Protect sex trafficked children from being prosecuted for crimes associated with their exploitation. A 13-year-old girl stands

Stop human trafficking: Raise awareness about human trafficking.

People are not objects, they have the right to say no to sex. Human rights should not just be notions and ideas agreed upon on paper, unless they are put into action universally, what is the point?

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Petition European Directive

The clock is ticking on the 6th April 2013, a European Directive, to prevent and combat trafficking in human beings and protect victims (2011/36/EU) comes into force. That, if implemented fully in the UK could help make the fight against human trafficking more effective, and provide a much improved lifeline of protection and safety to children, women and men who have been trafficked across the UK.

on nancy's behalf, gracias
Nintendo: Slavery Is Not a Game ACTION

World  (tags: conflict minerals, Congo, SEC, Dodd-Frank, mining, conflict, death, Nintendo, violence, world )
Nancy - 199 days ago -

Ask Nintendo to take the first step toward conflict-free products by auditing its supply chain and making that information public:
Reposted for David & Nancy
57 min ago

Tell Federal Officials We Need Tough Anti-Human Trafficking Rules ACTION

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: humanrights, trafficking, freedoms, corruption, USA, government, ethics )
Nancy - 11 hours ago -

Thousands of foreign nationals working for U.S. government contractors and subcontractors are victims of human traffickers. Many of these workers have been lied to in regards to where they'll work and how much they'll get paid. Often, after they arrive...

2 weeks ago

Urge Congress to Stand Up Against Child Trafficking -PLEASE SIGN!!!
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: freedoms, Human Trafficking, SIC!, abuse, crime, cover-up, media, government, corruption, constitution )
Julie - 3 hours ago -


2 weeks ago


Society & Culture  (tags: humans, rights, slavery, Target, freedoms, protection )
Cher - 23 hours ago -

Target Corporation (Target)[1] often offers prices that seem too good to be true - how do they keep their prices so low? Turns out some of Target's products might be so cheap because they are made with slave-picked cotton from Uzbekistan and/or

52 min ago

Thanks I posted news..took link form your share on care2..CHEER..!

A World Without Slavery

I believe our generation can build a world without slavery. A world where it is unthinkable for one human being to be treated like someone else's

Link to petition :

Putting An END to Child Labor in India
World  (tags: humanrights, children, Action, India, no child labor )
Rose - 18 seconds ago -

Target: Pranab Mukherjee, President of India Sponsored by: Tori Rieger People should sign this petition because it is unjust to force kids to work in the silk industry. They are used for their nimble fingers and are paid around 50



Brilliant news! After many months of campaigning by tens of thousands of 38 Degrees members, the Independent on Sunday and our friends at Anti-Slavery International, the government has said it’s going to sign up to the EU Directive on Human Trafficking.

On the 19th March, we went along to 10 Downing Street with Anti-slavery International and the Independent on Sunday to hand in a petition of over 45,000 signatures.  The petition was handed in by Oxana, who is a survivor of human trafficking from the Ukraine to the UK.

We were asking the government to sign up to the new EU Directive on Human Trafficking, so that there is more co-operation across Europe to protect victims of human trafficking. And it worked,the government has agreed to the Directive.

When we first heard that the government was refusing to take action on trafficking, we teamed up with specialist groups Anti-Slavery International and ECPAT.  Nearly 50,000 of us signed the petition and thousands of us emailed our MPs to make sure the government took action on this issue.

Now, the victims of trafficking will have better protection provided by the EU Directive, with countries across Europe working together to target the criminal gangs and traffickers that are exploiting people. This decision is important, but won’t stop human trafficking altogether. It is a big step in the right direction towards justice and protection for victims of human trafficking.

You can find out more about the campaign on Anti-Slavery International’s website here.

Click here to find out more about Human Trafficking.

Human Trafficking petition hand in

Photograph by 38 Degrees

Here are a few photos from the hand-in:

Human Trafficking petition hand in

 Signing now Vivien

End Sex Trafficking in Kenya
World  (tags: world, humanrights, africa, Action, sex trafficking )
Rose - 20 seconds ago -

Target : Kenya Ministry of Labour and Human Development Goal: Put pressure on local law enforcement to arrest sex traffickers in Kenya. Human trafficking is increasing rapidly in Eastern Africa

Tell Nike: Stop Doing Business With Companies That Profit From Slavery - PLEASE SIGN!

