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Val's Petitions/News 07 14 12
4 years ago
| Val's news and more


Dear friends this week I got many petitions, a friend of mine send me so iI am sharing with you all, as well as some articles I posted here in Care2, if you can note them I appreciate that a bunch!


Have a wonderful weekend and a week ahead.


Much love, Genoveva


To Love And Hate India in Five Minutes
Animals  (tags: Animal Cruelty, Animal Welfare )
Genoveva - 13 hours ago -


In India there is always a friend nearby, someone to pass the time with. Its the animals that fill the streets in India that cause me to never get lonely in this country. As I walk through the streets my eyes .....


Kitten Makes 6,500 Mile Trip on LA-Bound Ship
Animals  (tags: cats, rescued )
Genoveva - 13 hours ago -

A 3-month-old kitten appears alert after traveling from Shanghai to Los Angeles in a freight container on a boat.




4 years ago

Saw this first one previously - like the other day!



The Dog In The Clouds. A Memoir
Animals  (tags: dogs, humans, love )
Genoveva - 13 hours ago -

The Dog in the Clouds is the inspiring non-fiction memoir about a dog named Orville who was born in Colorado and raised in America and in the Himalayas. It's




Chinese Heroes!!?
Animals  (tags: Anima lCruelty, Animal Welfare, dogs, cats, suffering )
Genoveva - 12 hours ago -


4 years ago

Sorry guys video works, but sadly guess I can't type when I am tired... TYPOS!  Forgive me..Hugs, Mm


The Wisdom of WOLVES
Environment  (tags: animals, conservation, humans )

- 3 minutes ago -


If we all take a Time out and Take care of these Outstanding creatures, they won't we do endangered and SHOT, HUNTED, ETC...Please Post any petitions around here for Wolves, cause they really need OUR HELP AND OUR VOICE

The Power of a Friend
Offbeat  (tags: americans, goodnews, humans )

- 33 minutes ago -

Just a short video and it is sent to all of you out there as well as my special friends...Enjoy and be well
4 years ago

signed them all ... I guess thanks Val dear

4 years ago

All noted and signed. Thank you Val.

4 years ago

Thanks guys as always!




If you like please sign and share our group petition/pledge for Care2/Facebook group called We Love Pit Bulls.


Together one step at a time,one day at a time we can stop BSL in our lifetime.


Thank you,hope you all have great week


Thanx for all you do for our animals.









Pledge to Help Educate People on BSL - The Petition Site-PLEASE SIGN-
Animals  (tags: BSL, pledge, petition, groups, pit bulls, usa, world, humans, law, rights, dogs, animals, animaladvocates, AnimalWelfare, humans, pets )
Dianne Ly - 8 minutes ago -
This is a petition/pledge for our Care2/facebook group,called We Love Pit Bulls.Please pledge to educate people on BSL,together one day at a time,one step at a time we can stop BSL in our lifetime.




4 years ago

Signed. Thank you Val.

4 years ago

First, the good news. Remember Hope, the pug mix found in Texas with her tongue protruding and her mouth wired shut? She's been adopted by the family who owns the ranch she was found wandering on! Celebrate! Hope for beloved, lovely Hope!


Hope Rewarded: Tortured Texas Dog Adopted 
Animals  (tags: animalsanimalwelfareanimalcrueltyanimalrights,environmentdogscrueltycrimehumansinvestigationhabitat,goodnewssufferingsocietyrescuedprotection ) 
 Suzybell - 1 day ago - 

Hope, the dog found brutally tortured in Texas last week, has a new home. According to the Parker County Sheriff's Office, the pug mix has been adopted by the family whose ranch she was first spotted wandering on.Charlie and Kit Moncrief have agreed to a

~Now the bad news.

~Ghost, the beautiful white boy you see in the photo below needs our help! The board of directors for the buidling his owner lives in are threatening to ban the dog based on the flimsy accusation that he bit "someone." Ghost is a wonderful, friendly boy with a sterling reputation. Please sign to stop the wrongful bullying and eviction of this lovely dog!


