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This thread is for you to share and find Petitions on HUMAN RIGHTS to sign. Feel free to add those you want to promote.

#BeTheHelp: Support Domestic Workers
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ACTION DOMESTIC WORKERS RIGHTS )
Rose - 2 minutes ago -

Can you imagine working 24 hours straight without a lunch break? "We are four generations of domestic workers from my great- grandmother to me. If you count our labor consecutively, we have almost 75 years in the profession, almost as many years

Signed thank you Rose.


 Signed too


you know, it is about my husband's work! gracias
Por Favor, Firma Por 450 Trabajos En Peligro. Please Sign for 450 Works at Risk!

World  (tags: FGV, Valencia, Spain, ERE, work, human rights, solidarity, action, petition, signature, railways, public transport, cuts, money, horror )
Alicia - 1 minute ago -
Si algo le preocupa a este gobierno (Valencia, España) es su imagen, Ayuda a la gente de los ferrocarriles valencianos con tu firma. Gracias. If there's anything that Valencian government worries about is its public image. Help Valencian railways workers!

 Signed Alicia Ty

Demand Justice for Rape Victims in Haiti
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ACTION, RAPE, JUSTICE, HAITI )
Rose - 32 seconds ago -

Goal: Seek justice for victims of rape A gross culture of rape and violence has pervaded the nation of Haiti, and in the years after the devastating earthquake, victims of rape are still struggling to find their voice. In many cases, rape is seen

Signed thank you Alicia and Rose.

Signed, thanks.

Tell Walmart to Fire Security Guard Who Shot and Killed a Suspected Shoplifter
World  (tags: world, humanrights, usa, violence, death, ACTION )
Rose - 12 seconds ago -

Goal: Convince Walmart to fire a security guard who shot and killed an unarmed shoplifter. Walmart security guard and off-duty cop Louis Campbell shot and killed Shelly Frey, a young African-American mother, after being told she was shoplifting

repost because includes translation, gracias!

petition letter translated:

TO CONSELLERIA DE TRANSPORTES DE LA GENERALITAT VALENCIANA (this is the transport section of Valencian government)

NO TO WORK CUTS AT FGV (Valencian public company railways). NO TO TRANSPORTS SERVICE CUTS AT FGV.

Why are we mobilizing?

Valencian government, in order to lessen its dreadful management, has decided to fire workers of the public sector companies. Among them, there are hundreds of Valencian public railways' workers (FGV).

As a customer, this situation how affects you?

Less regularity= less and worst trains. Security will decrease in trains circulation and issues concerning you as customer of our premises as well.

More railway stations closed, less and worst attention and information.

Decay of premises and equipment.


(your name)


you know, it is about my husband's work!

Por Favor, Firma Por 450 Trabajos En Peligro. Please Sign for 450 Works at Risk!

World  (tags: FGV, Valencia, Spain, ERE, work, human rights, solidarity, action, petition, signature, railways, public transport, cuts, money, horror )
Alicia - 5 minutes ago -

Si algo le preocupa a este gobierno

Demand Radio Talk Show Host Apologize for Insensitive Comments About God's Role in Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting
World  (tags: world, usa, ACTION, DEMAND AN APOLOGY, SHOOTINGS )
Rose - 25 seconds ago -

arget: Radio Talk Show Host, Bryan Fischer Goal: Demand that Bryan Fischer apologize for saying that God did not protect the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting because prayer is not allowed in public schools.


 all done


Proposed Violence Commission Must Address American Culture of Violence

World  (tags: world, ACTION, usa, government, society, violence )
Rose - 15 seconds ago -

Goal: Allow the proposed commission on violence to explore all possible causes of violence In response to the recent school shooting in Connecticut, many politicians and members of the media have made suggestions for preventing future violence and

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Signed thank you Rose.


Help End Violence Against Women in India
World  (tags: world, humanrights, government, ACTION, INDIA, WOMEN )
Rose - 17 seconds ago -

Target: The Parliament of India Goal: Clearly define sexual assault and show more vigilance in enforcing anti-violence laws. As highlighted by the recent gang-rape of a medical student who was riding a bus in New Delhi, the right to safety for

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Protect Native American Women From Sexual Assault
World  (tags: world, government, usa, ACTION, SEXUAL ASSAULT, NATIVE AMERICAN WOMEN )
Rose - 14 seconds ago -

Target: Rep. John Boehner, Speaker of the House; Rep. Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader Goal: Ensure the protection of Native women from assault by non-Native perpetrators. One in three Native American women is a victim of sexual assault.