Society & Culture  (tags: human rights nike stop slavery petition )
Jeanie - 1 hour ago -

18 year old Navruz Muyzinov was beaten to death by police in Uzbekistan.His only crime:getting sick and leaving the cotton-field where he was working before he met his cotton-picking quota.Nike:Stop doing business with companies that profit from slavery!
vivan los tomates!
crossposting for teresa, have a wonderful day/night!

Business  (tags: abuse, americans, ethics, slavery )
Teresa - 21 days ago -

Florida's tomato farms supply 50% of all U.S. fresh tomatoes but have also been called America's 'ground zero for slavery.' Countless workers held against their will, threatened with violence and forced to haul hundreds of heavy tomato buckets a day.

Thank you Alicia signed and shared on FB.

from frans:

STOP Slavery in India *** Please Sign ***

Society & Culture  (tags: children, corruption, crime, education, family, government, humans, rights, world )
Frans - 16 hours ago -

Recently in Bahar, one of the poorer regions in northern India, the nongovernmental organization International Justice Mission (IJM) rescued almost 90 people from lives of slavery in a brick factory. These families, including about 40 children........

 up to date ladies

Anti-Slavery Campaigns ACTION

World  (tags: humanrights, slavery, crime, world, business, corruption, money )
Nancy - 15 hours ago -
Your action puts pressure on governments to take action to stop slavery in their countries. It also offers support to local organizations in their struggle to protect basic human rights.


Demand Facebook Stop Supporting Sex Trafficking
Rose - 12 seconds ago -

Goal: Ban Facebook pages promoting sex trafficking Facebook is home to many pages which feature pornographic images of sex trade workers, many of whom are there against their will because they have been kidnapped or enslaved.

Tell Our Government to Do More to End Child Slavery ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Society & Culture  (tags: humans, children, labor, protection )
Cher - 3 hours ago -

With World Day to End Child Labour tomorrow (June 12th), use this as an opportunity to spread the word and advocate that no child should ever be for sale.

Signed and shared thank you Frans, Rose , Nancy and Cher.

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 up to date

Cross posted for Beverley

8 hrs ago

TAKE ACTION: New York: Please Pass the NY Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Action in June

If passed, this law will give New York's law enforcement better tools to target and arrest the pimps and buyers who are supporting this multi-billion dollar trafficking industry.

Ask the CEO of Warner Bros. what steps they are taking to ensure Harry Potter chocolates are slavery free

Dear Kevin Tsukihara, CEO of Warner Bros.,

I was shocked to learn that an independent investigation into Behr's Chocolates - supplier of your iconic 'Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs' - led to a failing score of 1 out of 48 possible measures to ensure their operations are slavery free.

As a consumer, I want the power to know that the goods I'm buying are free from slave labour.

Please take a public stance against modern slavery, and show consumers what steps are being taken to ensure your Harry Potter chocolates are slavery-free.

C/O Barry Ziehl, Head of Consumer Products, Warner Bros.


 up to date cheers

Protect Women's Rights and Stop Child Marriage in Morocco

Society & Culture  (tags: Morocco, abuse, child, children, girls, crime, culture, death, family, freedoms, law, murder, religion, rights, sadness, safety, society, violence, women )
G - 1 day ago -

Morocco will soon vote to amend a law that would allow rapists to escape punishment by marrying their underage victims and increase the punishment for "corruption" of a minor. A proposed change in family law would also end child marriage: although the

Applaud Organization for Releasing Families From Slavery
World  (tags: humanrights, Thank organization for releasing familie )
Rose - 16 seconds ago -

International Justice Mission Goal: Support IJM's goal of releasing slaves and providing victim assistance and job training Recently, International Justice Mission rescued 273 people from lives of slavery in their second-largest operation
TAKE ACTION NOW! End Child Labor in Ghana

World  (tags: humanrights, children, child labor, 'HUMANRIGHTS!', 'CIVILLIBERTIES!', UnitedNations, world, politics, society, ethics, china, interesting, news )
Cal - 4 hours ago -

The process of ending child labor in a nation is always extremely gradual and often times agonizingly slow; however, Ghana is currently in a position to do so. The Ghanaian government has already taken the first step by outlawing child labor. Now it is up

up to date

Signed thank you Rose.

