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Val's Petitions/News 07 05 12
4 years ago
| Val's news and more

From Michelle -


The first link below takes you to Serbian Animals Voice which offers a sample letter and email addresses for UK decision makers. The second link below takes you to Bonnie's article at Scroll down to click for the sample letters, which can also be used for all the addresses listed below.


It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you PERSONALIZE YOUR MESSAGES. Be POLITE but FIRM. RESPECTFUL but RESOLUTE. I included in my letters that this debacle has brought a stain upon Northern Ireland and it's reputation; that the world is looking to Northern Ireland to examine the facts and make their decision based on reason and common sense rather than disreputable testimony and hysteria.

Please forward and share all posts and sample letter information. Urge all friends and contacts to send letters of protest urging Belfast decision members to spare the life of this precious creature and to allow his rehoming in another country. Time is of the essence. Michelle >^..^<


Uk (Northern Ireland): Help Save 'Lennox' - Sample Letter Below - Please Act Immediately. 
Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfaredogspetsLennoxethics,sadness ) 
 Ginger - 15 hours ago - 

A mixture of emotions erupted late Monday afternoon as word spread quickly on Facebook and Twitter that the family of the beloved dog Lennox had decided not to appeal the government's verdict to kill the dog by lethal injection.


4 years ago

Urgent Letters Needed ,2 Help Lennox Move to the USA,Lennox Has Been Held in a Cold Cement Cell All Alone for 2yrs By Befastcc ,
Animals  (tags: abuseAnimalCrueltyAnimalWelfare,animaladvocatesanimalrightsanimalwelfareanimalcruelty,crimecrueltydogsdeathethicsinvestigationkillingpetslaw,protectionsadnesssufferinghabitatabusedkilled ) 
 Kim - 5 hours ago - 

the barnes family has run out of of legal ways2 save their beloved lennox! the barnes family is desperate 2save lennox so their friends hav asked advocates 2 make 1 final appeal 2 send Belfstcc emails requesting 2hav lennox rehomed 2 USA 2 live happy free









4 years ago
Three senior judges in Belfast's Court of Appeal dismissed the latest plea of Caroline Barnes to save her dog. It's believed Lennox, who's been incarcerated in a filthy cell for over two years and suffers declining health, will be put to death July 10.




From July 4th. The protest this Saturday will ask the Belfast city council to compromise on their decision and allow Lennox, who is now famous, to be re-homed to the United States. 

4 years ago

Thanks Val.

4 years ago

Noted and Thanx Val :-0

4 years ago

Thank you Val

4 years ago

Thanks guys - from Genoveva...



Hello friends I hope you are all doing good. Here some petitions, and something I posted I thanks you for your consideration to these petitions. Have a great weekend! Hugs, Genoveva




Mark Zuckerberg, Creator of Facebook, Hunts Buffallo.
Animals  (tags: wildlife, AnimalCruelty, humans, killing )
Genoveva - 1 day ago -




In May we reported that billionaire 20-something and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was determined to hunt and kill his own meat in an effort to live a healthier lifestyle.Now, it looks like he's made good on his word and stocked his freezer with some...















4 years ago

Don't know if this is too late or not -


To: ; ;





Dear Sir,

I am writing to you with regard to a travesty about to occur in Northern Ireland and to beg you to please intervene and help save a life.

The life in question belongs to Lennox, a seven year old American Bulldog Labrador Cross who was living happily with his family inNorthern Ireland.  On May 19, 2010,  Lennox was seized by council officials as an alleged &ldquoit bull type” and taken to secluded kennels whilst his owner was issued a warrant of seizure with an incorrect address for another location. 

While incarcerated in undisclosed kennels, Lennox’s family has never been permitted to visit him. It is now beyond two years that his family has not had an opportunity to interact with Lennox. According to the animal behaviourists who have examined Lennox and the various pictures on public view, Lennox’s health has been very much impacted while in custody.  Lennox has lost a lot of his body fur much of it falling in clumps, Lennox has open soars throughout his body, he suffers from an injured neck, he has an unattended bleeding paw, and he is administered anti anxiety medication on a daily basis to help alleviate his stress.

In a desperate attempt to save Lennox, his owner Carolyn Barnes’s supporters have created petitions and videos resulting in worldwide support to bringLennoxhome.

