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5 years ago
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These were forwarded to me by George.

Watch the videos and weep for joy. 


5 years ago


Dear Friend,




The 2010 commercial seal hunt has limped to end and I wanted to take a moment to share my latest speech in the Senate with you.  Paste the following into your browser to access the text of this speech.




The government has failed the people of Canada by refusing to accept that it is time to transition those involved in the commercial hunt into viable jobs with a future.  The government’s lack of leadership has also caused considerable damage to the well-being of Canada’s Inuit and other indigenous hunters, and to Canada’s international reputation. 




I encourage you to share this information with your friends and colleagues.  And please continue to send me copies of any correspondence you have with MPs or Senators and we will add them to the more than 650,000 calls, emails and letters that we have received in support of efforts to end the commercial seal hunt.




I will continue to work hard to bring the government to account for its lack of leadership on this important issue in the hope that the 2010 hunt will go down in history as the last commercial seal hunt in this country.




Thanks for your continued support.




Senator Mac Harb





5 years ago


Original Message:


Original Message:


passing this on to share a smile........

Original Message:




I know we are all busy. I just love this cartoon though. It really made me laugh out loud. Take a look if you get a chance, and please share!


It is really worth the few moments!  My cat has learned just to snuggle with me until right before the sun comes up and then she pats me on the head saying, Hey sleepy girl...  you have to get up and walk the dog!"

5 years ago

Have your tissue ready for this one....


Talking Dogs:


A cruel reality for ‘throwaway’ dogs By Roger Nelson Published: Wednesday, August 4, 2010 3:39 PM MST


Well before sunup, as I was soundly sleeping, he stormed into the room, picked me up by the scruff of the neck and threw me into his truck. He was upset with me as usual and I submitted to him, having no idea what was going on. I could tell by his anger it was not going to be good. With my heart pounding and after an hour’s drive, we came to a stop in the middle of nowhere. The door opened and I was pushed out of the truck into the darkness. I took a tumble or two as I hit the hard ground. Dazed, I watched as his truck disappeared from sight into the darkness. I stood there shaking in fear the same way I shook when he had hit and screamed at me. I could never understand why two-legged dogs were so angry. All I ever really needed was to be trained and accepted. I admit we had some problems communicating, but what could I do when he did not take the time to teach me what he wanted? There are no words to describe the terror I experienced. I took a few steps down the road where I saw his truck disappear. Then I heard it, the wild sound I had heard before and wanted to avoid at all costs — the yipping of coyotes in the distance. I froze in my tracks and lay down, still as I could be, and waited. Maybe they would move on and not discover me. The light of dawn began to appear on the horizon. I began moving slowly down the road, trembling, looking over my shoulder every step of the way, anticipating something else to go wrong. I wandered for what seemed like days without food under the hot sun, exposed to the elements. I found some shade under a mesquite tree and was fortunate enough to find water where cattle were grazing. Then I saw him, a two-legged dog fixing a fence. I realized at this point that even though two-legged dogs hated me and I have every reason to fear them, they were the only food source I ever knew and I was starving. I approached ever so cautiously, head down, tail between my legs. He wiped the sweat from his brow, looked up and saw me laying several yards away watching him. He called me invitingly, but I would have no part of it after the events of the last few days. I would never trust a two-legged again ever. He threw a morsel of food from his knapsack. I jumped back, thinking he was throwing a rock. Then I caught the scent of bologna and quickly woofed it down. He tried in vain to get me to come to him so he could rescue me, but it was too late. The mindless damage from the two-legged dog had been done. I lived my final days wandering and hungry. Eventually I was struck and killed by a car as I was trying to cross a highway. You might have seen my mangled, lifeless body lying alongside the road as you passed by. I just thought you dog-dumpers would want to know what happened. But then again, you already knew this would probably be my fate. We all make mistakes, but making a mistake and knowing it is wrong and doing it anyway ­— well that’s something different.


Sincerely, Your Throwaway Dog

5 years ago

Forwarding on...


It's an absolute disgrace!