Create Laws to Stop Human Trafficking in Public Places
World  (tags: usa, humanrights, ACTION, Human trafficking, Georgia )
Rose - 12 seconds ago -

arget: The government of Georgia Goal: Do not allow human trafficking to continue in Georgia Georgia has one of the highest instances of sexual trafficking in the United States; the majority of these dealings happen in public areas such as motels

Thanks for petitions - noted-signed.

Cross posted for David

7 hrs ago

Warner Brothers' Chamber of Secrets

Society & Culture  (tags: petitions, chocolate, slavery, human rights )
Freya - 4 hours ago -

In the Ivory Coast of Africa, children as young as 7 are forced to work long hours collecting cocoa beans, often beaten if they work too slow or don't meet their quota. Some are sold for as little as a couple of dollars, trapped into a life of slavery.

USA: Support the Strengthening the Child Welfare Response to Trafficking Act (H.R. 1732)
World  (tags: humanrights, children, ACTION SEX TRAFFICKING, CHILD WELFARE )
Rose - 14 seconds ago -

Homeless teens. Kids in foster care. Young adults who run away from abusive group homes. Minor sex trafficking victims have had contact, often multiple times,

Signed and shared thank you Rose.

End the Demand of Human Trafficking
World  (tags: humanrights, usa, ACTION, SLAVERY, TRAFFICKING )
Rose - 27 seconds ago -

Goal: End human trafficking in Ohio Human Trafficking has spread horror in the United States for many years, exploiting children, mentally disabled victims, and adults, and we are still scrambling to create effective laws to combat it


signed Cheers


Dinner Conflict: 5 Foods Linked to Labor Abuse and Violence-WHO KNEW??? PETITION
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: CROP WARS, food supply )
Lisa - 5 minutes ago -

It's hard to imagine that the foods on our dinner plates can contribute to global injustice. Who knew that the hard-to-pronounce ingredient rarely noticed on a label is the cause of war, or that our favorite sweet treat is produced unethically? As more ar

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 Found this from lisa

 Thanks David

Signed and shared thank you Lisa and David for the "Heads Up"

Re-posted for Rose.

1 hrs ago

Fight Human Trafficking - Require Children to Be Identified Before Boarding Airplanes
Rose - 20 seconds ago -

arget: Transportation Security Administration Goal: Require documentation and identification for children boarding planes The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) currently has no requirements for children boarding planes, despite

Hi... I ran across this news and I thought this should be shared in the group too...

Put An End to Youth Sex Trafficking ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Society & Culture (tags: humans, sex trafficking, slavery, environment, protection )
Cher - 4 hours ago -
Commercial sex trafficking involves obtaining a person by tactics of torture, physiological manipulation, sexual abuse or imposed prostitution. It is essentially a form of modern-day slavery
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send green star

 Thanks Monica

Signed thank you Monica.

Save Homeless Kids From Sex Trafficking
World  (tags: usa, humanrights, children, Action, save children from sex trafficking )
Rose - 24 seconds ago -

et: U.S. Congress Goal: Ensure homeless children are provided shelter and protection from sex traffickers. Twenty-thousand children are forced into prostitution every year. Almost 50% of these kids are homeless. Sex traffickers know that


Signed, thanks Rose.

signed several petitions and noted some news but I can't leave commentsa at the news or send stars, kisses and hugs, gracias

Please Take Action! United Nations: Listen to Survivors - Don't Jeopardize Efforts to Prevent Sex Trafficking

Society & Culture  (tags: violence, women, world, society, law, abuse, activists, crime, culture, sadness, interesting, children, corruption, rights, safety, humans, freedoms, child )
Alicia - 3 hours ago -

Combating sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation around the world requires the insight and leadership of survivors who have experienced these human rights abuses.

signed, noted, ty alicia and rose


Signed, all the ones that were not closed. Thanks, for posting.

Urge Italy to Combat Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation
World  (tags: world, humanrights, europe, freedoms, Action HUMAN TRAFFICKING and sexual exp )
Rose - 15 seconds ago -

: Italy's Prime Minister Enrico Letta Goal: Strengthen Italy's human trafficking and sexual exploitation laws The issues of human trafficking and sexual exploitation are urgent national and international matters.


Signed, thanks for sharing Rose.