Animals  (tags: Animal WelfareAnimal CrueltyGhost the Dog Wrongfully AccusedHelp Save Ghost the DogURGENT ACTION! ) 
 Michelle - 11 minutes ago - 

4 years ago

Citizens in the area of Mountain View, Missouri have witnessed a man abuse his service dog not once, but several times, in broad day light. The man has been seen kicking, dragging, and whipping the poor muzzled creature in public. A report was filed, but the police department "lost it." Please note and sign. If you know anyone in the area or have Missouri contacts, please network and share the info. I found contacts for the Mountain View police department, which is the next step. We must help get this terrified dog away from this abuser.


URGENT! ABUSED SERVICE DOG IN MISSOURI NEEDS OUR HELP! Animals Petition: Mountain View Missouri Police Dept: Help An Abused Serv 
Animals  (tags: Animal WelfareAnimal CrueltyMissouri Service Dog Continually AbusedMountain ViewMO Police Do Nothing,URGENT ACTION! ) 
 Michelle - 1 day ago - 

No animal should ever suffer cruelty. A service dog in our community is being abused in plain view of citizens. The dog is muzzled in 100+ degree weather, not allowed to drink or pant. It's beaten, dragged, kicked & whipped. Police have failed to respond!

~Raymond Rios has a history of extreme animal abuse, which his ex-wife says he commits to "get attention." In the case of Cooney, a sweet loving beagle mix Rios adopted from a shelter in Reno, Rios cut her belly open with a box cutter and gleefully watched her run around the room with her intestines falling out. Cooney bled to death. Rios then took her to the location where he adopted her, turned in the body, and recounted his crime in detail. Rios is free because the crime was considered a misdemeanor. Sign to make sure this psychopath never harms a single living being ever again.


Charge Animal Killer Raymond Rios With Murder Please Sign !! 
Animals  (tags: abuselawtorturesufferingdogscrime,sadnessanimalwelfarepetspolice ) 
 Borg - 13 hours ago - 

Cooney died a horrible death. She was a sweet loving beagl
4 years ago

Kisha Curtis starved Patrick to death and threw him down a garbage chute. Incredibly, she has never been charged. Curtis has lied under oath, claiming he was in good care two days before he was found emaciated and barely alive in the garbage dump. Demand justice for Patrick. Sign to demand Kisha Curtis be charged with felony animal cruelty and serve time in prison for this crime.


Demand Justice for Dog Starved and Thrown Down a Garbage Chute ! PLEASE SIGN ! ! 
Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfareanimalsAnimalCrueltydogs,sufferingprotectionpets ) 
 Cher - 1 day ago - 

Most people have probably already heard the story of Patrick. The pit bull was starved almost to death, closed inside a plastic trash bag, and thrown down the garbage chute of a 22 story Newark, New Jersey apartment building. What some people may not 

~Over a period of three horrifying days, this dog shelter and rescue in Bucharest, Romania has been under attack. Monsters targeting the rescue have thrown rocks and bricks, trashed cars, stolen dogs to use them as bait and viciously attacked volunteers. The mayor and police have failed to respond to this brutality. Note and sign then send a brief note of outrage to the contacts below. Romania continues to be a hell on earth for animals.

URGENT! ROMANIAN SHELTER UNDER ATTACK! SIGN! Animals Petition: Mayor of Giurgiu: Get Involved and Stop the Attacks On This Dog S 
Animals  (tags: Animal WelfareAnimal CrueltyRomanian Animal Shelter Under AttackContact the Mayor and PoliceURGENT ACTION! ) 
 Michelle - 21 hours ago - 

The last 3 nights a reign of terror has come down upon a shelter housing over 120 rescued dogs. Rocks & bricks have been thrown, fences pulled down, dogs stolen to be used as bait dogs, volunteers brutally attacked. The mayor & police have done NOTHING!

4 years ago
1) Contact the mayor and police directly by private email and fax . Use your own words (preferable) or use the standard example also found below. 
2) Sign this petition adding your own comments. Remember your comments get sent to the recipitent 
3) Share this petition far and wide and encourage others to do the same. 




