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And the GOOD NEWS is...
2 years ago
| Sue Barko's new and more

The U.S. May End Experiments on Chimpanzees


Read more:



The United States is finally considering joining the rest of the world (except Gabon) in banning invasive experiments on chimpanzees. The Senate held hearings this week on the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act (known as GAPCSA, H.R.1513/S.810), which would “end the use of chimpanzees in invasive experiments and release federally owned chimpanzees to permanent sanctuaries” according to Dr. Neal Barnard, President of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

More than 1,000 chimpanzees are locked up in U.S. labs, where they undergo often painful experiments and live in small metal cages. All this suffering is to no end: a recent report from The Institute of Medicine (the “health arm” of the National Academy of Sciences) found that experiments on chimpanzees are not necessary to advance human health. The report, titled Chimpanzees in Biomedical and Behavioral Research, concluded that “recent advances in alternate research tools have rendered chimpanzees largely unnecessary as research subjects.”

GAPCSA would permit non-invasive genomic and behavioral research, but such studies could be conducted in sanctuaries and other natural settings.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine reports that the bill would save taxpayers $300 million over the next 10 years. It would end transport and breeding programs for all great apes intended for research, including chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, orangutans and gibbons; ban federally funded chimpanzee breeding programs; and release 500 federally-owned chimps from labs into sanctuaries that would give them a better quality of life.

The next step for GAPCSA is a vote in the full Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works, which is made up of one Senator each from Alabama, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Idaho, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont and Wyoming. Residents of these and all other states can take action by signing the petition below and by contacting their senators directly.



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2 years ago

Support the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act



2 years ago


Three Orangutans Are Released Into the Wild in the Forests of East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Offbeat  (tags: animals, environment, protection, wildlife, orangutans, released )
Cher - 12 hours ago -
For the first time in nearly a decade, three rehabilitated orangutans have been returned to the wild in Indonesia by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS Foundation), from its rescue and reintroduction centre in East Kalimantan
2 years ago

WOW, that is Outstanding News!  They should of stopped decades ago,...but I will be totally happy with NOW!!! LIKE NOW!!!

Loved Cher's News and you had the photos here!  Thank you! 

Now, I wanna run to all of these places that do experiment on all animals and open the cages!!!  That sure would be worth spending time in Jail!!!

2 years ago

signed thanks Nyack

2 years ago

  Now, Marilyn, lol 


We dont need you in jail, we need you here fighting with us!!! We're gonna get these babies moved to a proper sanctuary where they can be cared for and treated well the rest of their lives


Hang in there! 

2 years ago

Petition signed, of course and the good news was noted with hope. Thanks Nyack and Cher.

2 years ago

Already signed petition Great news about the 3 Orangutan released Cher HOOOORAY!!!! Thanx Nyack ) ) )

2 years ago

OOOOPS!!! Can't wait to hear that the US May End Experiments on Chimpanzees

2 years ago

Signed, thanks Nyack, and such wonderful news about the three orangutans.

2 years ago

Happy to hear this!

2 years ago

Signed. Thank you!

2 years ago

Signed and good news!

2 years ago


Do You Want the Seal Slaughter to End?

Animals  (tags: )
Kat - 6 hours ago -
Have you heard the great news?! Canadian Senator Mac Harb has introduced a historic bill to end Canada's annual commercial baby seal slaughter. YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED MORE THAN EVER!!
historic bill introduced by a good senator
2 years ago


2 years ago

Bob Barker Helps Give Home To HIV-Infected Chimps

Animals  (tags: Bob Barker, chimps, HIV, infected, home, good news, happy, chimpanzee, AnimalWelfare, conservation, environment, ethics, protection )
Lindsey - 1 hour ago -
This guy is THE MAN! He is a true hero for animals. Barker's contribution of $230,000 to Chimp Haven, Inc. will help the chimpanzee sanctuary begin building a habitat for the Texas chimpanzees. He will also be underwriting the cost of their care for 1year
2 years ago

Thanks for the excellent article.

2 years ago

Left a comment about Bob Barker...Thanx Nyack Wonderful gesture on his part )

2 years ago

Thanks Nyack!

2 years ago

This is WONDERFUL news, Nyack.  I just love Bob Barker.. was never too fond of the Price is Right, but love the guy for his Animal works!!    This is just great!  big smiles and a happy dance here!! 

