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Posting Graphics
5 years ago
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Please also acknowledge that you have read this.  Earlier this week I spent several days dealing with Care2 techs who understand the graphic issue best.  Many of us have heard of hotlinking.  That is when you DON'T put the graphic into your Care2 album first which breaks the link between the graphic site and Care2.  When this is not done, the site the graphic came from such as Play Comments, is able to add a tracking device into your laptop which can cause problems though usually doesn't.  However, I clean my computer at least weekly to assure that I quarantine all these add-on, yet unseen, little gremlins.  In the past, there was a situation where someone not on C2 put a virus into a graphic which then made it look like C2 had the virus when someone used it. 




Now,  I understand how fun these graphics are and have used them often until this week.  I am now limiting my graphics almost completely to PhotoBucket which is a fairly safe site according to the tech's though not 100% and my own graphics or ones' that I have transferred to my C2 album (which I know is a pain).  If someone in a graphic site moves their photo - it will then say so where the graphic was - we have all seen this.  We have also seen when it says that the broadband width has been exceeded - that is because in most graphic sites, individuals are only allowed so much broadband width without paying a fee.  Once that is used - their photos will come and go. 




I am not saying don't use graphics.  But please beware of where you are getting them from and as much as possible use PhotoBucket or your own photos (also make sure you don't use other people's images without acknowledging them unless there is no copyright - like Wikipedia is a free site).  This is not to scare you but I was unaware of exactly what hotlinking was when I thought I did.  So make sure you have a good cleaner for your computer and you stay within the guidelines.  Remember that taking graphics from PlayComments, SpiceComments etc IS NOT ILLEGAL, JUST RISKY!  Thank you  - we want to have a great group without spreading viruses. 


5 years ago

thank-you Val for bringing this to my attention

5 years ago

Thanks for readin - may not be 100% correct but basically is - more information can be found on the "New to Care2 help group:



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