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4 years ago

Today I received this. Please contact rescues, media or anything you can think of to help these animals that will be killed. Imagine being devastated by the storm and then having your beloved pets killed too. thank you, Diane Date: Monday, November 5, 2012, 1:35 PM Subject: fwd: HELP! Urgent!!! NYCAC MASS KILLING HOMELESS PETS FROM STORM! Original Message: ----------------- Please crosspost for help ! Thanks HELP! Urgent!!! NYCAC MASS KILLING HOMELESS PETS FROM STORM! Sent: Sunday, November 4, 2012 1:10 PM Subject: FW: NEW YORK EXTREMELY URGENT !! OMG HELP! NYCAC MASS KILLING HOMELESS PETS FROM STORM - 72 HRS FOR OWNER/CLAIM ... POST FAR & WIDE EXTREMELY URGENT !! From: Carol A Tavani Sent: Sunday, November 04, 2012 11:48 AM New York: OMG HELP! NYC/AC MASS KILLING HOMELESS PETS FROM STORM - 72 HRS FOR OWNER/CLAIM ... POST FAR & WIDE And where is the freakin' ASPCA with a shelter right here in NYC??? Have not seen nor heard a thing from them although they continue to show the video with pitiful animals on TV, as they appeal for your money...that is not used to help animals, but rather to pay fat cat salaries to people like Ed Sayres. Risa Weinstock the interim acting director of NYC/AC is another POS who does not give a rats arse about the animals! The killing goes on no matter what!!! I have sent this to all below, but have no working phone...and cannot call. The more that email, phone the better. klovett@nydailynews .com ; jvelez@turner. com ; Sarah.wallace@ ; amysacks2@gmail. com ; lcolangelo@nydailyn ; jfermino@nypost. com ; denise.flaim@ ; gblain@nydailynews. com ; eeinhorn@nydailynew Look what Karen just got from NY CACC. They are killing the cats without even posting them. At least some good souls there are begging rescuers to take them. Someone in NY please contact the media, ask them to tell people NOT to take their animals there for an almost certain death sentence. and pls fwd widely. Its like open season, open license to kill. Mass murder of innocents. And thank you Karen for taking 20 you dont even have room for. Carol A Tavani, MD, MS, DFAPA ------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- - Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2012 11:43:46 -0500 Subject: Re: New York: OMG HELP! NYCAC MASS KILLING HOMELESS PETS FROM STORM - 72 HRS FOR OWNER/CLAIM ... POST FAR & WIDE From: hudsonvalleyanimalr escue@gmail. com I just received a call from the Brooklyn AC&C Shelter begging me to take cats and dogs. They are euthanizing animals without posting them. They are bursting at the seams. We are taking 20 cats today. We are now over the limit that we set for ourselves We are going to host hurricane adoption events during the week hopefully we can move some quickly. Say a prayer for all the poor babies that are being put down. On Sunday, November 4, 2012, Carol Tavani wrote: > Sounds like contacting the media is the way to go. No way they took 200 in so why 200? Obscene. _______________________________________________- > > Sent from my iPhone > Carol A Tavani MD, MS, DFAPA > > Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 21:43:21 -0400 > Subject: OMG HELP- NYCAC MASS KILLING HOMELESS PETS FROM STORM - 72 HRS FOR OWNER/CLAIM POST FAR/WIDE > From: keishagirl714@ > SO URGENT HELP GET THIS OUT ASAP PLEASE EVERYONE ALL OVER PLEASE HURRY > > URGENT SEE EMAIL ON NY CACC MASS KILLING URGENT > > EVERYONE PLEASE NETWORK FAR AND WIDE PLEASE FOR THESE POOR ANIMALS > > NY CACC - FOR BOTH DOGS AND CATS HURRY NYC, NY NYCAC Hurricane Disaster Animals At Risk at NYCACC. Call NY media...NEWS DESK TEL #212-664-2731. PLEASE READ! PLEASE STOP MASS "EUTHANASIA OF LOST AND HOMELESS PETS FROM HURRICANE DISASTER!!!! URGENT!!! OWNERS HAVE 72 HOURS TO CLAIM THEIR SHELTER PETS!!!! From: BETTEANN LIBIN I called and the media wonders what I expect them to do....I said we are asking for you to cover the is egregious to put to death homeless pets in the immediate wake of the devastation. ..she said the editorial page would consider it for tomorrow.... DOUBT IT unless everyone floods them with calls NOW!!!!! Prove me wrong and push a story by calling and calling and took me less than one (1) minute and cost nothing if you have endless plan minutes..... the page was unavailable fyi. ATTENTION: PLEASE SHARE FAR/WIDE EVERYWHERE!! ! ... We've heard ACC is overflowing and asking for help from the volunteer rescues to step in and prevent what will be mass euthanasia. Tonight's Animal Care & Control of NYC (NYCACC) kill list is reported to be over 200 animals !!!! Probably they've already killed many we were advocating for last week and at the weekend. Next will be the old, sick and injured. They have indicated 72 hrs is all owners have to find their pet. Some of us are trying to raise media awareness of this situation... UK press has already covered the desperate plight of owners seeking their lost pets. If you would like to help please consider contacting NY media...NEWS DESK TEL#212-664- 2731. CONTACT NYC MEDIA -- Please click on this link: gov/html/ media/html/contact/contact. shtml

4 years ago

Will call them- but I doubt it is going to make the news- there is a humanitarian crises still in NYC- many people without electricity, food, homes or heat, and the tempature is dropping to freezing.

We are available to take in 2 cats, if anyone can transport them to Manhattan (that is also NYC)- contact me

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4 years ago

Make sure you call the Executive Office of ACC also, and let them know what USELESS, INCOMPETENT MORONS they are!




Animal Care & Control of NYC
Executive Office
11 Park Place, Suite 805
New York, NY 10007
Julie Bank, Executive Director
Douglas Boles, Director of Operations
Risa Weinstock, Director of Administration and General Counsel
Richard Gentles, Director of Development and Communication
Fax: 212.422.2066

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