2 years ago

signed Nyack

2 years ago

Petitions Signed. Got to love Bob Barker we need more caring people like him. Thanks Nyack

2 years ago
Aerial Wolf Hunt Halted in Alaska

Last week, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game decided to put the planned aerial shooting of wild wolves on hold for at least one year. It had been approved by the Alaska Board of Game in January 2012. Administrators at the Department of Fish and Game found their plan to be ill-conceived, and they are now trying to collect more scientific information about the wolf population.

The original plan was based on the fact there has been a decline in the Kenai moose population. Wolves take a number of moose each year, so the Board of Game targeted the predators for reduction. However, the impact on moose by wolves may have been misunderstood, and there are other factors contributing to the moose problem. Biologists said there hasn’t been enough information gathered yet to determine what should be done to address the situation.

One factor has been the decline in willow trees, which are a preferred food source for moose. There are about 40 species of willow in Alaska, and a moose can eat nearly the whole shrub. Willow contain more protein than grasses during the fall, and moose digest about 30 to 40 pounds of plants every day. The higher protein content in the willow is better for their health. (Willow bark also can reduce inflammation, and contains an antioxidant which boosts the immune system.)

The loss of willow has occurred due to development of wild land for human residences, allowing fires to burn instead of suppressing them, and spruce naturally replacing them. Of course, another factor in the moose decline (but to a lesser extent) is hunting. Part of the reason for the plan to kill wolves was to allow more moose to live, but mainly so they can be shot by hunters.

Shooting wolves is very unlikely to be the solution to the Kenai moose decline. Restoring the willow density and decreasing that of the spruce forests appears to be a much better plan. The Forest Service has said that willow is a good candidate for planting in areas to restore the balance of plant life: “Willow species are the most important colonizers of disturbed sites in the Alaskan taiga because of their ability to produce root and root crown shoots, which provide for quick recovery [13,37].”

2 years ago

Signed petitions, some good news here. Thank you Nyack.

2 years ago

Cat Killer, and Human Killer ARRESTED!


CP24- Suspect Accused of Dismemberment Arrested in Germany

World  (tags: good news, crime, humans, news, world )
Elizabeth - 1 hour ago -
A Canadian man who is accused of dismembering his murder victim and mailing body parts to political parties has been arrested in Germany, police confirm to CP24. More to come...
2 years ago

Good news! Thank you Nyack and Elizabeth.

2 years ago

Good news thanks for sharing Cher and Nyack

2 years ago

Wonderful news on all fronts. Signed petition, forwarded whenever I could and am dancing in my seat about the arrest of the cat and human killer. How absolutely disgusting and perverse can a human be to do things like that? Ugh!! Thanks so much for your unfailingly good work, Nyack!

2 years ago

In case you havent heard the full story about this cat killing monster-





The Biggest "We Told You"

Animals  (tags: abuse, AnimalCruelty, animaladvocates, animalrights, cats, crime, death, killed, protection, sadness, animalcruelty, animals )
Carolina - 3 days ago -
Last year, we cried for help to prosecute this monster who shot a video feeding a snake with a kitten. Authorities did little about it. Now they have the results: he´s killed and eaten a person.I trully hope authorities give animal abuse more importance.
2 years ago

Finally my quest to find this monster is over. Videos I will never forget, ever. The murder one was the kicker. I'm off on a break now. Back soon.

2 years ago

Thank you Nyack.

2 years ago

Thanks for posting!

2 years ago

Hi Nyack Thanx for all the Awesome News, signed some Petitions and also left comments ) ) )

2 years ago

More good news:


In 2011, Brazil was devastated by destructive floods. Among the many casualties was 'Dogs in Brazil', a shelter that houses stray and abandoned dogs, desperately in need of a good home.


This month's Sunsuper Dreams grant winner, Kelly McBride, nominated 'Dogs in Brazil' for the $5,000 grant. Kelly and her friends campaigned hard to drum up votes for her dream, and their hard work paid off. The much-needed funds will go toward rebuilding the shelter, as well as medicine and food for the four-legged inhabitants.





Underdog Group Wins $5,000 Prize Thanks to Care2

thanks to our Nancy...


Nancy C.



Help Dogs In Brazil Rebuild Shelter Lost to Floods ACTION

2 years ago



URGENT! BREAKING NEWS: ARRESTED!!! Luka Rocco Magnotta Arrested in Germany - News.Ca.Msn 
Animals  (tags: Animal WelfareAnimal CrueltyLuka Rocco Magnotta,Luka Magnotta Arrested At Berlin CafeJUSTICE! ) 
 Michelle - 1 hour ago - 

Luka Rocco Magnotta, suspected of killing a Chinese university student in Montreal and mailing the dismembered body parts to Canadian political parties, has been arrested at an internet café in Berlin.
2 years ago

Good news!! Thank you Val.