Signed and shared thank you Rose.


 signed too


Condemn Ugandan Pastor For Vulgar Homophobic Lies
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ACTION, GAY RIGHTS, UGANDA )
Rose - 14 seconds ago -

Target: Ugandan Pastor, Reverend Martin Ssempa Goal: To condemn Reverend Martin Ssempa for spreading lies in order to promote his homophobic agenda. Ugandan Pastor Reverend Martin Ssempa is a known advocate of homophobic legislature. A strong

Signed thank you Rose.

Remove Unqualified Pro-Life Advocate From State Medical Board
World  (tags: usa, humanrights, ACTION, REMOVE, politics, PRO CHOICE )
Rose - 21 seconds ago -

Target: Ohio Governor John Kasich Goal: Dismiss unqualified member of Ohio State Medical Board Conservative Ohio Governor John Kasich recently appointed an anti-abortion activist with absolutely no medical experience to the State Medical Board.

Commend Police Officers for Making Christmas Special for Sick Children
World  (tags: usa, humanrights, GoodNews, ACTION, THANK POLICE, SICK CHILDREN )
Rose - 12 seconds ago -

Target: Police officers across America Goal: Thank police officers for going beyond the call of duty to help sick children and their families this holiday season Police officers deserve a lot of respect for putting their lives on the line everyday

Signed thank you Rose.

Support Decision to Shut Down Online Gaming Accounts Used By Sex Offenders
World  (tags: usa, ACTION, humanrights, SEX OFFENDERS )
Rose - 48 seconds ago -

arget: New York's Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman Goal: To show support of the efforts made to protect the online gaming community from sexual predators. As technology evolves at such a pronounced rate, it sometimes supersedes the laws and

Thank Philippines for Signing Human Rights Legislation
World  (tags: world, humanrights, GoodNews, ACTION, THANK )
Rose - 11 seconds ago -

arget: Philippine President Benigno Aquino III Goal: Thank the Philippine president for signing a law that sentences any state agents involved in enforced disappearances to life in prison

Ban Dangerous Conversion Therapy for LGBTQ Minors
World  (tags: world, humanrights, usa, ACTION, LGBTQ, conversion therapy )
Rose - 12 seconds ago -

Target: Assemblyman John Burzichelli and Assemblyman Timothy Eustace of New Jersey Goal: Ban conversion therapy for LGBTQ minors. A newly proposed bill in New Jersey seeks to prohibit the use of conversion therapy that attempts to change

Signed thank you Rose

Thank Piers Morgan For Speaking Out Against Gun Violence
World  (tags: world, usa, humanrights, ACTION, THANK PIERS MORGAN FOR SPEAKING OUT )
Rose - 11 seconds ago -

get: Piers Morgan Goal: Thank CNN host Piers Morgan for vehemently speaking out against gun violence and taking on the gun lobby In light of the recent tragedy in Newton, Connecticut and continued gun violence throughout the United State

Signed thank you Rose.

Demand Indian Government Takes Action After Gang-Rape Victim Passes Away
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ACTION DEMAND, INDIA, RAPE )
Rose - 12 seconds ago -

Target: Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Goal: Demand that the Indian government implement policies that will help spread awareness about rape and stop the type of sexual violence that killed a 23 year-old student. The incident of

Ban Use of Phallometric Testing on Asylum Seekers in the Czech Republic
World  (tags: world, humanrights, europe, ACTION GAY RIGHTS SICKENING )
Rose - 10 seconds ago -

arget: Minister of the Interior of the Czech Republic Goal: Ban penile phallometry used to determine sexual orientation of asylum seekers in the Czech Republic Phallometric testing, or penile phallometry, is a method claimed to be a "scientific"

Tell Swaziland to Stop Blaming Women for Rape
World  (tags: world, humanrights, action rape, women don't blame )
Rose - 10 seconds ago -

Target: The Government of the Kingdom of Swaziland Goal: Prevent Swaziland law from banning mini-skirts, low-rise jeans, and midriff-bearing tops, thus punishing women for rape instead of men

Dear 16 Days Activists,

A resounding thanks to all of you who responded so quickly to the Center’s call for signatures in November for the Joint Statement to Promote an End to Gender-Based Violence submitted to the United Nations 57th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women on behalf of 16 Days Campaign Partners, attached.  