Northern Ireland has yet to fully implement  the same dog legislation as in mainlandUK.  IfNorthern Ireland were to complete the same dog legislationLennox could now be at home with his family.  The USPCA stated that the law inNorthern Ireland could be changed simply and rather quickly by an order in Council.  As it is, Lennox was branded a &ldquoit bull type” by theBelfastCity Council despite a dog license issued yearly for five years by the same City Council who seized him. 

 It must be noted that Lennox never bit or attacked any human or any other animal in all the seven years of his life. There have been two independent comprehensive assessments conducted by professional Animal Behaviourists, – Ms. Sarah Fisher and Mr. David Ryan -  both arriving at separate conclusions confirming Lennox as a harmless, friendly dog posing no danger to humans.  For further reference, Ms. Fisher has made an excerpt of her Lennox examination available to public viewing.

It  must also be added that Lennox’s owners were always thoroughly responsible in their care of Lennox. Since a puppy they had him neutered, licensed, insured, DNA registered, Pet Safe registered and micro chipped. Lennoxnever had a complaint issued against him while living with his family nor was he ever allowed to run free outside of the boundaries of the family home.

If Lennox lived in Southern Ireland where no breeds are nationally banned, Lennox would never have been seized at all. Lennox has been offered a place of safety with a reputable rescue in many parts of the world where he could legally live out the rest of his life.  Most recently he was invited by an organization led by the reputable dog handler Mr. Cesar Milan in the United States of America.

I understand that you have the power to grant a Pardon and we beg of you to do all within your power to allow Lennox the chance of life by requesting Lennox be granted safe passage to the United States of America or any other country where a rescue placement is awaiting him. 

I am sure you are aware of how emotionally committed good owners are to their pets.  Dogs are part of the families to which they belong.  In this particular case the little girl Brooke Barnes, a child afflicted with asthma and physical disabilities, was very much attached to Lennox and consistently relied and depended upon him for her safety and well being.  Please spare the owner the further trauma of destroyingLennoxso needlessly.  Please Pardon Lennox and allow a blameless animal the chance of life.

Offers  are still before the court by well-known trainers Victoria Stilwell and Cesar Millan for Lennox to be released to them in theU.S.

 Yours faithfully,

4 years ago

Know this is late -



Please note both articles.....pls. sign the petition...URGENT....pls. share/forward.....spread the word for LENNOX!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you!

Original Message:






Dear Friends:  the owners of Lennox will not be appealing to the high court on his behalf after being counseled by their "legal team" on the matter regarding his pending death sentence. The only way out of the suffering they've perpetuated for over two agonizing years is to hope that someone in the U.S. be allowed to "re-home" Lennox, whose health is failing and body riddled with sores after steady, protracted confinement in a dark and filthy cement cell. A petition for his "re-homing" is immediately below; also provided is the Examiner story on their "official statement" regarding their final decision on Lennox to all of his supporters posted by Dianne. I've previously stated my thoughts on the course this family has taken in other forums, so I'll say no more than this:  


Animals  (tags: Animal WelfareAnimal Cruelty,Lennox Family Will Not AppealREHOME LENNOX NOW! TAKE ACTION! ) 
 Michelle - 28 minutes ago - 


4 years ago

All signed. Thank you Val.

4 years ago

Noted and signed All petitions Thanx Val and Genoveva

4 years ago

All petitions signed and emails sent.

4 years ago

Thanks Val

4 years ago

Thanks Nyack - canning squash and still trying to catch up!






Cc: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ,;




Subject:      Cairo Univ. , Veterinary Medicine



Dear Prof.Dr. Fathy Farouk,

   I'm shocked by the practices at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
in Cairo University, Egypt.

   I will never understand how anyone in the field of medicine can
create such pain and agony.
People who are supposedly learning to treat sick and injured animals
and provide comfort and healing to them- instead they are causing such
extreme pain and fear to them!

   I didn't watch the videos but surely, these animals cried out in pain
that shuddered even the farthest vastness of the universe.
   What is the point of being a human being if we cause unrelenting,
merciless pain?
   There is NO justification in today's world of technical advancements
to be okay with animal cruelty and this kind of torment!