2 years ago

Signed Support the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act


Lots of international signatures on above  petition. 


News about Bob Barker's donation to Chimp Haven is great - one of Sea Shepherd's ships is called the Bob Barker who donated $5million for the purchase of the ship (YES, I have to get my PR  in here, lol) 


I just read the story of "Luke Magnotta's" (an alias) arrest in our Van. Sun this morning.  What a relief!  There were rumours that he'd headed to Vancouver at one point, and that he was disguising himself as a woman.  It just shows how psychopatchs so often start off by harming, torturing or killing animals and how important it is to catch these animal abusers.  It's a terrible story and my heart goes out to the murder victim, Chinese university student, Jun Lin's family. Just such good news that "Magnotta"  was caught.


A more cheery story can be found about 2 eagle chicks, the first bald eagle chicks hatched in captivity in B.C. at The Raptors, an education center on Vancouver Island off of B.C.'s mainland.  Hank, the "father", had to take over as a single parent when  Shayna, the female who is 30% bigger than Hank as bald eagle females are, started beating up on poor Hank, and the chicks were being ignored.  They were put in a brooder for a week, ret'd to Shayna, who cont'd to ignore them.  After hand rearing them for 2 weeks, staff moved the chicks in with Dad, who's learning how to be a good single parent.


2 years ago

Good news! Thank you Dianne.

2 years ago

After reading about that psycho it is good to hear some Cheery news about the newborn eagle chicks Thanx Dianne

A Good Day For Polar Bears
2 years ago

I loved the story about the eagle single parent Dad and have fingers crossed that the chicks survive.  I will update you if I see anymore on that story.


I've posted this on Dianne's News thread 2, but want to post it here too.  I posted this petition link of my thread 2, but  everyone will prob. want to know about this:



Just in case you didn't see this posted on a Care 2 newsletter:


You spoke, and finally, the U.S. government listened. Over 6,000 Care2 members joined with activists throughout the country to send public comments to the Department of the Interior supporting a proposal to end the international polar bear trade. The comment deadline was September 11th, and late last week, DOI announced it agreed with all of you.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has submitted this proposal to be considered during the upcoming meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITE. The U.S. proposes to “uplist” the polar bear from CITES Appendix II to Appendix I, which prohibits all international trade in the listed species, “due to current and anticipated future habitat loss due to climate change.”

In non-wonky terms, the U.S. is putting a proposal on the international table to stop polar bear trophy hunting and trade in polar bear body parts. Since we can’t yet seem to get our elected representatives to join the world in trying to end global warming and stop polar bears’ homes from melting, at least we can try to get the global community to agree to stop people from killing polar bears to make rugs, aphrodisiacs and wall trophies.



India: Excellent News ! - 120-Year-Old Tradition of Animal Sacrifice Ends After 12 Year Battle.

Offbeat  (tags: village, children, education, animal welfare, animal protection, legalisation )
Simone - 12 hours ago -
Every year, Rajo Sankranti (a mass festival in Odisha, India) is a feast day for the villagers of Srirampur and its neighboring villages under the Pattamundai police limit, where hundreds of animals are killed for the Deity Maa Ramchandi, Srirampur

Good news! Thank you Nyack.

Excellent news Nyack about the 120-Year-Old Tradition of Animal Sacrifice ENDING after 12 Years Thanx Nyack and Simone

Very good news ! shared in facebook

Two Big Wins For Wildlife!

Animals  (tags: conservation, environment, dolphins, sea turtles, NWF, animalrights, protection, wildlife )
Nancy - 7 hours ago -
Thanks to the persistent voices of hundreds of thousands of wildlife advocates like you, moments ago Congress passed a Transportation Package that includes the potential for the largest investment in wildlife conservation in U.S. history and two very...
*More than two years into the worst oil disaster in U.S. history, today Congress passed the RESTORE Act, which ensures that money from BP's oil spill fines will be dedicated to Gulf Coast restoration--a big win for brown pelicans, dolphins, and sea turtles that are still being impacted by the oil spill disaster that began in April 2010.

*It was a hard fight, but the legislation passed today does NOT include language that would have forced approval of the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline, which would put endangered whooping cranes and swift foxes at risk of toxic oil spills while also driving a rapid expansion of habitat-destroying tar sands operations that could put the lives of thousands of Canada's wolves and caribou at risk.