We were thrilled to receive signatures by over 130 individuals and organizations in 48 hours.  Given this overwhelming support, we would like to invite additional individuals and organizations to sign on to the statement, which we will make available during CSW57.


If you wish to sign on, please send your name to by Tuesday 8 January, 9 am EST. 


The statement, along with CWGL’s activities for CSW57, is also available on the CWGL website:


We look forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards,

The 16 Days Team

-- The 16 Days Team 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign Center for Women's Global Leadership School of Arts and Sciences Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 160 Ryders Lane New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8555 Tel: 1-848-932-8782 Fax: 1-732-932-1180 Skype: cwgl_16days Email: Website:

All signed thank you rose and Alicia.

Alicia posted upcoming event on the UN women's thread.

 Thanks for that Alicia

several petitions and actions

Get others involved

Invite Friends

If you are in the UK or Australia please join these efforts there to support the Indian protests against escalating rape and violence on Indian women. International pressure is very important to send the message to the government of India, that despite being sought by FDI interests, global citizens will still hold their governments accountable for who they do business with and what India's human rights records are!

Protests outside the Indian High Commission in London, Jan 07, 2013, from 6-7 pm. Details on their facebook page here

Here's a petition to the UK government to not remain silent on the mass scale violence on women in India

Here's a petition by citizens to the government of Australia demanding they send a message to the government of India that their treatment of women must change


 up to date


Demand Justice for Disabled People Sexually Assaulted By Caretakers
World  (tags: world, humanrights, usa, Action, DISABLED, JUSTICE )
Rose - 13 seconds ago -

Target: Terri Delgadillo, Director of the Department of Developmental Services of California Goal: To bring disabled victims' attackers to justice, discipline officers involved in sexual assault cases, and adequately investigate any future

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 Signed Alicia Thankyou

signed and shared thank you Alicia and Rose,

Name India's Revised Anti-Rape Law After Gang Rape Victim
World  (tags: humanrights, ACTIOn, INDIA, government, Gang Rape Victim )
Rose - 17 seconds ago -

Target: Parliament of India Goal: Name the revised anti-rape law after the gang rape victim who inspired it The recent violent gang rape in New Delhi, India has inspired controversy in the country. This controversy has led to the revision of

Justice for Soni Sori & Punished the Culprits
Society & Culture  (tags: rights, humans, women, soni-sori )
Roshani - 40 minutes ago -

Because she has constantly fought for her people's rights- for minimum wages. She has taken on powerful companies that want the Adivasis's land, and the Chhattisgarh govt. that supports these companies. She has taken on the police for their illegal work.
 crossposting this for Roshani


 up to dates cheers

Signed and shared thank you Rose.

Seek Justice For Queens Hate Crime Murder
World  (tags: world, usa, humanrights, ACTION, JUSTICE HATE CRIME )
Rose - 12 seconds ago -

Target: District Attorney Richard A. Brown Goal: To seek justice for Sunando Sen's death in a hate crime committed by 31-year-old Erika Menendez. Sunando Sen, a 46-year-old Indian immigrant, was pushed onto the Subway tracks this week because he

Signed, thank you Rose.

Demand That the Obama Administration Take Direct Action to Close Guantanamo Bay
World  (tags: world, humanrights, usa, government, ACTION )
Rose - 25 seconds ago -

arget: President Barack Obama Goal: To demand that the Obama administration take a more direct route to closing the Guantanamo Bay prison

Signed thank you Rose.

Tell Bahrain to Respect Human Rights
World  (tags: world, humanrights, 'CIVILLIBERTIES!', ACTION, middle-east )
Rose - 10 seconds ago -

Target: Shaikh Hamad bin 'Issa Al Khalifa, King of Bahrain Goal: Tell Bahrain to respect human rights and release prisoners of conscience.

