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This thread is for you to share and find Petitions on HUMAN RIGHTS to sign. Feel free to add those you want to promote.


1 day ago

Don't Strip Mexican Workers of Their Rights
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ACTION, WORKERS RIGHTS )
Rose - 24 seconds ago -

Goal: Overturn the labor reform bill in Mexico that serves corporate interests and strips workers of their rights
22 hrs ago

Defend the Rights of Saudi Arabian Women
World  (tags: world, ACTION, humanrights, SAUDI ARABIA, freedoms )
Rose - 42 seconds ago -

Target: Prince Muhammad bin Nayef Al Saud, Saudi Arabian Minister of Interior Goal: Stop the electronic tracking of women Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive. They are not allowed to travel alone unless they have the express permission
only US, gracias
13 hrs ago

Dear Alicia,

One of our Russian allies urgently needs your help!

Russian authorities shut down RAIPON, the main organization representing the indigenous peoples of the Russian Far East, Siberia, and the Arctic—because of a paperwork error.

RAIPON has long been a strong voice against Russia’s policies toward the country’s indigenous peoples. This attack on RAIPON is only the latest in a series of governmental measures designed to gain greater control over the vast, fossil fuel-rich territories of the Far North. These areas are mainly populated by indigenous peoples and federal and regional actions are increasingly targeting traditional forms of economic activity like subsistence hunting and fishing to weaken local cultures and traditions and undermine indigenous opposition to the government’s Arctic development plans.

Help us stop the attempts to silence Russia’s indigenous peoples who are fighting to maintain their traditional ways of life and to protect their communities from resource extraction projects, oil spills, and industrial pollution. Write to Russia’s President Putin today and demand that he ask Russian authorities to reinstate RAIPON and allow it to continue its important work both in Russia and internationally.

In solidarity,

Galina Angarova
Russia Program Director
Pacific Environment

 Signed Alicia

Applaud European Program That Encourages Immigrant Integration

World  (tags: world, humanrights, ACTION, Thanking, Immigrants )
Rose - 57 seconds ago -

arget: Jelena Silajdzic, Executive Director of Slovo 21 Goal: Applaud European program that facilitates meetings between immigrants and native families

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Signed thank you Rose. `

Could not sign Alicia as in U.K.

Call Upon the Colombian Government to Protect Displaced Women From Violence
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ACTION, violence, WOMEN )
Rose - 18 seconds ago -

Target: Colombian Government Goal: Protect abused, displaced women and girls in Colombia through more effective implementation of laws

and vivien thank you for the work! go girl!

Signed thank you Rose and Alicia.

Allow Belgian Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence to Report Abuse Without Fear
World  (tags: world, humanrights, violence, ACTION, europe, DOMESTIC ABUSE )
Rose - 11 seconds ago -

arget: Howard Gutman, U.S. Ambassador to Belgium Goal: Ensure Belgian immigrants are granted proper protection against domestic violence Belgium has a serious and unfortunate gap in its policies protecting immigrant women from domestic violence

 Signed Alicia

 Not sure how  to share the one about the Congo

Uphold Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy
World  (tags: world, usa, ACTION, GAY, RIGHTS, BAN GAY CONVERSION THERAPYhumanrights )
Rose - 15 seconds ago -

Allison Target: The National Association for Research and Therapy on Homosexuality Goal: Don't file a lawsuit against new legislation that bans gay conversion therapy for minors in California. The senate recently passed legislation tha

Noted & signed or shared fb.Thanks Rose,Viviene & Alicia.

Signed thank you Rose.

sin problemas Rose, y para ti y todo el grupo buen fin de semana/have a great weekend!

 Signed Alicia and Rose


Tell Defense Attorney That 11-Year Olds Are Never Willing Participants in Sex
World  (tags: world, usa, humanrights, society, ACTION, UNDER AGE SEXethics )
Rose - 13 seconds ago -

Goal: Make him understand that sex involving a minor is always considered rape

Signed thank you Rose.

Done,thanks Rose.

Release Women Imprisoned for Having Abortions in El Salvador
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ACTION, ABORTIONS, PRISON )
Rose - 12 seconds ago -

Goal: To release women imprisoned for receiving abortions. Earlier this year, a woman identified as "Mery" by human rights organizations was arrested for seeking medical treatment after receiving a clandestine abortion.

End Terror in Democratic Republic of Congo
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ACTION, violence, CONGO )
Rose - 12 seconds ago -

Target: The Obama Administration. Goal: To end the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Renewed fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo has put thousands of civilians in harm's way. The rebel group M23 is responsible for the violence

Signed thank you Rose.

Don't Let Trayvon Martin's Killer Make Money From His Autograph

World  (tags: world, usa, humanrights, ACTION, SICK, MURDER )
Rose - 1 minute ago -

Target: George Zimmerman Goal: Convince George Zimmerman to stop selling his autograph to raise money for his defense against murder charges. As he awaits trial for the killing of teenager Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman has recently started

Signed thank you Rose.

