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Word Association Game
5 years ago

Now no fair not finishing the other games as well.  But as soon and the cat hangman is named and the horse is finished, I am combining them all into one.  


So here goes.  I say a word and you give me a word you associate with it - as much as possible, let stick to animal type words....


I'll start out easy:


Dog..... cat


Now you take cat and give me an associated word.  Hope you enjoy!

5 years ago

Wops - lost that post.   Thanks George.  Can we post it like this (easier for me)?


Cat...... Paw


My turn:     Paw...... Prints


Now the next person starts with ..




Let's see if we can get more interaction here.

5 years ago

Hi Peter.  Welome!  Glad you could join us. 


Now I say prints.... and you write the word that you associate with that like someone said Paw... and I said Prints.   Now I say


Prints.....  ______________  (and you fill in the word you associate with it).  Does that make sense?

5 years ago

makes sense now thanks Val.can associate lots of words before prints at this moment not one after it.

5 years ago

OK - I will then Peter:


Prints.....  Photos

5 years ago

Photos...... Album

5 years ago


5 years ago

stamp... letter.

5 years ago

Letter - writing  -


ok we have the hang of things....  now to make it more interesting let's try and keep it to more animals related topics


Letter....dachshund (they're small)