POLICE - Tel: +40246207109 Fax: +40246219754 (If calling from outside of Romania) 


Telefon centrală: +40246 213 587, +40246 213 588 
Fax. +40246 215 405 

E-mail: primar@primaria-giurgiu 


Mayor - +40724286199 
Administrator - +40733088994 
Vice Mayor- +40733088995 
Secretary - +40733088997 
Fax - +40246285101 

4 years ago

It's no secret what the U.S. Government did to our canine war heroes serving in Vietnam:  THEY ABANDONED THEM. We will not tolerate this ingratitude for the amazing work of our service dogs to continue. Please sign to demand that Leon Panetta grant military dogs the right to return home with their soldiers. Shame on the United States government for making soldiers pay the high costs of transporting their beloved partners home! SHAME! LET OUR GOVERNMENT FOOT THE BILL!


Grant Military Dogs the Right to Go Home ! PLEASE SIGN ! ! 
Animals  (tags: animalsAnimalWelfaredogsprotectionpets,environment ) 
 Cher - 1 day ago - 

Canines have a long and distinguished history of service within the US military. Canine military service stretches back almost as far as the nation itself, with their first official military use occurring in the Seminole Wars that stretched from 1814 to

~Dog abuser and murderer and Michael Vick is in the clothing business. Much to the chagrin of animal welfare advocates around the world, Modells has taken Vick on board and will be selling his clothing line. Tell Modells to stop selling the product line of a notorious animal abuser like Vick. They need to tell him to take a hike.

TAKE ACTION! SIGN! Animals Petition: Stop Modells From Selling Michael Vick's New Product Line | Change.Org 
Animals  (tags: Animal WelfareAnimal CrueltyMichael Vick,Boycott Michael Vick's Clothing LineTAKE ACTION! ) 
 Michelle - 1 day ago - 

Michael Vick is a heartless animal abuser & murderer. He doesn't deserve fame, fortune or hero worship. His "apology" *AFTER* he was convicted was contrived, written for him by his PR team to try to save his income & fame. SIGN! BOYCOTT VICK'S PRODUCTS!

4 years ago

Lola is a beloved family pet. Like Lennox, Tony, Duke and thousands of dogs across the globe, Lola was taken from her home due to the ignorance and insanity of BSL. Please sign for Lola and her safe return home. Please sign against the termination of another innocent victim of breed legislation that makes no sense.


URGENT! ACT NOW! SIGN TO SAVE THE LIFE OF LOLA! STOP BSL! Animals Petition: Save Lola | Change.Org 
Animals  (tags: Animal WelfareAnimal CrueltyStop BSL Dog DescriminationHelp Save Lola The DogURGENT ACTION! ) 
 Michelle - 1 day ago - 

BSL destroys the lives of dogs & their families. Do not allow discriminatory bans to take my family from me. My pit bull type dogs complete my home. Do not allow unfair laws to destroy us. Please ban cruel deeds, not innocent and victimized dogs. HELP!


~Yes, you read the headline correctly. According to Digital Journal, there is evidence on line suggesting that Alexandra Lightfood, the dog warden who sent Lennox to prison and ultimately to his death, left the BCC as dog warden several months before he was euthanized and given a "promotion" working for animal control in Antrim, a city about 19 miles outside of Belfast. This outrageous development can only add more flames to the fire that rages over Belfast's killing of Lennox and the role Lightfoot played in branding him a "dangerous dog" to begin with.

AN OUTRAGE! Op-Ed: Dog Warden Who Testified Against Lennox The Dog Gets A "Promotion" 
Animals  (tags: Animal WelfareAnimal CrueltySandra Lightfoot Allegedly Takes New PosNo. Ireland Before Lennox is KilledAN OUTRAGE! ) 
 Michelle - 1 day ago - 

After a tip received by Digital Journal it seems Lightfoot may have moved on months before Lennox was euthanized. According to minutes posted online of an Antrim, N I Environment/Borough Services Committee meeting she took a position there as dog warden.

4 years ago

Have signed all these Val. Thank you.

4 years ago

Thanks Val

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4 years ago

Noted and signed All Thanx Val, Michelle,and Genoveva

4 years ago

Hi Everyone

Sorry I am late, going through all right now.

4 years ago

Up to date- thanks Val

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