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Horse news & horse petitions
5 years ago
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Check out this news:


(think this is the correct link)

5 years ago

This is a news story about a horse being dragged.

See news topic for other news.

5 years ago


 *Calico Mustangs*



         News Story Link

5 years ago
Stop brutal horse fighting in china
8 hrs ago
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Stop brutal horse fighting in china
Target: Animal Cruelty In China
Sponsored by: Save the Horses

Don't usually put petitions anywhere but the petition topic but decided to paste it here as well bue to the small number of petitions against horse brutality.


Thanks Fulvia

5 years ago


One more petition for a horse, a dragged to death horse.

Valle, I hope this is the right place to post it. If not, please, move it elsewhere.

Thank you!

5 years ago

Don't worry Fulvia - most petitions I put under petitions, but as I said before there are so few petitions it seems about horses that let's keep them here - I'll change the topic name a little.  Thanks for posting.

5 years ago

Changed topic heading so makes more sense Fulvia - thanks.

5 years ago

Signed. Thank You Vallee.

5 years ago

Thanks for all your help Linda.  Between painting, yard, home, doctor appts for my partner, errands..  I run out of time....  So lots of for you!

5 years ago  (wild horses)


Miss you Fulviva & Cheree

5 years ago

Signed Thank you Vallee.

5 years ago

Thanks Linda - did you get the other petitions too?

5 years ago

Original Message:

Original Message:

Stop the Roundup of Days-Old Wild Horses

This is a very important petition for our wild horses!! It only has 8,669 signatures right now and its goal is 15,000! Please, if you haven't signed it yet, please do so as the wild horses are in need of urgent help. Also, it would be really nice if you forwarded this to your friends so that more people will sign this petition!

Thanks! (I'm sure the horses are thanking you too.)


Original Message:

i have never asked for comments on my own shares, and probably would be happy to continue to note other's news and share items.

but this one sole case, is very personal to me, and in my hands. the work has been hard, the hope high, and the excitement to witness the happy ending is over whelming.

please give note, or comment to this share, and thank you so much for caring so deeply for all animals on this planet.

hugs kindle

5 years ago
A brave 14 year old mustang mare
5 hrs ago

please check out my share on jodie mustang, the story is heartbraking, but also heartwarming.

your encouragement is very much strengthening to me, and i read every comment.


the original story on another blog site also.

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