Commend the United Kingdom For Arresting Nepalese War Criminal
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ACTION THANK U.K, NEPAL government )
Rose - 10 seconds ago -

Target: UK Prime Minister David Cameron Goal: Commend the United Kingdom for arresting alleged human rights abuser Recently, the United Kingdom arrested a Nepali army colonel suspected of various human rights violations during Nepal's

Honor the Vietnam War's Conscientious Objectors
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ACTION VIETNAM WAR, HONOR )
Rose - 12 seconds ago -

Target: United States Congress Goal: Celebrate men who peacefully avoided the Vietnam War draft by creating a national holiday in their honor. It is now common knowledge that the Vietnam War was a tragedy that left a dark stain on America's


 all done


Signed thank you rose.

End Violence Against Women in Congo
World  (tags: world, humanrights, violence, ACTION, CONGO )
Rose - 12 seconds ago -

Target: President Barack Obama Goal: Ask President Obama to appoint a special presidential envoy to help end violence against women in Congo. Violence has been rampant in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) for years, and violence against

Applaud Addition of Female Officers to Delhi Police Force
World  (tags: world, humanrights, India, Thank, ACTION government )
Rose - 8 minutes ago -

Goal: Praise the Indian government for increasing female presence in Delhi's police force, and encourage further reforms.

Signed thank you Rose.

Cal's news/petition.

TAKE ACTION NOW! End India's War on Women

World  (tags: world, politics, news, India, women's rights, society, violence, 'HUMANRIGHTS!', 'CIVILLIBERTIES!' )
Cal - 1 day ago -

We urgently need both stronger law enforcement and a massive public education program to change the grotesque but common male attitudes that permit violence against women in India.

 Signed Thanks Vivien and Cal

Protect Humanitarian Aid Workers and Migrants in Mexico
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ACTION, PROTECT, MEXICO )
Rose - 22 seconds ago -

arget: Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, Minster of Interior, Mexico Goal: Secure government protection for threatened humanitarian workers in Mexico.

Remove Judge Who Accused Rape Victim of Not 'Putting Up a Fight'
World  (tags: world, usa, humanrights, ACTION, REMOVE JUDGE, RAPE )
Rose - 11 seconds ago -

Target: California Commission on Judicial Performance Goal: Demand the removal of Judge Derek Johnson from his position as a California Superior Court Judge following his comments blaming the victim of a rape case In 2008,
on sergio's behalf, gracias

Please sign and forward if you care!

Malala has dedicated her childhood to championing education for girls like her in Pakistan. As she lies in a hospital bed, a tragic victim of Taliban gunmen, let's help make her dream come true.

One part of Pakistan has already started a successful programme of paying families which send their girls to school regularly. But in Malala's province the government is dragging its feet. Senior politicians have offered Malala help, and if we act now we can get them to commit to rolling this out nationwide. .......

 signed Both

Thanks Rose & Alicia.Signed up to now.

All signed thank you Rose and Alicia.


 up to date now

 Signed Alicia


for the newcomers! gracias

welcome to the group and please consider note and/or sign:

Por Favor, Firma Por 450 Trabajos En Peligro. Please Sign for 450 Works at Risk!

World  (tags: FGV, Valencia, Spain, ERE, work, human rights, solidarity, action, petition, signature, railways, public transport, cuts, money, horror )
Alicia - 26 days ago -

Si algo le preocupa a este gobierno (Valencia, España) es su imagen, Ayuda a la gente de los ferrocarriles valencianos con tu firma. Gracias. If there's anything that Valencian government worries about is its public image. Help Valencian railways workers!

Alicia have made your petition into a news item to get more votes have post on FB also.

 Signed Alicia

Demand Proper Medical Attention For Paraplegic Prisoner in Solitary Confinement
World  (tags: world, middle-east, humanrights, ACTION, 'CIVILLIBERTIES!' )
Rose - 11 seconds ago -

Target: Prosecutor General Daulbaev Ashat Goal: To get proper medical care for a beaten paraplegic prisoner and his cousin. A paraplegic prisoner in Kazakhstan has been kept in solitary confinement for more than 11 month

Punish Gang Rapists Who Killed Female Student in India
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ACTION, JUSTICE FOR RAPE VICTIM )
Rose - 14 seconds ago -

Target: UN Region: GLOBAL The woman, a physiotherapy student, had been travelling home from watching a film at a shopping mall in the south of Delhi when she and a male friend were attacked by a group of drunk men on a largely empty bus.