This beautiful family pet is to be put to death, NOT because he has caused any harm , attacked children or other animals, but purely and simply because he is part-dingo - typical  South Australian bureaucratic mindlessness and detachment from reality!


PLEASE SIGN! Save Esky the Dingo-Cross From Death!

PLEASE SIGN! Save Esky the Dingo-Cross From Death!

Animals  (tags: animaladvocates, animalrights, AnimalWelfare, cruelty, dogs, killing, pets, protection, sadness, suffering )

- 44 minutes ago -

This beautiful dingo x, a much loved family pet, is to be destroyed by bungling South Australian bureaucracy, not because he has attacked children or other animals, but simply because he is a part dingo - a native Australian!

5 years ago

This is pure insanity and animal cruelty. This is the same thing Adolf Hitler did to the Jews. To destroy an animal just because of its breed it abuse to the animal world. How would they like it if someone put them to death just because they were Australian? They would be calling the perpatrator a tyrant and a dictator. So where does that put them?

5 years ago

Looks like you did some highlighting to the group Del - glad you are back.  I agree this is atocious.  My husband can't even watch those ads on the TV and yesterday he heard a story on NPR about a dog being catched, shot and killed becasuse the dog couldn't fight anymore.  He almost cried.  He can't imagine people doing that - I explained what we see here on Care2.

5 years ago

Forwarded on from George - about Bears in SC.





This story has just broken.  Please note and forward--


5 years ago

Forwarded to me...



Thanks, Lea. Joined & forwarded. U.S. citizens can join too.





I am sending this in case you haven't received a link to this site before and you may wish to join:

5 years ago

Just missed the edit time.  George also forwarded me the news above....

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5 years ago

More news forwarded by AnaLiza - may have to separate out these threads...


Thank You Sue, action taken!!! and Forward!!!


blessings and peace to you all!!!


Original Message:

hello, here is my link to more wolf actions and others news links...

I have added some new ones since then and here is a link for other wonderful stories submitted by my friends...thanks so much....sue

they all have wonderful stories attached to them check out the actions to take.....excellent....thanks all for the help....


more for you to add to collection.....

5 years ago

One more from AnaLiza (forwarded from a friend)


Hello friends, I submitted a story about a woman that dumped a cat into a garbage bin:

cruel woman dumps cat




5 years ago

Another from George:



Signed and posted on FB thanks Patrizia. Annie




Dogmeat Image

Act against the Dogmeat Image

Act against the Dogmeat Image

Sign The Petition

THANK YOU, Magdalena.


5 years ago

Forwarded by a friend to me:



Cat-Dropping Woman Under Police Protection

Cat-Dropping Woman Under Police Protection

Animals  (tags: AnimalCruelty, abused, cats, cruelty, ethics, law, pets, investigation )

- 1 hour ago -

A middle-aged UK woman who was caught on camera dropping a cat into a wheelie bin is now under police protection.



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5 years ago



Forwarded by AnaLiza:






Click on Madeleine Pickens


Madeleine Pickens Madeline Pickens is trying to save the wild horses of America.  They are systematically being killed by the Bureau of Land Management under Salazar a rancher and head of the Dept of the interior.  The horses land has been given to the ranchers, this land was given to the horses by an act of congress.  Madeline will hand deliver letter to Obama, Salazar and the BLM.  She has over 17000 now but the deadline is Sept. 1.  If you click on the link you can send the letter to her online or she has the address to write.  Please help her help the horses.  Thank you all....



5 years ago

I personally feel much interest in this issue because I lived near-by to the Salazars Ranch in New Mexico recently and had nothing but trouble with all of the politicians, etc there until I finally had to leave - including Ken Salazar before he was in his present position.  There were wild horses there, probably mustang, and it was illegal to capture them, so what gives him the right to slaughter them!

5 years ago

Forwarded to me:


Hi Val,

Buffy F. has sent you the following introduction. This system allows only brief introductions. If you would like to respond to this person, simply reply to this message.

Hi Val,

Me and some girls created 2 petitions.
If you would like you can put them in your group.

