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Nyack's Petitions #5
4 years ago
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Please check other thread in case you missed any? THANKS!



Nyack's Petitions Thread #1



Nyack's Petitions Thread #2



Nyacks Petitions Thread #3



Nyacks Petitions Thread #4

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4 years ago

All signed. Thank you Nyack.

4 years ago

Well, I went back to your thread 1 and signed 4:

Fox fur headphones (Give me strength!!!)

Investigate Biomed. labs for Animal Welfare act Violations

Oppose Bengal Forest Ministers Illegal acts

Stop hunting the lynx in Europe. 


Having computer probs today - it crashed for awhile till my husband got it running again. I've no idea how it happened.   Off to political protest soon.


Tx for your hard work & this great group.       



4 years ago

All noted and already signed. Thank you Nyack.

4 years ago

All signed, thanks Nyack.

4 years ago

All signed

4 years ago

All signed. Thanks Nyack

Conservation funds
4 years ago


4 years ago

All signed. Thank you Nyack.

4 years ago

All Noted and signed already except 1 Thanx Nyack I still can't get into thread 3 :-0

4 years ago

ooo... Im sorry Barbare try this one-


Nyack's Petitions #3

4 years ago

Going through what I missed

4 years ago

Hi Nyack Thanx for the Link ! All threads 1-5 are complete

4 years ago

Stop Endangering Grizzly Bears


Protect Whooping Cranes


Stop Export Permits for Macaws


Protect Endangered Florida Panther


Help Save the Amur Leopard


Stop Breeding White Tigers


Save Penguins from Extinction


25 Ways to Save Big Cats


Stop Experiments on Endangered Sea Turtles


Stop Fox Penning in Virginia


Protect Endangered Sea Turtles in Australia


Save Beluga Whales


Stop Hunting Endangered White Rhinos


Protect California Sea Otters


Stop Wisconson Bear Slaughter


Keep Ban on Elephant Rides in Kentucky


Stop Ariel Shooting Camels in Australia


Stop Hunting Red Pandas


Stop Using Pigs at University of Mississippi


4 years ago

All signed. Thank you Nyack.

4 years ago

All petitions previously signed or signed today (including the 25) ! Thank you Nyack! Keep being awesome  

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4 years ago

All signed

4 years ago

Stop Livestock Grazing in Wolf Recovery Area


Ban Declawing in the United States

Oppose Badger Killing

End Trade in Polar Bear Products

Stop Feline Dissection in American Schools

Investigate Biomedical Laboratories for Animal Welfare Act Violations

Stop Seal S;laughter in Namibia

Protect ALL Chimpanzees- Captive and Wild

Stop Illegal Canal in Tiger Reserve

Stop Wolf Trapping in Montana

Stop Whale Hunting Plans in S. Korea

Establish Trade Ban of Manta Rays

Stop Bullfighting in Mexico

Do Not Wait 6 Years, Ban Endosulfan Immediately

Help Save Gorillas

4 years ago

All signed. Thank you Nyack.

4 years ago

Protect the Clouded Leopard


Tell Mars Candy Stop Animal Experiments


Save Critical Tiger Reserve


Stop Promoting Circus Cruelty


Tell Coca-Cola Stop Sponsoring Bullfighting


Sanctuary for Kansas Zoo Elephants


Ban Pigeon Shoots in Pensyllvania


Tell Walmart to Stop Selling Glue Traps


Save the Irrawaddy Dolphin from Extinction


No Permits for Shark Finning


OBAMA- Protect the Polar Bear


Ban Sugar Gliders as Pets in the U.S.


Stop Plans to Kill Wallabies


Help Save Wombats


Keep the Ban on Elephant Ivory


Stop Killing Wolves in Finland- 135 Left


Revoke Bear Parks Licence to Exhibit Bears


Stop Hunting Lynx in Europe

4 years ago

all caught up, signed the nw ones!

4 years ago

All signed. Thank you Nyack.

4 years ago

all signed  nyack

4 years ago

Thank you, all signed.

4 years ago

signed them all

4 years ago

Signed No Permits for Shark Finning

          Stop Hunting Red Pandas

          Stop Plans for Crocodile Trophy Hunt

this morning.  I'll be back!!!


4 years ago

thank you

4 years ago

thank you. all signed.

4 years ago

All signed. Thanks

4 years ago

Stop Sloth Bear Torture in India


Tell New York to Stop Importing Shark Fins


Urge NYC to Remove Glue Traps from Parks


Save Right Whale with Reduced Speed Limits


Help Save Critically Endangered Gibbons


Send Elephants to Sanctuary and Close L.A. Zoo


Help Save Orca Whales


17 Ways to Help Bears


Ban Force Feeding Ducks (Foie Gras) In NY


Stop Testing Botox on Animals


Tell Walmart to Change Abusive Pork Supplier


Urge Air France to Stop Transporting Primates for Research


Remove Poisons from Pet Food


Stop Poisoning Ground Squirrels


Stop Bow Hunting Proposal in Florida


Stop Live Bird Plucking for Goose Down


NY- Monitor Chinatown for Endangered Species Products


Ban Leghold Traps

4 years ago

I checked -- and double-checked.  I'd signed all but one.  And that one, too, is now signed!  Thanks Nyack! 


4 years ago

All signed. Thank you Nyack.

4 years ago

Signed today: Stop the culling of Tasmanian Devils


            Stop bullfighting in France


2 others I looked at I'd already signed:  Close tiger Farms in China

                                                      Save Orangutans, chimps and gorillas 


I've done all I can on this group today.  My heart gets sore from all this.  Sadhugs for you today, Nyack, for all your hard work on this group.

4 years ago

Latest lists checked, all petitions previously signed or signed today. Thank you Nyack for all you do for the animals ad keep up the good work.    

4 years ago

Thanks Nyack, Signed, what I didn't sign here did while at the care2 site.

4 years ago

Stop Funding Animal Experiments at Huntingdon


Save Grevy's Zebra from Extinction


Ban Steel Jaw Traps


Ban Beastiality in the United States


List Wolverine as Endangered Species


Tell the USDA to Stop Poisoning Wildlife


Stop Fox Penning in the United States


Ban Pesticides Killing Honeybees


Tell US Chef- Lions Are NOT Food


Save the Vulture from Extinction


Halt Plans to Kill Mexican Wolf


Stop Mass Killing of Romania Dogs


Ban the Trade of Seahorses


Save Monarch Butterflies


Stop Burning Dogs Alive at Ohio Shelter


Don't Sell the Serengeti to Big Game Hunters


Don't Kill Jackals- Relocate Them


Stop the World's Largest Animal Sacrifice Ritual


4 years ago

All signed. Thank you Nyack.

4 years ago

All signed and shared Nyack, thank you

4 years ago

Most I had signed. The others signed now. Thanks Nyack.

4 years ago


4 years ago

Signed today : Ban leg hold traps (In S. Africa)

           Urge Air France to Stop Transporting Primates for Research

           Ban Bestiality in the USA

           Ban Steel Hold Traps


A rose for our great and hardworking host!   


4 years ago

I think I have completed!

4 years ago

all completely done. thank you, nyack.

3 years ago

All petitions signed. Thank you Nyack!

Glad to see that Lion Is Off the Menu.

3 years ago

checked and signed

Thank-You for Thread #3 :-)
3 years ago

Hi Nyack Noted and signed current Threads 1-6 completed 16/12

3 years ago

All signed, some of them signed already!!

3 years ago

Also, I shared this with others.
Thanks a lot!!

3 years ago

All signed phew!

3 years ago

Thanks a lot. Signing and already signed.

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