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Attorney blames 11 year old gang-rape victim !
5 years ago
| Awareness

Please, I need some help with this.

After signing a petition on force change I started a little research on a case and discovered that the topic has been posted on C2NN, but only 14 people noted it!!!

In my opinion that case is too important to be overseen here.

It´s about an 11 year old girl, that has been gang-raped several times during a couple of months by a group of twenty men.

And now the attorney of one of this dirty bastards blames the girl for that terrible crime.  

This is the link of the article:


and this is the link to the article on Care2, which is written not very well, (it´s not emotional and informative enough in my eyes, no wonder that only 14 people noted it): 

Defense Attorney Steve Taylor Compares 11-Year-Old Gang-Rape Victim to "Spider" Luring Men Into "Web"


And it´s not even linked to any petition. So it´s kind of useless.

The related petition that has been sent to me from forcechange has the following link:

( I would be very happy if the members of our group would sign.)


Can we maybe do something to publish that case on Care2 a little bit better. I think the case has to do with a kind of sex slavery. Therefore I thought this group could be the right group to post it in. In the other human rights groups nothing happens. This group is the most active group I know on Care2, in spite of being such a small group.

Please don´t be upset, if this is maybe the wrong place for the topic, I wasn´t sure where to start it.

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5 years ago

 Signing Now

5 years ago


 I posted a story on  this

5 years ago

How that child could be responsible ? Is the judge also a pedophile ?

Of course signed

5 years ago

Thank you evelyn have signed and shared on FB
I agree Junta I asked myself the same question regarding the Defence Attorney.
This is a horrible and brutal violational of a child.

5 years ago

Evelyn it is a sad state of affairs that this news article had such a low response.
I see it time and again articles that one would have thought would evoke an outpouring of sympathy and anger jsut fall by the wayside.

This is humanity. Look at whats happening to children in Syria while the world watches and waits for what?

5 years ago

I did a little searching in C2NN, and found this, which links to the petition and has over 100 notes.

**TAKE ACTION** Tell Defense Attorney That 11-Year Olds Are Never Willing Participants in Sex

Society & Culture  (tags: abuse, activists, americans, children, culture, dishonesty, ethics, family, freedoms, government, law, PETITION, police, politics, safety, society, violence, women )

Kit - 4 days ago -

For almost half a year, Cleveland, Texas resident Jared Len Cruse, along with 20 of his friends, repeatedly raped an 11-year old girl. Mr. Cruse's defense attorney, Steve Taylor, argued in court that it wasn't rape because the girl said she had-->

5 years ago

Thank you Zen that really is good to know that people do note and care about this awful case.

5 years ago

 Thanks Panda

 I signed of course

5 years ago

 Makes me bloody angry

 I signed Cheers Zen

5 years ago

That´s the same petition that I mentioned above.


But thank you for the link to the (much better) C2NN article Zen.

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