You've helped achieve a tremendous victory for wildlife today through the many ways you've worked to hold your elected officials accountable to protecting America's wildlife.

Thanks for all you've done and continue to do! 

Sue Brown
Executive Director, NWF Action Fund
Twitter: @wildlifeaction
Join us on Facebook


More good news. Thanks Nyack.

Dexter's Killer Found Guilty

Animals  (tags: AnimalCruelty, killed, suffering, kittens )
Kim - 38 minutes ago -
The murderer of Dexter and Drake has finally gone to court. Sentencing is set for August 2, 2012. Hoping beyond hope she loses her kids and gets a stiff sentence. She deserves it. RIP little Dexter and Drake. Please share with those who'd like to know!

Good! Thank you Nyack.

Research Breeding Facility Raided: 2,500 Dogs Saved

Animals  (tags: GoodNews, AnimalWelfare, dogs, breeding facility shut down, crime, sadness, suffering, rescued )
Ginger - 18 hours ago -
After years of protests targeting the facility and its mistreatment of animals, advocates are celebrating the closure of Greenhill Farm. Thirty rangers from Italy's forest service raided the notorious breeding facility Wednesday and shut it down.

Good news. Thank you Nyack and Ginger.

Wonderful news. Thank you, Nyack and Ginger.

GOOD NEWS Maldives to Create World's Biggest Marine Reserve

Animals  (tags: environment, conservation, GoodNews, habitat, nature, oceans, politics, protection, wildlife, animaladvocates, animalrights, animalwelfare, conservation, habitat, protection )
Kelly - 3 hours ago -
The Indian Ocean archipelago of the Maldives announced at the Rio+20 summit it would create the world's biggest marine reserve to protect its fisheries and biodiversity.

Good! Thank you Nyack and Kelly.

Wonderful News about the World's biggest marine reserve to protect its fisheries and biodiversity Thanx Nyack and Kelly

great news thanks nyack and kelly


GREAT NEWS!  S. Korea has rethought resuming whaling as Japan does, disguised as research.  The world knows that Japan's whaling is really for food, and International protests has made the Seoul Govt. retract it's statement earlier this month to the IWC that it wanted to lift it's whaling ban in effect since 1986.  Using a loophole in the IWC ban on whaling, Japan has hunted whales ostensibly for research, but whale meat has often turned up in stores and restaurants.  S. Korea had said it intented to hunt whales only in its own waters but as I say, as reported in the Vancouver Sun today, it has now backed down due to to international pressure.  Thanks to all who signed the petitons against S. Korean whaling!!! 


Good news. Thank you Dianne.

More Info on Korea Backs off Whaling

On Jul 11, 2012, you signed the petition, Don't Let Korea Kill Whales for Research!. The petition author, Lynn Hamilton, has now closed the petition and sent this message to all its signers:



Success! Korea has scrapped its plans to start whaling.

Thank you SO much for signing this important action. You can read more at this address:


On behalf of Care2, thank you for making a difference

More good news! Thank you Dianne.


for all the great news.

renews the spirit and encourages one to FIGHT ON !!!!!!!!!!!

Signed most petitions. Trying to catch up.

Great news about Whaling being halted in South Korea !!!

Great to hear this !!!

Wonderful news!

Nepal Records Increase in Tiger Population

Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, environment, protection, tigers, wildlife, wildanimals, endangered, habitat, goodnews )
Cher - 6 hours ago -
In encouraging news on the wildlife front, Nepal has witnessed a jump in tiger population over the last two years during which the numbers of the wild cat went up from 155 to 176.

this is the first good news i have heard about the tiger population. thank you so much.


Good news! Thank you Nyack and Cher.

TY for good news. Hope great apes will suffer no more in experiments.


(From Care2 Newletter Tues. Apr. 23 - in case you didn't see it)

The United Kingdom has finally banned circuses from using wild animals in their shows. Over 13,500 Care2 members urged them to do so.

Delayed until 2015, and defines wild animals as those not normally domesticated in Great Britain, so excludes cats, dogs, horses, but we need some good news these days so let's take it!   

Thanks for good news

Thanks for the news.



Always nice to hear some good news for a change.

Great news for European Bees

Europe bans bee killing pesticides.  Here are 2 links.  Got a wonderful email from Avaaz, but do not know how to post it here.  Wish we could make it happen in North America too.  I didn't see a single bumble bee last summer and few honey bees.  They used to be all over in previous years.