Stop This Petition Full of Lies and Distortion!!! Please Action

World  (tags: 'CIVILLIBERTIES!', 'HUMANRIGHTS!', humanrights, freedoms, corruption, ethics, death, middle-east, politics, violence, war )
Vivien - 32 seconds ago -

Because Care2 have misinformed the public, children are not being used by the freedom fighters in Syria, and we, activists for the Syrian Revolution demand to know their source, sounds like Regime propoganda!!

Urge Penn State Soriority to Apologize for Racist Costumes
World  (tags: world, usa, ethics, humanrights, ACTION RACISM )
Rose - 24 seconds ago -

Target: Penn State's Chi Omega Nu Gamma Chapter Goal: Apologize and take part in community service to make up for racially insensitive photograph

Please click on Vivien to note or comment.

Society & Culture  (tags: ethics, abuse, rightseducation, dishonesty )
Vivien - 28 seconds ago -

Do you know that you can sign a petition on Care2 and it can be altered without acknowledging this fact? This is totally unethical and it is questionable with regards to it's legality once signatures have been added.

Signed thank you Rose.

Investigate High School Principal Who Accused Teacher of Turning Student Gay
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ACTION, GAY RIGHTS, freedoms, usa )
Rose - 13 seconds ago -

Target: Broward County Public School Superintendent Robert Runcie Goal: Investigate Deerfield Beach High School principal Jon Marlow for falsely accusing a teacher of turning her student into a lesbian In 2011, Florida high school teacher


Signed thank you Rose.

Support Europe's First LGBQT-Friendly Mosque
World  (tags: europe, humanrights, ACTION SUPPORT, LGBQT MOSQUE )
Rose - 11 seconds ago -

get: Rector of the Grande Mosqueé in Paris, Dalil Boubakeur Goal: Oppose Islamic leader's homophobic sentiments regarding LGBQT-friendly mosque in Paris.

enounce Principal's Humiliating and Homophobic Student Punishment

World  (tags: world, usa, human rights, ACTION, HOMOPHOBIC, SCHOOL )
Rose - 26 seconds ago -

arget: Westwood High School Principal Tim Richards Goal: Apologize for and promise to stop humiliating, homophobic school discipline An Arizona high school principal recently punished two students who were fighting by forcing them to sit in the

Signed thank you Rose.

Protect Patient Rights in Guatemala

World  (tags: humanrights, world, ACTION STOP ABUSE, GUATEMALA )
Rose - 16 seconds ago -

Goal: Protect psychiatric patients in Guatemala against abuse and violence committed by guards, police and gang members An investigation of psychiatric hospitals in Guatemala revealed troubling findings. Disability Rights International, a group

Noted and signed thank you Rose.

Hey, House GOP--How Many Native Women Will Be Raped Today? TAKE ACTION!

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: Native American women, Racism, rape, Sexism, VAWA, Violence against Women Act, war on women )
Judy - 4 hours ago -

Eric Cantor and House Republicans are stalling on reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The Senate already passed a bill that increases protection for Native, LGBT and undocumented immigrant women. The sticking point is our Native sisters.

 Signed Judy

Tell Michigan House of Representatives to Reject Extreme Abortion Bills Passed By Senate
World  (tags: ACTION, WOMEN'S RIGHTS ABORTIONS, humanrights, usa )
Rose - 13 seconds ago -

higan House of Representatives Goal: Reject the Senate-approved bills limiting insurance coverage for abortions. Thanks to the Michigan Senate, a series of bills have just been passed in the state that vastly limit women's rights. These new laws,

Applaud Jamaica for Abolishing Corporal Punishment
World  (tags: world, humanrights, GoodNews, Thank Jamaica, ACTION )
Rose - 13 seconds ago -

arget: Justice Minister, Mark Golding Goal: Commend Jamaica for eliminating flogging and whipping as punishment for prisoners. Jamaica just abolished a punishment for prisoners which dates back to the colonial era

Signed thank you Rose

Up to date thanks Rose.

Demand Justice for Venezuelan Judge Raped in Prison
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ACTION, RAPE, PRISON )
Rose - 36 seconds ago -

arget: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Goal: Release judge who is unjustly charged and has experienced abuse in prison After three years of being imprisoned, Judge Maria Lourdes Afiuni's trial recently started in Venezuela. Afiuni was put in

Signed thank you Rose.

Call for Release of Syrian Women Arrested for Protesting Against Civil War Violence
World  (tags: world, humanrights, freedoms, ACTION, SYRIA )
Rose - 10 seconds ago -

Target: Major General Mohamad Ibrahim al-Shaar, Minister of Interior Goal: To attain the release of the four women recently arrested for demonstrating against Syrian government

 up to date


Institute Better Training to Stop Unnecessary Police Shootings of Mentally Ill People
World  (tags: humanrights, usa, ACTION STOP SHOOTING MENTALLY ILL )
Rose - 11 seconds ago -

arget: The United States Police Force Goal: Institute better police training in dealing with mentally ill individuals. A recent investigation by the Portland Press Herald in Maine indicates that approximately half of those shot and killed by police
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