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TAKE QUIZ! Find your Inner Animal
3 years ago
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Find Your Inner Animal! PLEASE TAKE QUIZ!

Offbeat  (tags: animals, environment, protection, wildlife )
Cher - 12 minutes ago -
Everyone has a wild side, but which species can you relate to the most? Take our quiz to find out!
3 years ago

Your Inner Animal is an
African Wild Dog

You are a real pack animal and love running with the crowd. You are a team player and really prefer working with others. A rare breed, you love soaking up the sunshine in wide-open spaces.

This is fun. Thanks, Nyack!
3 years ago


You are a rare breed, much admired by everyone. Your unique sense of color and appearance make you a lot of fun. You are loyal to your family and are happiest surrounded by trees, in tropical forests close to water.

3 years ago

Your Inner Animal IS An Harbor Seal


You are very perceptive and you keen sence of awareness really serves you well. Your highly social nature makes you quite the life of the party. But when you really want to kick back, you head out for time on the water with friends and family.

3 years ago

Your Inner Animal is a
Clouded Leopard

Your secretive nature makes you challenging to get to know. You look soft and cuddly and have a big heart, but you also have a quiet nature and tend to prefer life out of the spotlight. Escaping to the forest is a favorite pastime, especially in the warm weather of summer.

Haha....I don`t mind being a cat!!!

3 years ago

My Inner Animal is a Douc Monkey Thanx Nyack...Cooool ) ) )

My inner animal
3 years ago

came up error on page! Was I a mistake? Ha Ha!

3 years ago

Your Inner animal is Eagle. Thanks Nyack.

3 years ago

done, thanks

inner animal
3 years ago

finally found out...proboscis monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 years ago

It's funny I'm a zebra! thanks my friends!

3 years ago

Big horn sheep