Great News!  Thanks for the update!

Love good news - thanks.

Great news Sue, here is a bit more, a letter I received thanking me for standing up for baby seals , well who wouldn't , er dont answer that , here's the letter, (still away to go but inroads have been made) >>>>>Because of you, we can save seals. See how: (via @HSIGlobal)

Good news for bees we need them for the nature!

Starving and abandoned dog rescued

Found this on my local TV news site this morning, it is a video, but I think everyone will be able to watch it.  I did send a link to another story to a US friend and she was able to view it.

Wendy, thanks for posting the link to your email about the seals.  The UK does not want to stop the hunt as the baby seal pelts are used to make the sporrans for traditional Scottish kilts!  In the 21st century you'd think that fake fur would be used instead.  But the Scots want to keep the tradition alive, so the baby seals must suffer for them until we can stop that dreadful hunt.

Want to end on a positive note so....

Here is a link to a video about a wandering love bird.

thanks for telling me about Scotland and sporrans, I had no idea, wonder is there a petition about that , if you see one will you message me with it, I will sign and tweet, hope that love bird finds it's partner, and the dog finds a good home, poor thing, chat soon my friend x wendy k x

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Wendy I have never seen a petition about asking the maker of sporrans to use fake fur.  I did read somewhere that it is just one business that makes them all and they have no desire to change.  Can't remember where I read that, possibly on the BBC news site.  If I ever come across a petition I'll post it in this group.

Great thanks Sue, I have made a suggestion to care2 , in the daily action , suggestions box for daily action , to ask Scotland sporran makers to use fake fur, hope we get a petition from that , x wendy kx

A love story for Valentines day
2 months ago
2 months ago

Cute story indeed Sue, thanks.

1 month ago

Does anyone remember Breezy, the dog who was beaten, hit with a shovel and thrown in the garbage in Ottawa last year? She has now recovered enough to be adopted and has gone home with her new furever family.  She is still blind in one eye.  Here is the link to a quick video telling the whole story.  Just love these happy endings.

1 month ago

Thank you Sue. Nice to get updates of good news.

1 month ago

Thank you Sue

1 month ago

Wonderful Sue - thanks for sharing!  Always love good news.

1 month ago

You will not be able to either read the article or watch the video without shedding tears of absolute joy as you learn how Simba the lion was returned home where he belongs after spending years in horrific conditions, then many months recovering and gaining strength for his trip of a lifetime.

3 weeks ago

800 children in Hong Kong to protest against dolphin slaughter in Taiji Embedded image permalink

2 weeks ago
International Court of Justice Ends Japan's Antarctic Whaling

Animals  (tags: animalrights )
Sara - 10 minutes ago -

WDC warmly welcomes the decision by the International Court (ICJ) in the Hague. Today, it has declared Japan's Antarctic whaling illegal and orders it to stop immediately! .............


2 weeks ago

Amazing George - how are you?  Think I'll stick with the birdin a survival issue. 

2 weeks ago

Thank you George. 


2 weeks ago

Thanks George.

2 weeks ago

Yay no more chimp experiments.

2 weeks ago

Wow, I see a lot of people, I know here.

2 weeks ago

Thanks for all who posted Videos about resued animals and the good News.
I wish that the whaling will stop now and forvever, the whales have a right to live for
free in the ocean and in freedom

2 weeks ago

Love to read good news for a change.  Thanks for posting Nyack.  George crows are incredibly intelligent and excellent problem solvers.  Thanks for the video.

2 weeks ago

Thanks to all for posting the good news!

2 weeks ago

I love being able to come in here and see some good news....something happy instead of all the sadness we deal with all the time....Thank you so very much to everyone who took the time to post all of these wonderful stories!! 

A Roaring Victory: Sumatran Tiger Wins 'Rare & Ready to Be Saved' Bracket Game

Offbeat  (tags: animals, environment, protection, wildlife, tigers )
Cher - 17 hours ago -

Thanks to your votes, the big cat went all the way to the finals and came out on top


Wow !!!!!!!! What fantastic news, well done

VICTORY! ! ! S.B. 428/H.B. 4393 Passes ! West Virginia Bans Exotic Pets !

Offbeat  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, exotic pets, laws, protection )
Cher - 1 hour ago -

This bill was signed into law by the governor on March 25, 2014.

hot!!!  |  4 comments  |  demote?: duplicate bad link spam not worthy

Great news Nyack, thanks for letting us know