Attached to petition

5 years ago



Original Message:




SUBJECT: Oscar The Nursing Home Cat 2010 ...


When doctors and staff realized that a cat living in a U.S. nursing home could sense when someone was going to die, the feline, Oscar, was portrayed as a furry grim reaper or four-legged angel   of death. 


But Dr. David Dosa, who broke the news of Oscar's abilities in a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2007, said he never intended to make Oscar sound creepy or his arrival at a bedside to be viewed negatively. 


Dosa said he hopes his newly released book, "Making Rounds With Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat" will put the cat in a more favorable light as well as providing a book to help people whose loved ones are terminally ill. 


"After the New England Journal article you got the feeling that if Oscar is in your bed then you are dead, but you did not really see what is going on for these family members," said Dosa, an assistant professor of medicine at Brown University. 


"I wanted to write a book that would go beyond Oscar's peculiarities, to tell why he is important to family members and caregivers who have been with him at the end of a life." 


Dosa said Oscar's story is fascinating on many levels. 


Oscar was adopted as a kitten from an animal shelter to be raised as a therapy cat at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island, which cares for people with severe dementia and in the final stages of various illnesses. 


SIXTH SENSE? When Oscar was about six months old the staff noticed that he would curl up to sleep with patients who were about to die. 


So far he has accurately predicted about 50 deaths. 


Dosa recounts one instance when staff were convinced of the imminent death of one patient but Oscar refused to sit with that person, choosing instead to be on the bed of another patient down the hallway. Oscar proved to be right. The person he sat with died first, taking staff on the ward by surprise. 


Dosa said there is no scientific evidence to explain Oscar's abilities, but he thinks the cat might be responding to a pheromone or smell that humans simply don't recognize. 


Dosa said his main interest was not to delve further into Oscar's abilities but to use Oscar as a vehicle to tell about terminal illness, which is his main area of work. 


"There is a lot to tell about what Oscar does, but there is a lot to tell on the human level of what family members go through at the end of life when they are dealing with a loved one in a nursing home or with advanced dementia," he said. 


"Perhaps the book is a little more approachable because there is a cat in it. We really know so little about nursing homes, and this tries to get rid of this myth that they are horrid factories where people go to die." 


Dosa said the story of Oscar, who is now nearly five years old, initially had sparked a bit more interest in families wanting to send their loved ones to Steere House. 


Oscar has even been thanked by families in obituaries for providing some comfort in the final hours of life. 


But he said Oscar remains unchanged by the attention, spending most of his days staring out of a window, although he has become a bit friendlier. 


"The first time I met Oscar he bit me. We have warmed over the years. We have moved into a

5 years ago

Please sign and forward thanks Gail


Original Message:


Original Message:


ACTION ALERT: Save Wolf Puppies From Poisonous Gas !!!! DEADLINE 31 AUGUST !!!


Animals  (tags: wolves, wolf pups, massacred, gassed, horrific cruelty, outrage, welfare, protection, legalisation )



- 5 hours ago -


The federal Wildlife Services agency, a branch of the USDA, is the primary wolf-killer in the United States. They want to expand their wolf-killing operations -- killing entire packs, including the pups


5 years ago

Unsure if posted previouslly but here is a NICE ending.... forwarded to me by Dianne.


Original story...



a puppy in baldwin park califorina was dragged by a pick up truck a shelter took him in and they did surgery on all 4 paws,then barko put out a news article that they were going to put him down,money was raised to about 1,300$.i made a phone call to the animal rescue shelter out there and was told that the puppy had been adopted out to a 4 ever home,great news



5 years ago

Have just finished signing all manner of petitions against animal cruelty.  So nice to hear about  a happy ending for a change.   

5 years ago

Thanks Val - just posted some petitions for today!

5 years ago

Forwarding on for a friend:


Hi my friends, Im sending this to you all in hopes that you will pass this on to all "your friends". I know some of you have already signed, but maybe 1 of your friends didnt. Ive been so upset by this Im just trying to get the word out anyway i can. Some of you have alot of friends, if they forward it.... well, alot of people will see it & hopefully sign. These Bears need us. The only way out if not rescued is death.


