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Not tolerating the bullshyt
4 years ago

Ok..., more drama- as usual. Carrie is getting banned from this group, and I will tell you why.


Things are very simple here- if you dont like the group, dont stay here!!! DUH!


But this WILL NOT be a forum to bash other Care2 members. Go to another group and have your witch hunts.

4 years ago

From Carrie- 


Carrie B.



Do so love hearing from you so called "animal lovers" who are so selfish and self absorbed that you wouldn't realise it if a bomb hit you on your self-righteous heads. It just shows that the only real love you have is for yourselves and your "so called causes", which are nothing more than a pitiful attempt to gain some kind of attention and recognition. It is a shame you don't really care for man or animal! I pity you and all those like you.

Original Message:



Ok- Im not going through this backstabbing of other Care2 members. If someone on care2 has a problem with someone else- they should go to that person. What, exactly are you hoping to accomplishish with this email?????????????? Other than hatred and drama? I think this is EXTREMELY rude, and therefore am removing you as a friend. I am not here for politics anyways.

Original Message:


Carrie B.


Truly, many animal stories are quite different and off- beat, but recently many, if not MOST, are NOT . Friends, As I said earlier, ALL if not MOST animal stories are noted. Please think about all that other news you may not be interested in  - especially at this time. I am not trying to offend anyone, but just imagine where all the animal and environmental rights would be without those of us who are not also very politically activated. Please forward this, sweetie!

Hugs, Carrie

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4 years ago

For someone who claims "I am not trying to offend anyone,"



She sure did a DAMN GOOD JOB OF IT!

4 years ago

Diane B. is also blocked from this group, for the same reason


I want you to know, Diane- I have removed Carrie from my "friends" list- If you send me one more gossipy email about people, I will remove you as well.




dianes reply-


Diane B.


I did not know that you deleted Carrie from your list people say all the time do not this do not that * do you think I remember it all I do not have a computer in my head * if you want to delete me do it * gotting sick off such orders like you give






They are not "ORDERS". They are expectations I have from people I add to my friends list. Im sorry you think I should have NO standards. Ok- you are off as well- you can join your Carrie in this MISERABLE gossip at Care2 where you have NO standards. Good Bye. I dont need or want your abuse.

4 years ago

Enough said - this topic is closed - this group is for the animals - there are many other groups for human rights etc and you would be amazed how many members who are animal activists are also human rights activists - so we need to stop judging others here and assuming we know what they do on Care2. 

Let's stay on track here with helping the animals.  thank you!

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