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Buffy spreads 2
4 years ago
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Volunteer Favorite Waits for a Reprieve at Ohio Dog Pound - National Dogs | Examiner.Com

Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, animalrights, animals, animalwelfare, dogs, killed, killing, pets, protection, rescued, suffering, sadness )
Buffy - 33 seconds ago -

Willow is a young dog at the Highland County Dog Pound in Hillsboro, Ohio.
4 years ago

Noted- thank you Buffy

4 years ago

Noted. Thank you Buffy.

4 years ago

Noted - you are so sweet to be diligent for this Cause - I posted a comment on for Urgent Prayer to be be posted on FB :-0 I can't help financially, but I always put up Prayer for these poor helpless babies Barb

4 years ago

Thank you my friends. Is tough!!!

I am hoping a miracle will happen. Till now got no feed back on this one.


Barbara, prayers are known for moving mountains. So thank you for the prayers.

Willow needs it.

4 years ago
No, Not again !!, do not allow them to kill this treasured irreplaceble animal, this is happening now, today !!.
Essex Police Investigate 'Lion' Sighting Near St Osyth, Essex,UK

This hunt began yesterday ( Sunday ), and is continuing !!.

Immediate action and pressure needs to be done,

Terry M. (104) Monday August 27, 2012, 4:01 am
No, Not again !!, do not allow them to kill this treasured irreplaceble animal, this is happening now, today !!.

Just days after Tiger Altai was shot and killed in Germany, now here in the UK, there is a hunt taking place by armed police, for a suspected escaped Lion.

Apply every bit of pressure possible, immediately, there is no time to lose, this hunt is happening now !!

Email, phone etc..,

Contacts -

Essex police, UK

call our non-emergency number 101 or alternatively, 01245 491491.

General feedback

4 years ago

I read they were hunting with tran. guns

4 years ago

Now they say the police have called off the search.

4 years ago

I'm going to be outraged if they find this lion and shoot to kill rather than use a tranquillerer gun

4 years ago
Animal Welfare Matters: proposals for a New Zealand Animal Welfare Strategy and amendments to the Animal Welfare Act 1999

4 years ago

My new video is out!!!!!


I am not being able to make news with it. But I can share on here.

You can share this video, my videos lives from sharing, well if you like it that is. )))


So here is goes!!!!

4 years ago

Great. Thanks Buffy. By the way I do not know what happened with my messages. But the poster is out there in the foyer full size. Thank you. All our v isitors can now see it alongside all the other animal welfare issues and petitions. Close HLS is the current one. We have a captive audience with all our visitors and most people are signing.

4 years ago

thanks Buffy

4 years ago

Noted and Thanx Buffy :-0 The video is very touching and true Thanx ) ) )

4 years ago

Good news Jan, thank you. Care2 is giving troubles again. Thank you all for checking my song.


Hi there everyone,

I know most of you must have seen my video. I was not able to make news with it.

I got a lovely surprise from Barbs, she made news with it, and is spreading everywhere.

For this I am so thankful Babs!!!!

I wanted to share with you all this news, ask you if you could share it. note and if possible leave a message. I would be so thankful!

4 years ago
Jail Time for Animal Activist

Animals  (tags: abuse, AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalcruelty, animalrights, animals, animalwelfare, cruelty, death, dogs, ethics, killed, killing, law, protection, rescued, sadness, suffering )
Buffy - 2 minutes ago -
South Korean Animal rights activist So-Youn Park (president of CARE) may serve a 1 Year prison term for "special larceny" for rescuing neglected animals from a dog farm. I haven´t found any petition yet for this. If I find anything I will post here.
4 years ago

noted- thank you

4 years ago

Thanks Buffy.

4 years ago

noted thanks Buffy!

4 years ago

Great News,
Willow has been adopted as of this morning by a no kill group and will have a safe forever home, YEAH! Kathy said thank you anyway for trying.
  This is the dog on the top of the thread!!!!

4 years ago

Noted and Thanx for the update on Willow Yay!!

4 years ago

Thanks for sharing the great news, Buffy!  So happy to hear that Willow's been adopted! 


4 years ago

Good luck in your forever home Willow! Thanks for the update Buffy.

4 years ago

Wonderful news, Buffy! Thanks for letting us know!

4 years ago

Great news! Thanks Buffy.

4 years ago

Change One Household Product to a Cruelty-Free Brand | Causes.Com

Animals  (tags: abuse, AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalrights, animals, animalwelfare, killing, suffering )
Buffy - 3 minutes ago -

PLEDGE: Change one household product to a Cruelty-Free Brand

All my products are not tested on animals, It has been like this for the last 4 years. It is possible to go completly cruelty.