Thank you so much, your friend Tanya.

5 years ago

Good morning all. I have a little personal news, Anna and I have 4ever adopted a Chiwienie. Her name is Rosey. She is a very sweet loveable little girl and Cheyenne has no problem with her at all.  We originally came by her from a coworker at Anna's(my wife)job. The girl had told her that the dog came from an abused home, it was around three years old, and she had originally got it from Pampered Paws. It had supposedly been to three families and returned because it did not like children and would bite at or bite them. The reason she was going to return it was it had snapped at her 5 yr old daughter. She had asked Anna if she wanted it because if she took it back to Pampered Paws they would put it down because of its history. Anna fell in love with it at first sight and brought Rosey home. Four days later, we find out that the girl we got Rosey from had 4 ever adopted Rosey from Pampered Paws and they were going to sue her if she did not return the dog. We get ahold of the agent for Pampered Paws and find out a whole new story about Rosey. The lady that runs P P is a laweyrs assistant, and she runs P P along with a few other coworkers voluntarily. Yes they were going to sue the girl if she did not bring Rosey back because she had 4 ever adopted Rosey with a signed contract that she would return her if any problems arised. Rosey was not going to be put down, P P only wants to know the family by investigations and/or personal contact, that are going to adopt their pledges. Rosey;s actual history is a lady out at the lake had found Rosey and her brother as abandoned puppies. The lady took the puppies in and nursed them to health, then turned them over to P P because she could not properly care for them. The brother has already been adopted and Rosey has now been 4 ever adopted by us. She has not been to three homes, only one. She is not three years old, only about 8 months old. She is a very sweet lovable little girl. Cheyenne has had her puppies, they are about 6 weeks old and Cheyenne has no problem with Rosey being around her puppies. Rosey sleeps in bed with us, and she is definetly Anna's little girl, just as Cheyenne lets Rosey know she is my little girl.  

They get along great, but they dont like sharing mommy and daddy. They are both just a little jealous. Cheyenne is basically daddy's girl, and Rosey is basically mommy's girl. They play together,  like lovin from everybody, but personal laptime is another story. They will not let the other sit in its masters lap with them. Rosey understands pecking order, and Cheyenne is first. She lets Cheyenne eat first, ect. That just came natural. We didnt make her , she just did it automatically. Because of the puupies, Rosey is the only one that sleeps in bed with us at night right now, but once Cheyenne weens her puppies, I am sure it will be rosey on Anna's side of the bed and Cheyenne on mine. Both of them are under the covers sleepers. Right now Rosey sleeps between us as a general rule, but once Cheyenne weens her puppies I am sure that will change. And then they may both sleep between us one against daddy, the other against mommy. I will post a picture of Rosey in the next message as this one is rather long, along with pictures of Cheyenne's puppies

5 years ago

So glad you adopted her Del, and I understand jealously among pets: Bootise and Baby are always at it - especially Bootsie and she only ways 8 1/2 pounds with no claws and Baby is almost 50 with a strong jaw!  It's actually funny at times.  They are both MY pets.  I have had Bootise for 6 years and baby just bounded to me - we think a male abused her previously.  Bootsie sleeps with us while Baby guards the house.  But Baby gets to go outside on walks while Bootise cant.  It's an interesting mix...

5 years ago

passing this on................

Original Message:

I am forwarding! After watching this almost a year ago, my life has never been the same again. I am now vegan & treat all living beings with respect & protection.  A must see for everyone who feels anything about another being/earthling! Thanks.

Original Message:


Earthlings is a powerful and informative documentary about society’s treatment of animals, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix with soundtrack by Moby. This multi-award winning film by Nation Earth is a must-see for anyone who cares about animals or wishes to make the world a better place.

WARNING: Earthlings contains graphic footage that may be distressing to some viewers. Whilst this film is sometimes challenging, few who watch it are not moved by its message.

Free to watch:

5 years ago



Original Message:


not a story or a petition,just something to give you a smile,night night everyone x

5 years ago

Please watch the last click for a smile and then we are onto thread 2!

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