Signed and shared thank you Rose.

Ban Torture on Suspects Held in United States Prisons
World  (tags: world, usa, humanrights, ACTION, STOP TORTURE )
Rose - 42 seconds ago -

Target: Members of the United States Congress Goal: Create legislation to permanently ban torture in prisons run by the United States. Although the U.S. Constitution clearly bans 'cruel and unusual punishment,' torture still occurs at the


Allow Mississippi's Only Abortion Clinic to Remain Open
World  (tags: world, usa, humanrights, Women's rights ACTION ABORTION )
Rose - 1 minute ago -

arget: Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant Goal: Prevent closure of Mississippi's only abortion clinic Recently, Mississippi's only abortion clinic missed a deadline to comply with a new state law. The law demands that every physician at the clinic

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Signed thank you rose.

Stop the Rape-Culture in India

World  (tags: world, humanrights, ACTION, STOP THE RAPE CULTURE IN INDIA )
Rose - 20 seconds ago -

Target: Parliament of India Goal: Broaden anti-rape laws in India to include more than just vaginal rape. Last year in Delhi there were 635 rape cases reported, yet only one ended in conviction. After the brutal bus gang-rape and death that

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 up to date

petition you!

please vote for Safe world for women in the katerva awards, gracias

 I have voted Alicia Thank you

Protest Restaurant Owner's Anti-Gay Letter to Lesbian Couple
World  (tags: world, humanrights, usa, ACTION, GAY RIGHTS )
Rose - 16 seconds ago -

arget: Ed McGovern, owner of The Stingray Café in North Carolina. Goal: To protest the anti-gay letter given to a lesbian couple by restaurant owner Ed McGovern. In December of last year, a restaurant owner in New Bern, North Carolina wrote

Signed and voted thank you Rose and Alicia.

no exactamente a petición...

I think it will interest you!


The United Nations and partners want to hear from YOU! MY World is a global survey asking you to choose your priorities for a better world. Results will be shared with world leaders in setting the next global development agenda.
Tell us about the world you want, because your voice matters.

Signed, voted and shared thank you Alicia.

Demand That Mining Companies Stop Using Forced Labor in Eritrea
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ethics, ACTION, FORCED LABOR )
Rose - 1 minute ago -

arget: Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada Goal: To make mining companies monitor human rights abuses occurring in their operations abroad and bring light to forced labor in Eritrea.

 Signed Alicia Thank you

Signed thank you Rose.
Siti Zainab is on death row in Saudi Arabia awaiting execution by beheading. Call for Siti's sentence to be overturned -- and show Saudi authorities that this kind of brutality is not acceptable anywhere.

This post was modified from its original form on 22 Jan, 13:15

Don't Appoint Judge to Indonesian Supreme Court After Offensive Rape Comment

World  (tags: world, asia, humanrights, ACTION, RAPE NOT FUNNY )
Rose - 22 seconds ago -

arget: The Judicial Commission of Indonesia Goal: Do not grant judge Muhammad Daming Sunusi a seat on the Supreme Court following his insensitive comments about rape Muhammad Daming Sunusi is yet another high-positioned official who has s

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 Signed Vivien Thanks


 signed Vivien and Rose


Condemn Rush Limbaugh for Hijacking Civil Rights Movement to Further Pro-Gun Agenda
World  (tags: world, usa, humanrights, LIMBAUGH, ACTION, PRO GUN AGENDA )
Rose - 1 minute ago -

Target: Radio host Rush Limbaugh Goal: Demand an apology from Limbaugh for tarnishing the legacy of the African American civil rights movement by suggesting that peaceful protestors should have been armed

Signed both thank you Rose

Demand Educational Institutions Uphold Law Prohibiting Discrimination Based on Pregnancy
World  (tags: usa, humanrights, ACTION, 'CIVILLIBERTIES!', education )
Rose - 12 seconds ago -

Seth Galanter, acting head of the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights Goal: To ensure that high schools, colleges, and universities abide by the civil rights law that prohibits sex discrimination in education, including

Signed thank you Rose

Install More Baby Boxes in South Korea

World  (tags: world, humanrights, asia, PETITION, Babies )
Rose - 21 seconds ago -

Target: South Korean government Region: South KoreaThere is only one baby box installed in South Korea in Seoul. We, the undersigned, call on the South Korean government to install more baby boxes. Baby boxes can save the babies.