End Criminal Charges for VICTIMS of Human Trafficking

Society & Culture  (tags: prostitution, sexworkers, humantrafficking, underagevictims, drugs, slavery, 21stcenturyslavery, pimps, johns, underagesex, exploitation, sexualabuse, abuseofminors, forcedsex, rape, rapeculture )
BMutiny - 32 minutes ago -

Underage sex workers are most often slaves, held captive by threats of violence or severe drug dependence, and promised freedom in exchange for prostitution. The people who threaten and abuse these captives should be in prison, NOT their forced victims.

Thanks, for posting Rose N., signed.

TAKE ACTION: Support the Effective Work of the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking - ForceChange

World  (tags: 'CIVILLIBERTIES!', 'HUMANRIGHTS!', children, ethics, crime, violence, world )
Beverly - 4 hours ago -

Support the work of the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking, and encourage other organizations to adopt its comprehensive and collaborative outlook.

Thanks, Rose.

Please noet that although i do not comment signed i do so when I get the chance


End Slavery in Europe
World  (tags: world, humanrights, Action, end human Slavery, in Europe )
Rose - 18 seconds ago -

get: European Parliament Goal: End all forms of slavery, including sex trafficking, throughout the European Union A recent report from the European Parliament reveals a chilling statistic--approximately 880,000
from nancy c, ty
Cargill: Stop Using Slavery in Palm Oil! ACTION

Environment  (tags: orangutans, wildlife, palm oil, destruction, new growth, ecosystems, Cargill, slavery, environment, habitat )
Nancy - 87 days ago -

Take a stand by demanding that Cargill adopt concrete systems to ensure that slavery is not used in its supply chain, and to provide the public with transparent information about supplier working conditions.

Signed and noted. Thanks Alicia

 Firmando Alicia

Support Efforts to Abolish Slavery and Human Trafficking
World  (tags: world, humanrights, Action, support efforts to stop slavery )
Rose - 12 seconds ago -

rget: Myrna Jackson, Director of Operations at the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST) Goal: Support the work of the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking, and encourage other organization

Signed and noted. Thanks Rose


Thanks, Rose. As well as, Nancy through Alicia and Alicia, too.

As chocolates fill the bags of young trick-or-treaters this Halloween, thousands of children will be working in slavery in the cocoa fields of Africa.

TAKE ACTION: ask Warner Bros. Entertainment to ensure their Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs are free of slave-picked cocoa --

 Signed Vivien


Thanks, Vivien.

already signed, gracias

ACTION ALERT: Support Protections for Human Trafficking Victims! PLEASE SIGN !

Society & Culture  (tags: government, humans, freedoms, human trafficking protectin, victims )
Simone - 7 minutes ago -

Individuals who flee to the United States in order to escape human traffickers often face difficulty obtaining legal status; this is a problem that has to change. While it is possible for human trafficking victims (or those afraid of becoming victims)

Thanks, Rose. Signed.

I signed all the petitions 

Cross posted for Elvira as this is a form of "child Trafficking.

22 hrs ago 

Paedophile’s dream, child’s nightmare

Perverts are directing porn films, live, with girls as young as 6 on the other side of the world. So far they've got away with it, leaving the girls struggling to recover from the horror, but if enough of us act today, we can stop this new abuse of the internet.

here is the peti

Thanks for taking action!


Thank you, Elvira.

Stop Human Trafficking in Toronto
World  (tags: world, humanrights, action, Human Trafficking )
Rose - 16 seconds ago -

They are trapped in lives of misery--often beaten, starved, and forced to work as prostitutes or to take grueling jobs as migrant, domestic, restaurant, or factory workers with little or no pay. We're working hard to stop human trafficking

Thank you for posting Rose. Noted, signed and tweeted.

Thank you Rose!!


Thank you, Rose.


Here is a Petition that I found while researching something that I saw in the C2news.

I would like to do a c2news story about this, so that I can get more signatures for the Migrant Workers.

Here's the link.  Stop Migrant Workers abuse

Please sign.   

Ponder/Meditate/Pray for Peace.

Mary Oliveau       

Signed and tweeted Mary.

Signed!! Thank you


Thank you, Mary.

CXhecking all petitions and signing those not done yet . Taking a break .... back tomorrow.

 Done Mary Thank you

Please note new thread open please do not any more peitions to this one thank you.


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