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Val's Petitions/News 06 12 12
3 years ago
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 Subject:    illegally imported dog fur


Dear Hon. Jason Clare and Tanya Plibersek,

A sting operation by the Humane Society International targeting shops in Sydney and online stores in Melbourne found six items labeled synthetic or rabbit fur actually contained illegally imported dog fur.
They included vests, scarves and a child's bag.  source:


In recent months high demand for fur has led to a notable increase in the kidnapping of domestic cats and dogs in China, the biggest exporter of fur in the world, where no laws exist at all to protect animals from abuse. It seems that they will go to any lengths to get animals for the trade, making no distinction between strays and pets, gathering any they can find.

More than 50 million animals suffer and die every year for fur worldwide, including an estimated 10 million domestic cats and dogs.
Although cat and dog fur is banned in Australia, huge quantities are still getting through Customs from Asia, often mislabeled as other species or even as labeled as faux fur.
To satisfy the demand for fur, domestic cats and dogs are stolen in Asia, the largest fur exporter. Consumers in Australia don’t even know they may be buying a product made from someone’s beloved pet.

Therefore I ask you to  - direct Customs to properly enforce the law banning cat and dog fur imports into Australia.
                                       - enact legislation to ensure ‘truth in labelling’, making it mandatory to identify the species and country  of origin for all fur products.
                                       - make retailers aware there is evidence of illegal and hazardous dog fur products on sale in Australia.

Thank you for your time and attention,




3 years ago

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3 years ago

Subject: Slaughterhouse of horses in Wyoming




Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are writing to inform you about our comments regarding the project in
Wyoming to open a slaughterhouse of horses. No need to tell that we are
very outraged.

The slaughter of a horse is something terrible and so unfair! Horses are
intelligent animals and they know when their death arrives.

We also believe that too many people are able to reach the highest level
of cruelty and wickedness only to satisfy their love of speculation.
Indeed, we consider both from an ethical perspective and a sense of
honesty, that men , after having conquered the horse,
this magnificent animal, being a companion during many years, have
reduced themselves to the lowest rank of their species by eating one of
their best friends and collaborators.

Without them we would not have reached our comfort level! For all
services rendered to humanity for centuries, it is incredible that these
animals so brave and useful ,even today, are considered only as a commodity.
Instead they should be recognized and considered as valuable friends.
They richly deserved!

It's time now to reconsider their consumption, but also that of animals
in general, given the deplorable state of our planet whose meat industry
exacerbates global warming and the loss of all its ecosystem.
We must focus more than ever on the welfare of the Earth and its
inhabitants, and it is not by building a slaughterhouse more that you
will contribute to these conservation efforts that affect us all.

Thank you for visiting these links. In all the countries of the world
these noble animals are treated in this disgraceful way. Do we have the

We therefore ask the company of Wyoming to stop the plans of a slaughter
plant whose construction is a shame coming from humans having no respect
at all for Life.

Yours sincerely,

3 years ago

Thanks Val.

3 years ago

Noted and emails aready sent. Thank you Val.

3 years ago

Thanks Val

3 years ago

Thanks Val dear

3 years ago

Thanks Val

3 years ago

Sending emails now

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