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4 years ago

Carol R. posted a comment about how much her furkids have helped her deal with her depression. So many of us feel that our animals lend a healing paw in helping us when we're feeling blue or are fighting an illness.

Please post your stories here about how your furbabies and feathered friends help to brighten your day. For those of you who haven't seen Carol's post, here it is in its entirety plus the responses she got from a couple of us.


Therapy with animal companions

6 days ago

I have several mental illness diagnoses...and without my furballs, there are days when I think I can't take life anymore and they keep me going. I lost two this year and sent me into a slide into the abyss of severe depression and guilt because I didn't have the thousands the vets wanted for surgery on both on my remaining furballs have helped me more than all the meds and therapy in the world. They have my back! When I am weeping, they come to me and just touching them and knowing that they sense something is wrong with Mom makes me hang around and not contemplate ending it all.

From Sandi C.
4 years ago

My prayers are with you Carol. I didn't have money for a blood tranfusion for my Missie and they didn't know if it would work or not. She was 16 years old when I lost her, I didn't have another cat for a year until I found my Stripes. blink cats

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From Carol R.
4 years ago

Thank you Sandi...and I know we never forget our furballs when they pass on...sorry to hear about your Missi. I have the ashes of all my babies and when I'm cremated we are all going in one big urn (with my Mom's ashes, too)...Chips, Missy, Ming, Peanut,Pepper, Punkin and now Tummy and Tonka...will go to the rainbow bridge when it's my time! Thanks again, Sandi

Response from Sandi
4 years ago

Wow Carol I think thats great. My cats are all buried in my Flowers, Bandit, Smokey, Missie, Mama grey. and some babies that died being born!

My response
4 years ago

Thank you Carol, for sharing your story with us. My Mandy is my therapy now. I live alone and I like it but sometimes when things go wrong, like when I fell recently and sat on the floor crying my eyes out, if it weren't for Mandy climbing on my lap and looking at me with those big, beautiful caring eyes, I don't know how I would have gotten up off the floor. She's my caregiver.

I lost my cat Minky several years ago. He had urinary/kidney problems and after spending $1,500 on tests, was told that with another $1,500 they would cut the tip of his penis to allow the urine to go through easier, but there was no guarantee. Minky was in pain and yowled every time he left the litter box. Even the vet said to let him go. After I did let him go I almost had a nervous breakdown. You see, Minky didn't know he was a cat. He thought he was my partner. Followed me around wherever I went, slept with me, ate with me and cuddled with me when I watched television. I had to be put on an anti-depressant for a while. I got so thin that my family was worried. I will never forget Minky and I know he'll always be with me. I get my kitty kicks when I go to my daughter's house. She has 4 furbabies and the one feral she brought home from the parking lot at work is the lovingest, purringest furball, ever. She knows she was saved. Whoever says animals don't have feelings have another think coming!

Sandi, thank you for your input and I'm so glad that you have Stripes!

Our animal companions and the little shoulders they let us lean on.
4 years ago

Sandi and Lynn...thank you for your responses and I'm grateful for you both sharing your losses with me. I feel very honored to be in such compassionate company.

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