I ask you to replace the members of Cairo University’s 'Animal Welfare
and Rights' Committee because of these athrocities, and to include members of Egyptian Animal Rights
Organizations on the new Committee.

I urge you to do everything in your power to stop the abuse of animals.



4 years ago

Australia:      They're asking for help!   The letter can be copied and pasted in the webform  on: (select Commissioner's Office/Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione )


SO CARES... requests that the NSW Police Minister and the Commission 
of Police to investigate the sudden rise in dog thefts & dog fighting 
rings throughout the Hunter Valley as reported in the Newcastle Herald 

We're asking you all to write to both the NSW Commissioner of Police, 
Andrew Scipione, and the NSW Police Minister, Michael Gallacher, to 
get them to established said Police Taskforce. So please use the 
following letter and copy/paste it to an email to the Minister as well 
as the Police Online Feedback form provided below for the Police 
Commissioner. You just have to add your name at the bottom.

4 years ago




Police Minister Michael Gallacher MP,


Dear Sir:


As a dog-lover and law abiding citizen I am distressed and concerned 
to read in recent media reports of dogs being stolen in the Hunter 
area. It appears that the thieves are entering fully fenced yards to 
steal family pets.

I have also been in contact with people from dog rescue organizations 
in the Hunter region and there are concerns that these dogs are being 
used for dog-fighting rings. Stolen dogs have been found with injuries 
on them consistent with dog fighting.

These dog fighting concerns are echoed in the media reports.

Dog fighting subjects the dogs in question to fear and cruelty. Those 
that participate in this activity clearly have contempt for the law. 
It can be assumed that they are involved in other illegal activities.

Clearly while some dogs are being used as bait, other dogs are being 
encouraged to be aggressive. These aggressive dogs pose a threat to 
the community.

It would appear that the despite dogs being stolen, dogs being found 
with injuries and complaints being lodged with the police that little 
or no inroads have been made in stopping the thefts which appear to 
have spiked of late.

Therefore I support the Taskforce as proposed by the Society of 
Companion Animal Rescuers (to investigate the theft of dogs and dog 
fighting rings) be established to look into this issue of stolen dogs 
as a matter of urgency. Clearly those who are stealing the dogs have 
contempt for the law and lack of any sort of empathy with those whose 
dogs (which in many cases are beloved family members) they are stealing.

I also am very concerned that when the relevant authorities are 
alerted to dogs fighting in back yards and dangerous dogs, that 
appropriate action is not taken. I refer to recent media reports into 
a dog attack in the Mirrabooka area and understand that concerns about 
these dogs attacking each other, as well as other animals were made to 
the council and RSPCA yet appropriate action was not taken. Please see below:

I would appreciate a reply advising what action the NSW police intend 
to take in this serious matter that appears to have links to organised 
crime or at least localised gangs.

Yours sincerely,

4 years ago

Thanks Val.

4 years ago

You are welcome Brenda -still trying to catch up -



For some reason having a real difficult time copying and pating now -




Belfast has killed Lennox - Kansas City Animal Advocacy |


Hello, I saw this on Care2 and thought you'd like it as well. Care2 is the largest and most trusted information and action site for people who care to make a difference in their lives and the world.


4 years ago

Thanks Val.

4 years ago

Thanx Val

4 years ago

tHANKS GUYS - THIS MAY BE TOO LATE -    Although many people believe they 'euthanized' Lennox already, we still have hope!  This is the latest letter!!!


Dear Lord Mayor of Belfast,

I am adding my voice to the thousands of others requesting that the life of
Lennox be spared.

Please consider turning this dog over to Victoria Stilwell or Cesar Millan
who have promised to relocate Lennox to the USA, see to all expenses, and
provide their expert care for This simple act of compassion makes
sense. Terminating an innocent life does not.



4 years ago

Very sad about Lennox- RIP

4 years ago

To: ; ; ;


Cc: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;


Subject: Killing of Stray's, proposals

Sir, Madam; 

We live in Europe, your country is part of the EU. 

So if you want to tackle the problem of stray dogs, as your plans are at this moment, we can no longerconsider your country Bulgaria as a civilized, modern country within Europe.

No tourist wants to spend his holiday's in such a country.   The Bulgarians have created this problem themselves and your country is  responsible for the population of stray dogs,by letting owners dump their pets in the streets and in the fields.  This should be a major cause of concern. Owners should be forced by law to have their dogs and cats neutered, and to take decent care of them.