4 years ago

Current and Took Pledge Buffy Thanx

4 years ago

Thank you Buffy- I noted- but have no Facebook account

For those with facebook
4 years ago

Lucky Dog Rescue is a No Kill rescue that takes in so many damaged and disabled pit bulls nobody else wants (one such pup is Wonder below whom she saved from death row), and also fights BSL wherever it shows its ugly head! Please cast your

vote to help this charity that does so much to help the pitties so they can continue their amazing work, just go to:
3711 Oakdale Ave, Meridian, MS, 39305
EIN: 27-4746838
Causes: Animals & Environment


Lucky Dog Rescue focuses on the forgotten souls--dogs from death row, the abused, the sick, the elderly, the special needs, and those with no other hope.


Charity Administrator

Ashley Owen Hill

4 years ago

Thank you!

4 years ago

Thank you Buffy.

One more for today, please spread
4 years ago
Greater Manchester Police
Twelve dogs have been stolen from boarding kennels in Smallbridge.
Sometime between 12am and 9.30am on Sunday 9 September 2012, the offenders broke into the business on Dye House Lane, forced open kennels and stole the dogs.
They are:

- Five West-Highland Terriers (two males and three females)
- A white Maltese Terrier (male)
- Three black poodles (one male and two
- A gold and white Shih Tzu (male)
- A gold Cocker Spaniel (male)
- A white Bichon Frise (male)

Sergeant Andy Fern said: "We would like to appeal to anyone who may have been offered the dogs for sale to contact us.

"They need to be returned to their rightful owners, and we need to trace the people who care not one jot for the welfare of the dogs or the families they are a part of.

"We are also working closely with the kennels offering crime prevention advice.

"We would also like to make it clear to the offenders, or any other criminals who may see such kennels as a soft touch, that we will work tirelessly to trace and arrest them.

"Their actions are affecting the livelihoods of those who run these businesses.

"I would also like to appeal to any possible witnesses to this burglary to get in touch."

Anyone with any information is asked to call police on 0161 856 1703 or call the independent charity Crim
4 years ago

How on earth did they get away with twelve dogs. surely somebody heard or saw them! Thanks Buffy.

4 years ago

Noted and Thnx for the update Buffy :-0 ...

4 years ago

Both noted and signed the petition- thanks Buffy

4 years ago

Noted and already signed Buffy Thnx

4 years ago

Already signed, thanks for letting us know about Willow.

4 years ago

Thanks for all the info Buffy - can't send you a star yet - and can't sign petitions anymore - the site keeps changing and I can't get my info in - anyone else with this issue -


By the way - you are SO talented - your video put tears into my eyes!

For Tyson and Diesel
4 years ago

Thanks everyone, I am grateful for the support. Val thank you for the star anyway and for the lovely words for my song. Means the world to me.


Got one more for you, improtant one. Already just the suppport of praying for a good outcome is important.


Hi there friends,

If anyone can help.

Tyson and Diesel are still not at home. Here are some updates and how we could give them support.


If you could show some support by joining them on their group on facebook. Just showing you care is already something.They ask not to write anything negative as the group is probably being supervised. But to show that there are people who cares and some kind words would help the family so much.

Have a look around they got some updates and other staff about the case.

If you don´t have facebook here is the latest updates:



We are running out of time very quickly!!! Our small group that has so diligently been trying to spread the word and raise money is desperately trying to figure out what we can do in the last few days. All of you amazing people who have asked what you can do to help. This might just be it! We are all spread out all over several counties so it is difficult to arrange a central location, so this might involve several group leaders in different areas. We are going to do a bottle/can drive of sorts and try to have locations in different areas. If you all could ask everyone you come in contact with this weekend, if they can spare any returnable bottles/ cans to help save two amazing dogs. Maybe, try to think of people you know might have a lot they would be willing to spare to avoid being counter-productive by traveling far. Facebook seems to be the best way to get the let everyone know, so if anyone wants to volunteer to organize your area, that would be wonderful! We are so very grateful for any and all help!!!



As everyone knows the evaluations have been completed and we are all praying that there is a good outcome in regards to these. The hearing is on September 18th so we are all keeping our focus on the hearing. At the request of the family, they are asking for no supporters to be there so that there is no conflict with the courts. It has been stated that this could cause some issues for the family in regards to the judge and we do not want to jeopardize this case in any way. We will keep everyone posted on all developments. Right now the financial burden of the hearing is taking its toll in regards to all the legal fees. Anyone that can help by donations, it is greatly appreciated more than you know. We are so happy with the turnout of all supporters and each of you are very cherished. Please remember to keep all comments polite and no negativity towards the officials so if they are monitoring these pages on the amount of support it will not jeopardize this case. On behalf of the family...Thank you so very much!!
Godd news
4 years ago
Update from the boxer
5 secs ago

Help a German Boxer stranded in Montenegro

This was the situation:

In late August 2012 a German citizen, Mr. Karlheinz Rolf, died in an accident on Durmitor (Montenegro), while he was photographing the nature. As he was in tourist visits to the Montenegro, he left behind his personal belongings and his dog, a female German boxer. The dog is, at the moment, temporally taken under care of a local family, while awaiting its fate.