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 Signed Ana Thank you

Stop American Human Trafficking
World  (tags: world, humanrights, usa, ACTION HUMANTRAFFICKING )
Rose - 20 seconds ago -

Target: Congressman Earl Blumenauer Goal: Prevent Portland, Oregon from being a hub for the transportation of human trafficking victims Anywhere from 750,000 to 2 million people have been trafficked in the United States over the last decade,


Praise Morocco for Working to End Violence Against Women
World  (tags: world, humanrights, WOMEN ACTION, THANK, MOROCCO )
Rose - 32 seconds ago -

Target: Moroccan Justice Minister Mustapha Ramid Goal: Thank Moroccan government for reforming previously unjust rape laws In March 2012, a 16-year-old Moroccan girl committed suicide, tragically ingesting poison to escape

All signed thank you Rose

Stop Mali's Military From Executing Civilians

World  (tags: world, humanrights, violence, ACTION, MALI )
Rose - 5 hours ago -

Target: Government of Mali Goal: Stop Malian soldiers from committing further atrocities in their fight against terrorism. In the last few weeks, there have been multiple eye-witness reports of Malian troops executing civilians and suspected rebel

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Stop New Mexico From Criminalizing Abortion After Rape
World  (tags: world, humanrights, violence, ACTION PLEASE, RAPE, ABORTION )
Rose - 15 seconds ago -

arget: New Mexico State Representative, Cathrynn Brown Goal: Don't make it illegal for women who have been impregnated as a result of rape to get an abortion New Mexico state representative Cathrynn Brown has introduced a new bill that would



 up to date

 Not a problem Rose


Tell Boy Scouts of America to End Homophobic Policy
World  (tags: world, usa, humanrights, ACTION, boy scouts, Gay rights )
Rose - 13 seconds ago -

arget: The Boy Scouts of America Goal: To bring an end to the Boy Scouts' policy that restricts membership based on sexual orientation. After years of mounting protest against the Boy Scouts of America's ban on gay scouts and leader

Up to date.Thanks Rose, Vivien,Alicia & David.

All signed thank you Rose

Stop Abortions After Rape From Being Criminalized

World  (tags: war, humanrights, ACTION PLEASE. RAPE ABORTION )
Rose - 22 seconds ago -

Target: New Mexico Representative Cathrynn Brown Goal: Protect rape victims from carrying pregnancies in order to use the fetus as evidence in court New Mexico Representative Cathrynn Brown is trying charge a rape victim with a third-degree felony

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Signed and shared thank you Rose.

Make your voice heard in the fight against human trafficking!

 Thanks Dana

Demand Justice for Autistic Teen Presumed Drunk and Detained for 10 Hours
World  (tags: world, humanrights, children, ACTION JUSTICE, AUTISM )
Rose - 12 seconds ago -

Target: Merseyside Police Goal: Urge the Merseyside Police to apologize to the autistic teen wrongly accused of being drunk and disorderly.

Done thank you dana and Rose.

Done thank you Rose and Dana.

Done, thanks Rose  & Dana.

Demand Factories in Bangladesh Install Fire Alarms and Emergency Exits
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ACTION, SAFETY, Bangladesh )
Rose - 12 seconds ago -

Target: President Zillur Rahman Goal: Make factories in Bangladesh safer by installing fire safety precautions Despite all of the recent tragic fires that have occurred in Bangladesh, it is shocking and intolerable that nothing has been done

Signed  and shared thank you Rose.

update about katerva awards

The 2012 Katerva People's Choice Award winner is:
Safe World for Women (
The Safeworld International Foundation is a women-led NGO working with grassroots groups to promote women's empowerment and sustainable development, tackle the root causes of poverty and oppression, and bring positive social and economic change at a global level. It is registered in England and Wales.

and the winner at category Gender Equality: Safe World for Women

 bravo! thank you so much!