It is required of all NGOs, as well as by the World health Organization, the WHO, to have the stray animals  castrated and sterilized, in order to keep the population under control.   Budgets should be spent on this program, as required by the EU, NOT on killing stray animals. 

Your country will be boycotted in many ways if you decide to continue such cruel, sadistic, backwards measures.

4 years ago


For reference:


To address petitions--members of in and go to this link [it is the creator's profile]: click "send message" button.  If this does not resolve issue or are not a member you can go to this link and fill out a help request form:


The "rolling" bill:


This bill is heading to the Senate Committe of Energy and Natural Resources. It probably won't pass Senate. Still concerned it could take on new identity in committee--convoluted already--much at stake.


Whitehouse statement:


Congressman Chris van Holland's statement:




Sites to track bills on: and


Thanks for caring Val












Original Message:


Haven't signed but posted in my thread - latency horrible - thanks.

Original Message:


I hope you will research further and revoke your signatures!


The petition you signed is pro ORV--recreational activity in sensitive habitats and more than just the area referenced which is 26 miles of beach closed to ORV's for very good reasons.  The Conservation and Economic Growth Act (Referred in Senate - RF[H.R.2578.RF now includes 13 bills rolled into one.  Some of you already signed a petition against part of this bill that gives Homeland Security complete control of park and public lands along our borders.


Please read comments by Janet, Nyak and myself and go to this link for further info. [Sierra Club site includes link to actual legislation]:


Misleading HR 2578 Conservation and Economic Growth Act a bill nobody wants, looking for a problem nobody has


Border Wall — By Jill Holslin on June 15, 2012 2:51 pm


Quigley Speaks Out Against the Conservation and Economic Growth Act (H.R. 2578)


Excerpts from Sierra Club:


In his testimony for the Bureau of Land Management, Director Robert Abbey opposed the bill on the grounds of habitat inundation for numerous threatened species, including the yellow-legged frog and the limestone salamander. An increase in flood levels would also destroy the seed banks of sensitive plant species. Lastly, it would mark the first de-designation of a Wild and Scenic River to drown under a reservoir in congressional history, establishing a dangerous precedent for America’s 12,600 miles of federally protected waters. Making lake-like conditions out of the Yosemite Valley’s famous river would compromise its integrity for future generations and threaten current jobs.


 “The Sierra Club is adamantly opposed to the misguided bills by Congressman Denham to delete a portion of the Merced River from its Wild and Scenic Status,” stated Alan Carlton, chair of the California Nevada Regional Conservat

4 years ago

 “The Sierra Club is adamantly opposed to the misguided bills by Congressman Denham to delete a portion of the Merced River from its Wild and Scenic Status,” stated Alan Carlton, chair of the California Nevada Regional Conservation Committee of the Sierra Club. “Our wild rivers are a precious national resource, and there is no reason to remove even one inch from protected status—and certainly not to provide more water for large corporate interests.”


In a press release, Rep. Denham recognized that “we are dependent on water for jobs and to sustain our local economy.” Let’s not forget that many of these jobs depend on the scenic values of the river as it stands now.

4 years ago

Thanks Val.

4 years ago

Thank you Brenda -


From Anneke -


Animals  (tags: Animal Welfare, Animal Cruelty, lennox the Dog, Lennox Tribute Page, THE WORLD WILL NEVER FORGET LENNOX )
Michelle - 1 day ago -

PLEASE LET LENNOX KNOW THAT THE WORLD WILL NEVER FORGET HIM: RIP Lennox, we'll never forget you and why you died. Please leave your tribute to Lennox below in the comments section. A virtual book of memories that shows the world we'll never forget....

Please Lodge A Complaint With The Belfast City Council At Their Offical Site:

Make a Complaint to Belfast City Council
Offbeat  (tags: sadness, death, dogs, ethics, government, Belfast, Council, society, crime, animalrights, pets, law, killing )
Borg - 1 day ago -

Despite a worldwide effort to save him, Everybody now knows the sad news that Lennox was euthanized early this morning. join me in throwing your complaints directly to the BCC. 