Society for the Protection of Animals - Podgorica has, on its own initiative, inquired about the fate of the dog as well as the further steps needed to provide it with the adequate care. According to information provided by the Consular officer in German Embassy in Podgorica, brother of the late Mr. Rolf said that he did not want to take the dog and gave the permission to humanly put it to death in Montenegro.


The update:

Dear all, With a full heart I can inform you that the boxer, named Paula, has been returned to Germany and adopted by family she knows! Paula is now in a familiar place, and surrounded with familiar faces that will provide a good home for her up to the rest of her life. She is good, and is already playing with a dog friend. I want to thank all of you for signing the petition, and sharing it.Via this same petition the family has found what happened to Paula and contacted me, and this same petition urged the institutions to do something about it. You, who have signed and shared, are heroes of this story, along with the family who decided to help Paula and provide her with a life she deserves, thank you! Paula you will be missed here in Montenegro, where you captured the hearths of your caretakers, and we all wish you and your new family a great future. And to you, who signed and shared, I wish all the best. Bjanka Prakljacic, volunteer in the Society for Animal Protection - Podgorica

4 years ago

Thank you Buffy

4 years ago

A fantastic way to help ALL animals. We share stories/articles, petitions and have a many projects on helping animals. We aim a lot of our focus on issues regarding the fight against BSL (Breed Specific Legislation), BDL (Breed Discrimination Legislation), and DDA (Dangerous Dog Act), as well as fighting to end Dog Fighting and stopping the use of Bait Dogs, and battling for justice on abuse and cruelty issues. All our members are deeply devoted to helping ALL animals. It's time for change to take place. All animals need a voice to finally be heard, and we are their voice. So will you take a stand for these innocent lives? Please join us in the fight for our beautiful animals Worldwide. Click the link below to access the group page and join.


4 years ago

Thank you Buffy.

4 years ago

Tyson and Diesel Are Going Home!!!!!

Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfareanimaladvocates,animalrightsanimalsdogsgoodnewsGoodNews,rescuedpets ) 
 Buffy - 24 seconds ago - 
Tyson and Diesel has been incarcerated since August 7th, 2012. These two precious pups have been anxiously awaiting the day that they finally come home to their family and that day has finally come. The family's prayers are answered.
4 years ago

Good news!! Thank you Buffy.

4 years ago

Praying for All Thnx Buffy ..

4 years ago

Hoping that Chum and Champ will be saved.

4 years ago
North Dakotans to Stop Animals Cruelty

Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalcruelty, animalrights, animals, animalwelfare, law, protection, pets )
Buffy - 39 minutes ago -
North Dakotans to Stop Animal Cruelty is a coalition of animal shelters, veterinarians, pet rescues, animal control officers, and other citizens working for a reasonable animal cruelty law that reflects North Dakota
4 years ago

Thanks Buffy.

4 years ago

All Noted and signed when needed :-0 Thnx Buffy..

4 years ago
Suffolk Police: Release Buster To His Loving Responsible Family

Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalrights, animalwelfare, animals, dogs, killing )
Buffy - 8 hours ago -
Buster is an 11 Year Old "Type" Dog, He has some mobility issues based on his age, he also has NO TEETH .
Suffolk Police: Release Buster To His Loving Responsible Family
4 years ago

Noted and signed Petition :-0 Thnx Nyack and Buffy ..

4 years ago

Noted & signed. Thanks.

4 years ago

Stop the dog and cat consumption in S.Korea!!!


Thanks Nyack!!!


I am without a computer, coming in whenever I get one.


Hugs to all and thanks for checking everything I bring.

4 years ago

You got to see this. Made me so happy. There are great people out there!!!

4 years ago

Thank you Buffy!


4 years ago

Saw The Rescue of the Humpback and it was just so touching Signed and Current ..Thnx for All You Do ..

4 years ago

All signed. Amazing video! Thank you Buffy.

4 years ago

Noted and Current Buffy Thnx

4 years ago
Chum and Champ Could Soon Come Home | CTV Vancouver Island

Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animals, animalwelfare, dogs, ethics )
Buffy - 1 hour ago -
BLACK CREEK - A Comox Valley couple whose dogs are at the centre of a heated legal battle are optimistic their beloved pets may soon be back at home.
4 years ago

Prayers Daily for Chum and Champ Nyack and Buffy Thnx

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