TY so much Alicia for this update.

 Love safeworld for women




 signing now Alicia


 Me too Alicia

End the Sexual and Physical Abuse of Indigenous Women in British Columbia
World  (tags: humanrights, world, ACTION, Canada Indigenous womenchildren )
Rose - 9 seconds ago -

Target: Canadian Government Goal: End the mistreatment and abuse of indigenous women by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in northern British Columbia has failed to protect indigenous women and children

signed, gracias dana and just c.

Voted signed and shared, thank you Alicia and Rose.

Demand Indian Government Take Action to End Witch Hunts and Protect Women
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ACTION, India, Violence, Protect women )
Rose - 19 seconds ago -

Goal: Demand action from the Indian government to end witch hunts and protect women in parts of rural India. In rural parts of India, poor harvests, droughts, and illnesses are ascribed to the supernatural. Villagers consult witch doctors


 up to date

from my dear friend Suheyla, gracias!


Environment  (tags: cappadocia travertine )
Suheyla - 2 hours ago -

Recently, we have been shocked to see insensitive construction work doing ever more damage to the natural and historical texture of Cappadocia, one of the world's most precious places and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its unique geolog

 Signed Alicia

ty Alicia..signed petition & noted the article

Signed & noted up to date.thanks all

Signed thank you alicia.
Sorry Rose there appears to be a problem with the " Force Cahnge" link at present will try again later.

Demand That Thai Government Increase Protection for Activists

World  (tags: world, humanrights, asia, ACTION, Protection for activists )
Rose - 21 seconds ago -

Target: Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra Goal: Increase government protection for targeted environmental and social activists in Thailand. The recent murder of an environmentalist in Thailand has sparked outcry among the international community

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Decry the UN Human Rights Council's Willful Ignorance of Slavery in Mauritania
World  (tags: humanrights, world, freedoms, ACTION, SLAVERY )
Rose - 10 seconds ago -

Target: United Nations Human Rights Council Goal: Denounce the elevation of Mauritania, which does almost nothing to keep 20% of its population from being enslaved, to the position of vice-chair on the UN Human Rights Council

Signed and shared thank you Rose Alicia and Suheyla.

Condemn Lashing and House Arrest of 15-Year-Old Rape Victim
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ACTION, LASHING, violence )
Rose - 19 seconds ago -

Target: Government of the Maldives Goal: Abolish lashing or flogging as punishment for premarital affairs Recently, a 15-year-old girl was sentenced to 100 lashings for having premarital sex. Prior to this sentencing, the girl reported being raped


 all signed



Society & Culture  (tags: slavery, asia, crime, culture, family, society, rights, education, children, law )
Kevin - 4 hours ago -

Every year, during the harvest season, over a million children and adults - including teachers, nurses and doctors - are ripped out of their homes, schools and jobs, and forced to work in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan to meet daily picking quotas.

Signed nd shared thank you Rose and Kevin

End 40 Years of Solitary Confinement for Louisiana Activist

World  (tags: world, humanrights, usa, ACTION, NO MORESolitary confinement )
Rose - 44 seconds ago -

Target: General James Caldwell and the state of Louisiana Goal: Free civil rights activist Albert Woodfox from solitary confinement in Louisiana Recently, a federal judge presiding in the US District Court for Louisiana agreed that Albert




found this




Please Sign: End Slavery Conditions in US Guestworker Program

Society & Culture  (tags: Guestworker program, slavery conditions, immigration reform, Congress, US Department of Labor, workers' rights, human rights, exploitation, abuse, laborethics )
Susan - 55 minutes ago -
Lawmakers and business groups debating immigration reform are suggesting that Congress meet industry's need for cheap labor by renewing or expanding the current Guestworker Program. But the program treats workers more like slaves than guests.

 up to date

 Rose has started a new thread

Signed thank you Rose.

Please note that  you may still sign these petitions.
We are closing this thread to open a new one. see

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