Please sign, share and forward these recent petitions:



4 years ago

SIGN TO DEMAND BCC REPARATIONS / RESIGNATIONS FOR LENNOX! Petition: Belfast City Council: Apologize For The Murder of Lennox, A
Animals  (tags: Animal Welfare, Animal Cruelty, Lennox the Dog, Sign To Demand the BCC Apologize For the, TAKE ACTION! )
Michelle - 4 minutes ago -

We the undersigned call on the Belfast City Council to apologize for this heinous act, make reparations to Lennox's family and resign en masse. Until such time as these things happen we will not travel to Belfast nor will we buy your goods and services.

Animals  (tags: Animal Welfare, Animal Cruelty, Lennox the Dog, Recall Belfast City Council Members, Close Down Belfast Dog Prisons, TAKE ACTION! )
Michelle - 17 minutes ago -

This illegal heartless episode is only the tip of an ugly iceberg. Inadequate medical conditions, horrible concrete enclosures, sawdust on concrete floors, woefully filthy stalls warrant closure of all shelter facilities in Belfast & a recall of the BCC!

4 years ago

Animals  (tags: Animal Welfare, Animalc Cruelty, Lennox the Dog, Boycott Northern Ireland Over the Death, TAKE ACTION! )
Michelle - 14 hours ago -

I call upon you all. Boycott Northern Ireland. Refuse their products and don't go there on vacation. Together we stand a chance against future breed discrimination. Please sign this petition boycotting Northern Ireland for the death of Lennox.

Belfast City Council Belfast, Northern Ireland: Lose Tourism Dollars
Animals  (tags: AnimalCruelty, ethics, Belfast, Lennox, injustice, sadness )
Ginger - 1 day ago -

Belfast is a city that pracitices Breed Specific Legislation. Two years ago, they took a dog named Lennox away from his family & now they have killed him.

Lennox Law
Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, dogs, pets, Lennox, BSL, law, ethics, sadness, suffering, death )
Ginger - 1 day ago -

On July 11, 2012 Lennox lo
4 years ago
Please note and share these updated Lennox stories:

THE BLOODY TRUTH BEHIND BELFAST'S ASSESSMENT OF LENNOX: Leaked Video Contradicts Belfast Assertion That Lennox Was 'Dangerous' - Animals  (tags: Animal Welfare, Animal Cruelty, Lennox the Dog, Leaked Video Shows Lennox As Relaxed, Well-Behaved and Playful, BELFAST ARE BLOODY LIARS! )
Michelle - 1 hour ago -

In the video Lennox is relaxed & friendly. He sits on command and waits for a treat. Several times he attempts to lick both people in a visibly friendly & playful manner. The video is dated March 15, 2011, long after Lightfoot declared him "dangerous."

Lennox Is Gone, But Questions and Outrage Remain - National Dogs | Examiner.Com
Animals  (tags: Animal Welfare, Animal Cruelty, Lennox the Dog, Victoria Stilwell Calling For Investigat, BCC EXPOSED! )
Michelle - 1 hour ago -

Last week world-renowned dog trainer Victoria Stilwell flew to Belfast with great hopes of meeting with the council members & ideally returning home to the U. S. with Lennox. Today she is calling for an investigation into the council to expose the truth.

4 years ago

Robinson Brands Lennox Death 'Folly'
Animals  (tags: Lennox, Belfast, animalcruelty, suffering, pets, killed, abused, crime )
Barbara - 1 day ago -

First Minister Peter Robinson has taken to Twitter to condemn the destruction of Lennox, the dog put to sleep at the order of Northern Ireland's highest courts after being deemed to be a pitbull-type and dangerous to the public.

Lennox - A Heartbreaking Ending to An Already Heartbreaking Story
Animals  (tags: animalwelfare, animalcruelty, animals, abuse, dogs, pets, animalrights, cruelty )
Gil-Ann - 4 hours ago - h ttp:// ox-law-petition-campaign/
4 years ago

All noted and signed. Thank you Val.

4 years ago

Sorry I am late.  Going through all now

4 years ago

All noted and signed the petitionsite and go petition :-0 Thanx Val, Ginger and Michelle ) )

4 years ago

Starting new thread.

4 years ago

Also signed The petition about Lennox :-0 Thanx

4 years ago

Thanks Barbara!

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